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Teenage Wasteland

Teenage Wasteland 650x277 Teenage Wasteland

These colourful and lively imagery outcomes are the editorial commissioned pieces by artist/illustrator Goni Montes. His work is reminiscent of Rockstar’s style of illustration, for the Grand Theft Auto game series, however unrelated.

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WordPress News, Tips, Tutorials: September 2014

WordPress news 650x374 WordPress News, Tips, Tutorials: September 2014
So many new and interesting things have happened in the WordPress community within the past days: WordPress 4.0 was released, we noticed a lot of buzz around the Revolution Slider vulnerability and of course we kept an eye on WordCamp Europe event.

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Personal Illustrations 2 by Nicolas Dehghani

001 personnal illustrations 2 nicolas dehghani Personal Illustrations 2 by Nicolas Dehghani

Set of inspiring illustrations by Paris, France – based Nicolas Dehghani.

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“Create something today even if it sucks” by WORDS BRAND™

14709516 16123060 clkfkhw l Create something today even if it sucks by WORDS BRAND™

Inspiration for designers, artists and creators from WORDS BRAND™. Available as art prints, accessories and apparel.

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Illustrations by Artur Sadlos

001 illustrations artur sadlos Illustrations by Artur Sadlos

Collection of awesome concept digital art by Artur Sadlos.

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Calvin Street Home by Chris Dyson Architects

006 calvin street home chris dyson architects 650x433 Calvin Street Home by Chris Dyson Architects

Chris Dyson Architects converted a run down Victorian warehouse located in Londra, United Kingdom, into three large luxury units.

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Dyson Humidifier

dyson humidifier large 650x811 Dyson Humidifier

The new Dyson Humidifier promises to kill 99.9% of bacteria! keeping your home nice and hydrated during the drier winter months…

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The Floyd Shelf

the floyd shelf large 650x794 The Floyd Shelf

The Floyd Shelf is a tool that allows you create a Shelf from any flat surface by installing the brackets & clamping to the material.

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Buttero Ankle Boots

buttero ankle boots large Buttero Ankle Boots

Made in Italy, these brown leather Ankle boots feature tonal leather laces and brass-plated metal eyelets, cloth lining and contrast Vibram ribbed rubber sole with stitching.

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ETE Plate

ete plate large 650x811 ETE Plate

ETE helps you control your portion size by showing you which food group to put where on your plate. Just one simple plate; ETE can be easily used with different types of meals.

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Cinemagraphs – Berluti by Julien Douvier

002 cinemagraphs berluti by julien douvier Cinemagraphs   Berluti by Julien Douvier

Set of creative animated photos by Strasbourg, France – based Julien Douvier.

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Oriole Way by McClean Design

016 oriole mcclean design 650x358 Oriole Way by McClean Design

Luxurious single family residence designed by McClean Design located on a hill above Los Angeles, California, United States.

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New Gloss on Cuba’s Classic Cars

“When Martin Viera’s Chevrolet rolled out of the dealer’s lot, Harry Truman was president of the United States, gasoline cost 27 cents a gallon and a 24-year-old lefty named Tommy Lasorda was pitching for Almendares in the Cuban winter baseball league. That world is long gone, but the Chevy’s still running on the streets of Havana – part of a fleet of classic cars that have become an icon of tourism in the socialist nation. For decades, the cars slowly decayed. But officials in recent years have eased state control over the economy by allowing limited self-employment. So those lucky enough to have a pre-revolutionary car can earn money legally by ferrying tourists – or Cubans celebrating weddings – along Havana’s waterfront Malecon boulevard. Viera’s 1951 Chevrolet and Osmani Rodriguez’s 1954 Ford are now part of Havana’s tourist draw”. – The Associated Press

1272 New Gloss on Cubas Classic Cars
In this October 15, 2014 photo, a man drives a classic American car on The Malecon in Havana, Cuba. This classic still running on the streets of Havana is part of a fleet of classic cars that have become an icon of tourism in the socialist nation. (Photo by Franklin Reyes/AP Photo)

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WebHostingBuzz: Hosting You Trust

whb promo1 WebHostingBuzz: Hosting You Trust

As you may have noticed, our site loads faster. That’s because we’re now proud to be hosted by one of the most trusted hosting companies in the design niche – WebHostingBuzz – and we’re in great company, among the likes of Designer Daily, Inspired Mag and DIYwpblog.

Every website owner will tell you the most important thing about their website is not the content posted, or the number of visitors they are getting but the fact that they have a web host they can count on. If you have been looking for a hosting service that offers everything you could ever imagine then look no further. These guys offer an amazingly professional service and I can tell from my own experience.

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Metropoli by Ricardo Martinez

001 metropoli ricardo martinez Metropoli by Ricardo Martinez

Set of traditional Metropoli Magazine illustrations by Ricardo Martinez.

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