A Mosaic Workshop in Syria

A mosaic artwork, copied from an original painting, is pictured in a workshop in Kafranbel town in the Idlib governorate January 17, 2015. The mosaic workshop with 30 workers, manufactures artistic and revolutionary mosaics in Kafranbel. Each mosaic artwork takes 5 to 10 days to complete. The artists exhibit their artwork in local and international exhibitions, and have a scheduled exhibition this month about the “Syrian Revolution” in Turkey. (Photo by Khalil Ashawi/Reuters)

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Tattoo Week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A woman smiles as she gets a new tattoo during Rio Tattoo Week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Friday, January 16, 2015. Tattoo artists from Brazil and around the world gathered for the annual three day convention. (Photo by Silvia Izquierdo/AP Photo)

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30 Incredible Pieces of Coffee Latte art


Coffee is one of favorite drinks for many people. Drinking coffee helps to wake you up or make you relax. There are more reasons for people to love the classic drinks besides taste of coffee. The process of preparing coffee could be as creative as drawing an art piece. By using latte art technique, various patterns or designs could be created on the surface of foam as well as smooth and sweet coffee drink.

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Business Card For A Makeup Artist And Hair Stylist

Designer Lesha Limonov created a business card for a makeup artist and hair stylist. Solution: We created a business card with a face, on the basis of which you can create numerous striking images. Each new card is an individual product, a masterpiece that will have no analogues. And to create this masterwork all you need is just simple material: marker, ink, lipstick, eyeshadowю

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Santa Classics by Ed Wheeler

Santa Classics is a series of collages created by Pennsylvania based photographer Ed Wheeler. It consists of auto portraits of Ed as Santa Claus integrated in reproductions of famous paintings.

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Magical Fire and Ice Castle

A photographer has discovered a spectacular way of keeping warm during winter – using fire to heat up icy locations. Sam Scholes uses long-exposures to capture the movement of fire in front of ice-covered backdrops. After lighting steel wool his friend Scott Stringham swings the flaming object in order to make swirling patterns. The result of this technique – captured at Midway Ice Castles in Utah is a vibrant image with the warm light dancing across the cold scenes. (Photo by Sam Scholes/Caters News)

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60 Creative Bookshelf Ideas


Reading books might be everyday business for a book lover. How do you collect the books in your bookshelf? In the eyes of interior designers, every element could be an opportunity to spark their designing inspirations, so could be the bookshelf. Bookshelf decorating is more than just eye-catching, it makes your your books more appealing to you and your room more representing your personality and style.

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Ben Hopper Transfiguration: People Becoming Abstract Sculptures


Hopper challenges art through his photography by engaging bodies, faces and people in general within his settings. In the project ‘Transfiguration’ he captures bodies as if there were actual sculptures. “Like a mask, the layers of body paint and powder disguise the identity and release something animalistic from within. It also creates a sculptor / painting looking figure, more abstract and less human.” he explains.

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Millenium – Realistic Double Exposure Paintings by Tigran Tsitoghdzyan


Tigran Tsitoghdzyan is an armenian photographer, painter and drawer. Very famous in Armenia and Russia, he exhibited many times, many articles were written about him and he is now considered as one of the most talented and important modern armenian artist.

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Classical Paintings with Playmobil by Pierre-Adrien Sollier


A selection of creations from french artist Pierre-Adrien Sollier, who mixes the plastic universe of the famous Playmobil with the great masterpieces of classical or contemporary painting.

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Incredibly Detailed Miniature Drawings of Urban Landscapes by Taylor Mazer


Michigan-based artist Taylor Mazer recently crafted incredibly small drawings that are no larger than your average pencil. In December 2014, he used a fine-tipped Micron pen, straight-edge, and mechanical pencil to create intriguing monochromatic landscapes. They often feature urban structures like abandoned alleys and desolate buildings, but the artist sketches idyllic-looking mountain ranges, too.

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Beautiful Temari Balls Made by 92-Year-Old Grandmother

Although the roots of this folk art go to China, it became more popular in Japan. The granddaughter NanaAkua paid attention to the work of her 92-year-old grandmother, and took photos of her works made in the last several years.

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Canada Zombie Safe Zone Map

Canada is now safe! With this zombie safe zone map you will be able to safely escape the apocalypse knowing all 12 provincial safe zones in Canada. This poster comes from a large series of related Zombie Safe Zone Maps. Also be sure to check out there USA Safe Zone Map.

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Portrait Paintings by Yvan Favre


Born in Clermont Ferrand, Yvan Favre is an artist based in Vourey, France. Influenced by modern realistic painting, his portrait paintings are often wandering females in loneliness or sadness. He likes to highlight characters between light and dark.

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Sculpture of a Giant Lady

Travellers stop to take a second glance at a sculpture of a giant lady with her head stuck in a photo booth at Victoria train station on September 21, 2007 in London, England. (Photo by Cate Gillon/Getty Images)

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