The Anatomy Of a Business Card

Nowadays the means of obtaining a good publicity campaign are numerous and someone who needs this is kindly advised to ask for the services of an expert. The birth of the Internet simply increased in an exponential manner all what depends on marketing and publicity. I can’t imagine someone who wants to promote, but didn’t use Internet for that.

An item that is very important in establishing a good visual identity is the business card. Most people consider it being only a small piece of paper, but in fact a business card could give you more pieces of information than only the possibility of contacting the owner. A good first impression is given by a well designed business card; in some regions of the world the importance of it considerable: in China it is a severe mistake to write on a business card or to put it in a wallet! It is true that we are living in a digital era, but it is wrong to totally neglect the power of paper or of the “conventional” modalities of promoting (conventional means here all besides the Internet).

  • Red: anger, love, danger;
  • Black: elegance, power, death;
  • Yellow: concentration, hope;
  • Grey: conservative, formality;
  • White (you will not see this text if it’s in white color): cleaness, purity;



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