Hand Embroidered Eye Illustrations by Sam P. Gibson

Embroidery artist Sam P. Gibson creates various very detailed hand-stitched illustrations of eyes.

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Deformations: Bizarre Portraits of Lee Griggs


Deformations is a series of odd and twisted portraits created by Madrid-based designer Lee Griggs, who is having fun stretching the faces of his models in some surreal experimentsHe took normal faces, transforming them digitally while he never knows how the result will look like until he comes with a finished product. His experiments unquestionably created some of the most strange looking faces.

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Life-Like Fly Agaric Mushrooms And A Fern Sculpted From Old Book Pages And Reclaimed Fabrics

Herefordshire based artist Kate Kato created these life sized fly agaric mushrooms and fern from completely recycled materials including book pages, fabric, upholstery and wire. She used a demi-john and reclaimed wood to create the bell jar style display it sits in, like a little magical world. Her sculpture will be on display at the RBSA Gallery in Birmingham, UK from the 7th of May in the Prize Exhibition!

A tiny woodland world growing inside a reclaimed demi-john bottle.

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50 Peony Tattoo Designs and Meanings

2-Peony-tattoo-for-girl-600x901 (1)

Flower tattoos are always favorite tattoo design ideas for women as most of them are the symbol of feminine beauty. As a flower with strong oriental cultural significance, peony flowers often appear in the tattoo designs of Chinese style and Japanese tattoos. In modern designs, peony tattoos are mostly portrayed in beautiful styles and popular in women’s tattoos. The peony is such amazing flower in the culture of Japan and China, peony tattoos are always meaningful in their designs.

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Amazing Animal Sculptures Made from Cutlery

Artist and sculptor Gary Hovey uses familiar to all of us spoons, forks and knives in a not so usual way. The American artist from a small town in Ohio creates sculptures out of them.

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Aquarium Sculptures by Mariele Neudecker

Mariele Neudecker is an artist who creates three-dimensional sculptures inside aquariums. She calls her works Tank Works.

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Impressive Wooden Sculptures by Paul Kaptein

Australian modern artist Paul Kaptein creates original and pretty spectacular wooden sculptures.

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Bizarre Sculptures By Clem Chen

Clem Chen is a beginner contemporary artist from Vancouver. Works in the genre of sculpture. Became famous for his original bike seat sculptures.

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Anonymous by Giga Kobidze


Anonymous The Cartesian obstacle of thinking and behaviour Is the dimension of consciousness separable from the body dimension? Descartes spoke of dualism and parallelism in the individual. Man is not just a be embarrassed by a body, producing thoughts, it is also a consciousness that has the ability to think and to think his actions. Torn between his impulses and his reason, man, in his actions and thoughts, errs on a combination of antagonistic principles. This is a conflict of the mind-body relationship. when thought is in the soul, and the sensations and perceptions of bodily origin. Our behaviour sometimes translated impulses that we do not control and which seem foreign to our nature, but they exist in us and also from our image.

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Incredible 3D Tiles Turn Kitchen And Bathroom Floors Into Works Of Art


Dubai-based Imperial Interiors created decorating trend for 3D floor tiles that can turn kitchens and bathrooms into amazing landscapes. By using angled photos and multiple transparent layers, the floors allow wealthy homeowners to turn their rooms into the ocean floor or an incredible beach scene.

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Surreal collages by Vadim Karasyov

Surrealistic digital collages by Kiev based artist Vadim Karasyov

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Embroideries of Delicate Forms by Meredith Woolnough

Australian artist Meredith Woolnough creates meticulously embroidered works that mimic delicate forms like skeletonized leaves and corals.

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Animal Kingdom: The Double Exposure Portraits Of Animals by Andreas Lie


Norway-based photographer and graphic designer Andreas Lie created an amazing series of double exposure animal portraits named The Animal Kingdom. He is mixing animals and landscapes into dreamlike and ethereal compositions and creating a beautiful harmony between animal and nature in double exposure.

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Floral Bouquets Floating in Bubbling Water


Photographer Lisa Sorgini is the author or an ongoing series devoted to flowers and bouquets : “Flotsam”. She captures different kinds of flowers in bubbling water that produces a lot of little bubbles. The petals are drowned by these air bubbles and the result is very aesthetic.

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Animated Illustrated GIFs Pay Tribute To Iconic Devices Of The ’90s


French illustrator, designer and photographer Guillaume Kurkdjian has created an original series of animated illustrations, dedicated to retro, iconic devices of the ’90s.

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