World’s Grandest Abandoned Hotels

Grand banqueting halls, opulent lobbies and vast ballrooms; you could easily be forgiven for thinking this was a collection of photographs was documenting some of Europe’s grandest hotels. However, a closer look will reveal the majestic rooms to be engulfed in swathes of dust and moss; hotels that once hosted royals and high society abandoned to the elements. This is the latest result of urban exploration photography, going beyond “no entry” signs to capture images of dilapidated buildings across Europe. IT worker Thomas Windisch, from Graz in Austria, indulged his passion for photography by traveling across the continent, visiting over 100 abandoned hotels along the way. Here: inside a hotel in Austria. (Photo by Thomas Windisch/Caters News)

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Tropical House by Brillhart Architecture

Brillhart Architecture has renovated their 1,500 sf nature house in Downtown Miami, United States. The architect say that the design for our house relies on a back-to-the-basics approach – specifically studying old architectural models that care about good form but are also good for something. Each design decision was organized around four central questions that challenge the culture for building big: what is necessary; how can we minimize our impact on the earth; how do we respect the context of the neighborhood; and what can we really build.

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Funny Potty Training Device

Meet the Poop ‘n Pull… the world’s greatest potty training device. It seems like a joke at first but it’s legit. They’ve got a kickstarter campaign going now for it. It hangs on the door and your little tyke can take a tug on after they have success on the potty. Comes with a book and stickers too.

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Personal Artwork by Igor Artyomenko

Shoal Bay Bach by Parsonson Architects

Shoal Bay Bach by Parsonson Architects

Designed in 2008 by Parsonson Architects, this beachside wooden retreat is situated in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.

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A Beautiful Scowling Curly-Haired Cat

Pompous Albert is a beautiful Selkirk Rex who has the distinct curly hair specific to the breed, an adorable permanent scowling face and the sharp tongue of one who is not afraid to speak his mind. Despite his sullen exterior and his tendency to brag, Albert is a sweet pussycat who particularly loves children. According to his human, Albert was named after Albert Einstein and a “rejected show cat,” so one can’t blame this silver-haired feline for having a bit of attitude.

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Red Bull Jump And Freeze Competition In Kazakhstan

A snowboarder performs during the Red Bull Jump and Freeze competition at ski resort Shimbulak outside Almaty March 22, 2015. Participants wearing festive costumes perform tricks before getting into a pond with icy water. (Photo by Shamil Zhumatov/Reuters)

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Nature Photography by Joy Jordan


Appleton, Wisconsin based photographer Joy Jordan uses photography to express her view of the beautiful world. Capturing pictures is all about light, details, and everyday beauty. The beauty can be found everywhere if you pay attention. Enjoying her macro photography of leaves and flowers.

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Bishie Illustrations by Yami-Hydran

Bishie Illustrations by Yami-Hydran

Set of amazing bishie illustrations by Yami-Hydran, a 25-year-old artist from France.

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Oak Pass House by Walker Workshop

Oak Pass House by Walker Workshop

This modern single family residence is located in Los Angeles, California, United States. It was designed in 2015 by Walker Workshop.

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Below The Poverty Line: Living On A Garbage Dump In Cambodia

A woman searches for usable items among garbage at dumpsite outside Siem Reap March 19, 2015. Anlong Pi, an eight-hectare dumpsite situated close to the famous Cambodian resort province of Siem Reap, has recently become a tourist attraction in its own right. Sightseers pose for pictures with children who scavenge scraps for a living, making between $0.25 and $2 per day, according to a representative of a company overseeing the waste. Michelle Obama is due to visit to Cambodia to promote Let Girls Learn, a worldwide initiative that aims to help adolescent girls attend school. (Photo by Athit Perawongmetha/Reuters)

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Sharon Montrose’s Animal Prints On Display

Sharon Montrose has what most people consider a dream job: She photographs adorable animals – from lions to flamingos to knobbly-kneed giraffes – and sells prints online at her store, The Animal Print Shop. But what’s her job really like? Does she ever get scared? What’s the trickiest animal to photograph?

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“Haru and Mina” By Hideaki Hamada

“My children are not only my little darlings but off-shoots of myself. When I look at them, I have a strange feeling – as if I am watching myself re-living my life. What I want to show is their “living form”.

Children always act more than I expect. The inspiration for my photography comes from this sort of behavior. Though I direct some of my photographs, in most cases I take pictures of my children just as they are. When I take photos of my children, the important thing is to maintain an objective perspective. Not too close, but also not too far away, as if I am watching them from behind. Something close to mere observation, I think. Obeying this rule gives the photos a universal quality. I believe that this universality is necessary to communicate their living forms to someone else”. – Hideaki Hamada

“Early morning light #3”. (Photo and caption by Hideaki Hamada)

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2014 Military Photographer Of The Year Awards

Members of the Special Tactics Training Squadron enter the pool with their hands and feet bound. The drown proofing exercise teaches students to remain calm in the water during stressful situations, skills that are vital during real-world operations. (Photo by Master Sgt. Jeffrey Allen/U.S. Air Force)

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Awesome Traditional Art by HuanLe

Awesome Traditional Art by HuanLe

Set of brilliant traditional illustrations by HuanLe, an artist from the US.

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