Tyler Shields Art Sales Sky Rocketing!

Tyler Shields Art sales have been skyrocketing this year, LA Weekly named him “The New Warhol” GQ titled him in the 100 best things in the world and his last 3 art shows in L.A., Ohio and London have all sold out with record attendance. PhotoShelter Speech In this wild time where everyone is a photographer Shields talkes about how to gain a following and how to sell you’re work, he is the only photographer I know of selling work at 16 foot sizes and in the past 2 years his work has almost tripled in price.

Contact Sheet #2

contact sheet

Mouthful water was sold for upwards of 200k in 2012

largest photograph in the world

Shields Ohio showing at the Miller Gallery attracted a lot of attention and was shut down by the fire department for over occupancy. This was a huge hit at the show every single photo had a red dot

iconic mouth photos

Tyler Shields art gallery Cincinnati ohio

Shields most sought after image of 2012 was Glitter Mouth which is currently sold out in all editions.

In a piece about Shields done by ART INFO they explain how rare Shields work is as most contemporary artists have no following Shields has a huge following and still is able to gain huge collectors as this year he was added to the permanent collection at The TATE Museum in London a move which added him to the who’s who of the art world. After this collectors jumped and bought this image like wild fire selling out in 32 min!

Shields next gallery at Imitate modern in Feb will feature his Chromatic series upon searching the small prints have been selling for 15k and the large for 75




His last LA gallery was over 6000 in attendance Mouthful was an extreme hit sponsored by Armani Exchange

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art gallery

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art gallery los angeles

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performance art

giant photograph

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So far in 2013 Shields will be releasing his debut feature film Final Girl starring Abigail Breslin and Wes Bentley. Also later in the year his Coffee table book “The Dirty Side of Glamour” will be released by Haper Collins Publishers.

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