TV Show “Brasil 2014″ on TyC Sports channel

Graphic packaging for 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ TV Show on TyC Sports channel (when there isn’t a transmission of a match). It´s based on the official look and feel of the event´s brand manual.

Chief of Promotions and CAE: Gonzalo Gómez Berard.

CAE Supervisor: Javier Gori.

Design, 2D/3D animation & compositing: Sandra Pelligró, Martín Ferdkin, Leandro Fernández y Javier Gori.

Beautiful Digital Animated Vector Images Collection by Hamza Ajmal

Graphic designers have the most significant work to do in any campaign especially in web designing and blogging. No blog or website could prosper and sustain without expert backing of a graphic designer. In terms of art graphic designers develop amazing sketches and animated vectors. Such vector images are blood line for development of beautiful and amazing graphic designs.

Digital art in simple words is a way to express feelings of a painter not on a canvas but on a graphic design software. This is the reason a lot of graphic designers are coming towards digital animated vector images. This gives their work an artistic touch and certainly a sense of great achievement. However, developing vector images is no easy task. There are types of graphic designers spend hours if not days in front of computer screens keenly designing each pixel. A well designed image takes days to develop. To appreciate great work done by our graphic designer friends and to give them addition food for thought in their designing assignments.

We bring a huge collection of 55 beautifully designed digital animated free vector images.

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Motorcycle (Bike) Blueprints For 3D Modeling

In this post we have added some Motorcycle (Bike) Blueprints to create your loved 3d models with powerful 3D softwares tools like Maya, 3DsMax, Softimage, Cinema 4D and other 3D softwares tools and plugins.

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Pop Culture Movie Posters Improved With Animation

An Imgur user has taken several pop culture movie posters and added cool animation effects to each of them.

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ABC 123

ABC 123 is a short exercise in motion graphics done by Adam Witton. It uses kinetic type and illustration animated to ‘ABC 123′ composed by the Jackson 5. You can see the full project here.

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Illustrative Animated GIF by Robin Davey

Robin Davey is a London-based illustrator, animator, and director noted for his hypnotically looping animations. Equally inspired by mid-century illustrators like Miroslav Sasek and the comic books of his youth, Robin’s work combines geometric strictness with playful use of colour and tone.

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Rebrand bumpers

Original and captivating bumpers, evolving around the notion of surprise. Each bumper depicts a vibrant and extremely precise detailed 3D animation of a mechanical world and the variations of themes seem to be nearly endless.

Digital Artist Switches The Genders Of Popular Cartoon Characters

Sakimi Chan is digital artist from Canada, who specializes in fantasy and sci-fi drawings.

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Follow me on my journey through the most significant and emotional year of my life.

‘Val’ is a chronological documentation day by day from 15 Feb 2013 to 15 Feb 2014. Starting as a sort of travel/visual diary animation, the film took a big transformation. it turned out a completely different proposition altogether, covering huge milestones in my life beyond any of my expectations.

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KITCHHOCK 3rd anniversary SHOWREEL

Belgian Motion designer & director ‘Kitchhock’ updates with a slick new showreel for his 3rd anniversary. His complete portfolio can be found here

Waxeye Ident 2014

Ident for Design/Animation studio Waxeye.

For this piece it was important to maintain contstant movement and fluid transitions from scene to scene. Frame by frame painting helped to create the energy and constant motion to support at times quite minimal imagery. Created in photoshop and after effects over a period of about one and a half weeks.

Art Direction/Animation/Design: Tom McCarten (


There are quite a lot of slick idents surfacing lately, this one being more at the top of the list. Each one incredibly seamless and high end, although my favorite has to be the blooming flower. The animation is so smooth and elegant, it really is a great work of art.

3D animation and character design – Showreel 2014

New showreel 2014 from Inetdesign – Digital design straight outta Denmark and Bosnia.

The Squirrel and the Penguin

Squirrels! Penguins! Falafel!

How can we talk about a culture that is not our own? This animated film lightheartedly explores the pitfalls we goyim face when talking about Jewish culture and the elephant in the room that is the Israel Palestine conflict.

Made in 2011 by Jens Blank and Anna Benner, aka Jens & Anna, the full film is now being released online for the first time after doing the international festival rounds.

Their previous work can be found here
And on facebook too!

LightSpin Documentary Film – Motion Graphics Inspiration

LightSpin or Twirl was the trial Photography art project to finds its basis in a sole light painting technique. The movie has made of thousands pictures that are exclusively set on fire by hand with broken flashlight in which artists are in action to perform contemporary dance by the center of a ring where 24 cameras are fixed.

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