Macro Photos of Frogs by Nicolas Reusens

Nicolas Reusens2
Nicolas Reusens is a talented half-swedish photographer currently based in Madrid, Spain. He has always been interested and fascinated by insects, so three years ago Nicolas bought his first reflex camera with which he started from scratch experimenting and learning the ‘secrets’ of THE macro photography.

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Free Photorealistic iPad Tablet Mockup PSD

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30 Gorgeous Examples Of Fitness Mobile App UI for Inspiration

In this collection we have gathered 30 Gorgeous Examples Of fitness or workout mobile apps UI design. Use these fitness apps ui design for inspiration on parts of your mobile ui app design.

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Andrea Script: Free Hand-lettered Font

Andrea Script is free hand-drawn font with beautiful design that perfect for any typographic design. Andrea can be used for fashion, invitations, business cards, identity design, magazine, film and much more.

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Free HD Trifold Brochure Mockup

Here’s an Trifold Brochure Mockup with photorealistic gold / metallic foil stamping tesxture. This psd template ideal for event or business / corporate brochure and very easy to use. Come with 4 high resolution textures and smart layers, so you can simply add your design. Just double click on the smart object in the PSD file and replace your design in smart object, and save it.

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Beautiful Tattooed Pinup Photos By Justice Howard

Amidst the pack of internationally renowned photographers, there has arisen an Alpha Female. American born Justice Howard has come in great strides through her career to the heights of her predecessors such as Herb Ritts, Robert Mapplethorpe and Helmut Newton sinking her eye teeth in and making her own distinct mark in the industry.

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“104-Year-Old” Grandpa Expresses Himself With Timeless Style

Günther Krabbenhöft has revealed that self-expression is key when it comes to creating a timeless style. He expertly shows this in his artistic choice of clothing, which features vibrant colors, clean lines, and many classic bowties.

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Tiny Oyster Pearls Are Intricately Carved into Wearable Skull Sculptures

Japanese artist Shinji Nakaba transforms elegant oyster pearls into intricately carved anatomical forms. His wearable sculptures come in many different shapes and sizes, but the jeweler’s most unique pieces are carved into the shape of human and animal skulls.

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The Ginger Project: Photographer Took Portraits To Fight Against Red-Head Discrimination

According to photographer Gabrielė Gurčiūtė: “I created a project in order to change the common view about red haired people. They are quite often discriminated or bullied just because of their natural hair color and unusual features, such as freckles or pale skin.”

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The Rigel Noir Bow tie

Plastic modern fashion solid Black bow tie accessory with perfume for men and women customize your lip balm
Boring is so yesterday. Actually, it was ten minutes ago in that office meeting about paper recycling, but let’s not split hairs.

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Stunning See-through Church Is Made From Stacked Weathered Steel

Belgian architects Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh of the Gijs Van Vaerenbergh studio designed the thought-provoking project, called ’Reading Between the Lines,’ for Art Museum Z33’s Z-OUT ‘art in the public space’ program. The 10-meter-tall church was built from 100 layers of stacked weathered steel and 2,000 columns of metal.

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Chinese Welder Spends A Year Building Life-size Transformers Model For His Lucky Son

In parts of China, building giant “life-size” Transformer models out of scrap metal is a popular hobby. The latest Transformers creation comes from shipyard welder Wang Liansheng, who spent a year constructing the giant Bumblebee model as a gift for his young son. Father of the Year, right?

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Coat Range

Inspired by the snow-capped mountain peaks of the Grand Tetons, the Coat Range utilizes the contrast of Walnut and the exposed interior of Certified Maple.

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Obi Worldphone

Obi Worldphone is a new startup by by former Apple CEO John Sculley, they create beautiful and affordable Android Phones.

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Petly | Automatic Pet Feeder

PETLY is a household appliance that automatically provides dry food feedings to cats and small dogs at set times. Feeding pets in set amounts at set times is also effective at preventing obesity and maintaining the health of your pets.

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