Estela Cuadro Paintings

Introducing dream-like colorful storytelling paintings by Estela Cuadro, working as Ilustrative and Plastic Artist. “I was very small, and my fathers sent me to a workshop of art, which was very basic. I was about 5 years old, and when I start studying Graphic Design I haven´t time to do art works. When I graduated. I got to meet an amazing place, which still take place in Buenos Aires, Argentine, with an excellent teacher Silvia Mato. An experience of six amazing years of my life. I think that’s matured a lot related to art and my inner way of being. I learned to meditate, to do oriental dance, to conect with the people from another place.”

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Happiness is by your Side – illustrated GIFs of everyday moments by Maori Sakai


Japanese illustrator Maori Sakai creates cute illustrated GIFs out of everyday moments in life.

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Weaving Your Own Forest

“Weave own ‘nature’ and plant ‘forest’ in our soul.” – “Weaving Forest” is an art installation consisting of wooden reindeers and structures where visitors can use yarns to weave and making own line-patterns on it. A massive of yarns covering the installation will be the result of this interaction. The installation is not only an insight to human relationships, respect and love for nature, but also a reflection on social responsibility and eco consciousness. The installation was exhibited at “Detour” Festival, Hong Kong.

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Artist Used 145 Gallons Of Paint To Revive An Abandoned Pool On Roosevelt Island

“This piece is inspired by my color field installations that take up both private and public spaces. I love introducing color to spaces that seem neglected or forgotten. When people experience my installations I hope that they will remember the experience far after the moment is gone. My goal is to evoke subconscious feelings one may have forgotten when viewing my work.”

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Street Art at Sea Level in Hawaii by Sean Yoro


Sean Yoro is a New York City based artist, originally from Hawaii. Having been exposed both to the city and to the ocean his art is a blend of Hawaii’s relaxed mode and the stressed New York City lifestyle. These portraits of women are murals in the streets of Hawaii.

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“Haunted” digital painting by Clement Balavoine

Great British Tattoo Show

Tattoo enthusiast Cammy Stewart poses for a portrait during the Great British Tattoo Show in Alexandra Palace in north London, Britain May 23, 2015. (Photo by Neil Hall/Reuters)

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WUNDERLAND – The Miniature World of Frank Kunert


More than simply a photographic satire, the “miniature worlds” of Frank Kunert are compositions of ideas, models of sets which he spends weeks and months meticulously putting together from plastic, modeling clay and paint until the results are perfect, almost lifelike.

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Mesmerizing Star Wars Exhibition at Madame Tussauds


In the framework of an immersive Star Wars exhibition, Madame Tussauds museum in London has recreated with a professional team the iconic characters and 16 emblematic scenes of the saga. An interesting making-of is to discover in the following.

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Heroes of Classical Paintings Transported To The Streets Of Modern Kiev


Art director Alexey Kondakov transported Gods of the Renaissance paintings to the streets of modern Kiev.Transposed as they are, they obtain new meaning through our filter of adventures in city life. That is, their revelry reeks of cheap drink and annoys us on public transport – why can’t those nymphs behave – and their grief is the sadness of the modern man, born from poor employment and late workers. Kondakov currently works as an art director for Natus Vincere, an e-sports club. He came up with the idea for the project in a museum. While there, he observed that people in classical projects were entertaining just the same as modern people are.

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Hand-Constructed and Hyper-Realistic Sculptures of Everyday Objects by Spanish Artist Rómulo Celdrán


Spanish artist Romulo Celdran creates series of hand-constructed and hyper-realistic sculptures of everyday things titled Macro featuring blown-up pen caps, kitchen sponges, and spilled cans of paint in exaggerated scale. Each work is a meticulous and obsessive process, working with new, often unexpected materials and techniques to best realize each sculpture, adding an element of surprise and wonder to the objects.

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The Latte Art

Surreal Digital Portraits by Francesco Romoli

It is hard to say what guided the Italian artist Francesco Romoli to create these original digital portraits of people who partly consist of mechanical or electrical devices.

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Sculptures Inspired from African Cultures

The sculptures in this post are part of a work created by Paul Louise-Julie after he spent seven years researching African civilisations and art.

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Geometric Glass Installations by Chris Wood

UK-based artist Chris Wood creates colorful mazes and mandalas out of colored glass that are installed on the walls.

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