Taking on a Website Redesign Head On

Out with the old and in with the new. Isn’t that what many people say? Well, with website designs and their facades, it may be true. Today we are going to give you some powerful reasons on why redesigning a website is something to celebrate and not feel perplexed and sometimes defeated about.

Every now and then we like a little bit of change in our lives, though, it’s in our human nature and condition to be afraid of change and to always embrace stability and perpetuity, so it may seem like there are tons of reasons on why you should stick to what you know and keep your website design as it is now or that of a client.

The problem is, we could not be more wrong with the previous statement. There are dozens of reasons on why your website may need a change, not just a facelift and visual change, but also a complete new marketing strategy and perhaps new orientation.

“So, how do I know if my website or a client’s site needs a change?, I mean, nobody is complaining… right?” Many times I’ve heard this and there are simple answers that we can give. You know how when you enter a dirty or unkempt restaurant you just don’t complain, and probably just never comeback? That could be happening to your website. The fact that no one is complaining does not mean that they like it at all.

Before letting you know how to recognize that your website needs a redesign, take a look at this image courtesy of Breezi. See how they redesign their whole site site adapting it to their needs, marketing strategy and brand.

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