DIY Brooklyn Assembly Kit Lets You Make a Pillow – With Any Map Stitched On

Brooklyn Assembly Kits are the answer to the question: Where did all the gifts with meaning go? The crafty genius behind them founded Brooklyn Assembly Kits on the principle that people should be able to make things with their hands – and that that process should be accessible. They are available on Designed Good all week.

We love her pillow kit in particular because it lets you hand-stitch a pillow for whichever map location you like. She made one for her friends with a map of the location where they got married. You can choose any location — all you have to do is send a map to her and she’ll send you the pattern (instructions are on the Designed Good page).

The materials in the kits are all natural and completely made in the USA.

For all versions of the Brooklyn Assembly Kits this week, you can check out the full line on Designed Good.

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