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Artist Creates This Incredible Postapocalyptic and Scary Looking Rat Killer Mask


According to the artist behind ReactorLab, an exclusive mask-making workshop: “War rat mask. This is a cannibal rat, trained specifically to hunt other rats.

The rat killer is repeatedly mentioned in fiction and in the press. Such rats were bred under special conditions. A dozen rats were locked in a box and not fed. After some time, there was only one, the strongest and most vicious rat left, which survived by eating everyone else. She increased significantly in size due to her diet and could only feed on other rats, she did not accept any other food. This was the “rat killer”. Of course, such a rat is a literary fiction.”

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Reactor Lab is a workshop where exclusively exclusive masks are produced in such styles as: post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk, steampunk, horror and others. All our works are made in a single copy and are never repeated. No machines and conveyors, all goods are made literally on the knee. A piece of the master’s soul is invested in each product.


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