Revolution in Online Education

The business world is changing. In less than 10 years, recent technology has altered the way that many companies do business permanently. Today’s businesses use technology tools and programs to help reach their customers in ways that were unheard of less than 20 years ago. All of this new technology and business changes have also brought about changes to the education system.

In the past, after high school most teens went straight to college. After attending college for four years, the students emerged with a degree and entered the work force. A college degree of any kind was enough to get you a middle class income and set you up on a career path for the future.

Today’s education and business process is not the same. The cost of traditional higher education continues to rise every year. It is not unheard of to emerge from college with over $50,000 of debt. Not to mention, many businesses want specialized degrees for their employees. It is not enough to simply have a basic degree. You must have knowledge and training in a specific career path before you apply for a job. This is nearly impossible for many college students who have no idea what they want to do for the rest of their lives.

The cost of a typical degree

A typical college degree can cost anywhere from $15,000 to over $100,000 per year. This figure does not include other fees, like books and admin fees or living expenses. If a student does not receive any kind of financial aid, he or she could emerge with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of debt for a degree that he or she may never even use. This is not a wise investment strategy.

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