Landscape Photography by Jaewoon U


Landscape Photography by South Korea based photographer Jaewoon U. The beautiful nature pictures, sunrises/sunsets, forest in the mountains give me an appreciation for the world where we live.

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Trioh! Design Flashlight


An upgraded version of the flashlight, with sleeker curves, rechargeable ability and the ability to double as an accent lamp.

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Remove Hot Glue Gun Strings


Remove hot glue strings by blow drying them with your hair dryer. Don’t leave it on for too long because it might loosen the glue in crucial places.

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Steampunk Game Boy by Elise Siegwald


Elise Siegwald is a set and accessories designer from Strasbourg, France. She creates very cool and unique pieces but her steampunk sculptures really ought my eye. One piece especially stood out, an incredible steampunk Game Boy. She has all the elements of a steampunk device covered, from it’s brushed copper body, to its extensive use of cogs and gears. I especially love the extra little touch of the offset magnifying glass focusing in on the screen.

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Muuto Unfold Pendant: Attractive Lamp


Muuto Unfold Pendants are stylish and attractive lamps, well made to emit soft light to make any room attractive.

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White Apartment in Ukraine by Kley Design

White Apartment is a project created by designers from Kley Design studio for a young couple in Kiev, Ukraine.

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The Slinky Chair by Infinity Design

The elegant design of the Slinky chair was inspired by Japanese hieroglyphs. It was released by the Italia based design studio Infinity Design.

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A brochure to scale 1:1

Racing bicycle brand Jaegher is primarily an online brand. Yet many people still want to see a bicycle in real life before deciding to purchase it. Bowling – Jaegher’s ad agency – came up with the idea to create a brochure in which all photos are shown life-sized. This gave potential buyers the chance to almost smell and feel the bicycles, without having to come to the Jaegher workshop in Ruiselede, Belgium. The booklet has an unfolded size of 1 meter by 70 centimeter (40 inch by 27,5 inch).

Inside, you’ll discover more than just the Jaegher-frame, fork, and other details which make the cycle so great. You’ll also meet Luc and Diel for instance, the people behind the brand. Or you’ll discover images that are very familiar to passionate cyclists: a full-blown cyclist breakfast, preperations on a hotel bed, a cobble stone path… All to scale 1:1.

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Animal Photography by Graham McGeorge

Graham McGeorge

Graham McGeorge, born in Dumfries, Scotland, and now living in the United States is a member of the North American Nature Photography Association. He has had work published in numerous countries around the world, including such publications as National Geographic, NY Times Magazine, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Nature’s Best Photography, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, FOCUS Magazine, Esquire Magazine, along with editor’s recognition from National Geographic online and National Geographic stock photography.

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John Galliano’s First Collection for Maison Martin Margiela

Shamed designer John Galliano returns to fashion with his debut couture collection for Maison Martin Margiela Spring-Summer 2015 ‘Artisanal’ Collection.

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The Valentine Bundle: 75+ Lovely Graphics – only $16!

Love is in the air! And so are big savings thanks to this incredible Valentine’s Day-themed Mighty Deal! This fantastic bundle, from GraphicDome, is full of more than 75 different V-Day items including photo cards, e-cards, backgrounds, flyer templates and Facebook covers. Jump on this puppy now and you can even save 80% off the regular price. Now that’s a deal anyone would love!


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Underwater Fashion Photography by Susanne Stemmer

Susanne Stemmer

Susanne Stemmer is a talented fashion and beauty photographer based between Paris and Vienna. Specialising in underwater photography, Susanne works with an experienced team to provide expert knowledge when it comes to taking perfect underwater pictures.

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Victorinox 1989 Original Chronograph

Victorinox-1989-Original-Chronograph 0 (1)
The Original, the iconic watch of Victorinox Swiss Army, dons a new look in 2013. Still military-inspired, monochrome in tone and effortlessly easy to read, it is now modernized and urbanized by a new modular leather strap. The color is reminiscent of the case of the original Swiss Army Officer’s knife. The chronograph version, in a limited series of 1989 pieces, is endowed with an additional element: a removable hood, also in leather, that can completely encase it. To each his Original, to be worn as he sees fit!

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Firebox 5″ Folding Campfire Stove


The Firebox5″ Folding Campfire Stove is a very versatile tool for anyone who loves the outdoors. It features a very sturdy construction and easy set up. Just open it for use and fold it flat once you are done.

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Zolt Charger


Taking the chargers of all your devices can be very heavy and not very space efficient. Luckily, the Zolt Charger is here to solve this problem. It is the smallest and lightest charging device capable of powering up to 3 USB devices simultaneously.

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