eTricks Evolution R01

etricks evolution large eTricks Evolution R01

With a lot of character for a off road using, the R01 is perfect for the practice of freeride or “endure” in discreet ways thanks to its quiet functioning and its visual discretion closer to a bike than to a motorbike.

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Samsung Level-Over Wireless Headphones

samsung level over headphones large Samsung Level Over Wireless Headphones

The new Samsung Level Over wireless over-ear headphones offer both wired and wireless connectivity. These versatile headphones are the perfect solution for audiophiles who appreciate both premium sound and the freedom that wireless technology has to offer

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Urbio | Modular Magnetic Wall Storage

urbio large 650x1048 Urbio | Modular Magnetic Wall Storage

Urbio is an award-winning design and manufacturing brand that focuses on creating well-designed organizational solutions for small-space living…

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Editorial Illustrations by Karol Banach

001 editorial illustrations by karol banach Editorial Illustrations by Karol Banach

Collection of inspiring editorial illustrations by Torun, Poland-based Karol Banach.

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Digital Fanart by John Gallagher

001 digital fanart john gallagher Digital Fanart by John Gallagher

Collection of creative digital fanart by John Gallagher, an artist from Canada.

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Abandoned Germany in Daniel Barter’s Photos

 Abandoned Germany in Daniel Barters Photos
This photo project was born from another idea. An idea that the thirty-year old, London-based photographer Daniel Barter was implementing. He went to Germany to shoot a movie.

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The Lotus Building by Studio 505

1407851124 1 640x426 The Lotus Building by Studio 505
Chinese architectural firm Studio 505 has recently completed the construction of a unique building in the city of Changzhou.

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Cool Coffee Cup Designs by Backbone Branding

cool cups 650x394 Cool Coffee Cup Designs by Backbone Branding

Backbone Branding created this fun set of coffee cup designs for the Gawatt take-out coffee-shop. These coffee cup designs allow you to customize the faces by twisting the outer sleeve exposing graphics from the cup underneath. They came up with an idea of cups with altering emotions.

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Color Tales by Anka Zhuravleva

Turner Residence by Jensen Architects

008 turner residence jensen architects 650x433 Turner Residence by Jensen Architects

Situated in San Francisco, California, this modern open residence was designed by Jensen Architects.

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The Dissolve by Agata Marszałek

001 dissolve agata marszaek The Dissolve by Agata Marszałek

Collection of creative celebrity illustrations by Agata Marszałek, an artist from Poland.

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West London Apartment

005 west london apartment 650x433 West London Apartment

This eclectic apartment located in West London, United Kingdom is currently listed for sale by Domus Nova.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #200

LEGO Lunch Box Daily Gadget Inspiration #200
Gone are those days when lunch boxes were boring and simple as now there lies a LEGO’fied approach to the same with these LEGO Lunch Boxes. Made out of plastic-polypropylene, they are both PVC free and food safe. The boxes come in various colors and are exactly shaped like LEGO bricks.

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Creatures of the Night

1130 Creatures of the Night
Sometimes it’s easier to hear than to see nocturnal animals. “Listen to them – the children of the night! What music they make!” Dracula says in the famous 1931 movie. In a beautiful book titled “Nocturne: Creatures of the Night”, photographer Traer Scott shines a spotlight, or at least a well-timed flash, on the children of the night. Here you see the coils of a Burmese python, which can grow up to 12 feet long in the rain forests and wetlands of Southeast Asia. (Photo by Traer Scott/Chronicle Books)

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Photo of the Day: Don’t Bear With It

1129 Photo of the Day: Dont Bear With It

A mother bear takes a dip in the water to cool off in the warm summer sun but refuses to leave her three youngsters behind – so they climb aboard her back. (Photo by Jon Langeland/Solent News & Photo Agency)