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Zeng Fanzhi: Most Expensive Living Asian Artist

zeng fanzhi everythingwithatwist 02 Zeng Fanzhi: Most Expensive Living Asian Artist

Zeng Fanzhi was born in Wuhan and currently lives and works in Beijing. While at art school, Zeng paid a particular interest in German Expressionist painters and by the time he had his first show he had gained his own style.

Joy, sorrow, depression, companionship, loneliness; most of us have felt these feelings though it is somewhat hard to express them in words and even harder in pictures. Zeng constructively challenges the current society and the emotions people are expressing within the society they live in. Dogs are displayed often in his paintings expressing the compact life one owns nowadays. Religion is also challenged, being a great proportion of current society in some areas of the world. His progress form the early 90s, when he started painting, up to now is evident.

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Famous Caricatures by Viktor Miller-Gausa

03 scarlett johanssoneverythingwithatwist Famous Caricatures by Viktor Miller Gausa

Viktor Miller-Gausa resides in St. Petersburg, Russia. His main focus is in illustrations though throughout an informal bet he tried, for the first time, to create cartoons. ”Once, my friend Eugene told me that I could not draw a caricature. I said I’ll do it. [...] and I promised that 31 days, I will draw portraits. [...] It was fun! I learned how to draw cartoons” he explains. The result is great.

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50+ Examples of Fox Tattoo

1 Fox thigh tattoo 50+ Examples of Fox Tattoo

Fox is an animal known for its cunning. It’s believed to have wisdom to provide guidance finding way around obstacles. People get fox tattoo not only for its charming and furry appearance but also for its symbolic meaning. When you get fox tattoo, you are called to take quick action over difficulties and have the ability to adapt to any change and obstacles.

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Famous Music Bands Built From LEGOs

LEGO 1 650x433 Famous Music Bands Built From LEGOs
LEGO artist Adly Syairi Ramly has applied his talents to the world of pop culture. This amazing series features 20 of the most iconic bands of all time – each of which is built entirely from LEGOs.

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MeCre – Mechanical Creatures

6P1391998162 650x433 MeCre – Mechanical Creatures
Organisms combine with mechanics to create new, hybrid life forms which stride into the future in a more resistant, more efficient, and technically optimised form. The radical separation between living creature and machine has been abrogated – the synthesis between biomass and mechanics becomes a part of evolution. A living thing, defined as being an organised genetic unit, gains additional mechanical attributes, and the transplant becomes a part of the act of creation. The mechanical creature is born.

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Painless Temporary Tattoos

11 Chest temporary tattoos Painless Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are painless to get and remove compared with permanent tattoos. It’s easy and quick! As a form of body art, it has been with us and practiced for centuries as henna tattoos, body paintings for self-expression and identification of special events. Here temporary tattoos are referred to stick-on tattoos or transfer tattoos which resemble real tattoos.

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High Five Poster Project

Donna Poster Mustard MockUp 600 High Five Poster Project
These posters were created from the hand drawn series booklet “High Five”. Available here.

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Twenty iconic Bands recreated in LEGO

lego iconic bands 01 Twenty iconic Bands recreated in LEGO

Self-proclaimed knowledge, music, LEGO and die-cast car junkie, Adly Syairi Ramly presents a collection of 20 iconic bands that he’s taken the time to recreate with everyone’s favorite building blocks.

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20 Strange Sculptures Around the World

strange sculptures worldwide 01 20 Strange Sculptures Around the World

Sculptures or Statue usually created as a symbol. Around the world, monuments are built to pay tribute to an extraordinary life or to commemorate a special event. While many of these monuments are straightforward and easy to understand, some of them are rather strange.

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Portraits by Famous Models by Peter Stichbury

01 Estelle.1 everythingwithatwist stichbury 650x516 Portraits by Famous Models by Peter Stichbury

Peter Stichbury was born in New Zealand and got his bachelors and masters degrees from Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland. He has been awarded the Wallace Art Award, a prestigious, annual award in New Zealand. He had solo and group exhibitions through out the world (Auckland, Hong Kong, Los Angeles). His techniques vary from plain drawing to watercolour and he can even sculpture. His main focus is to paint portraits from renowned people. The strict faces and the very expressive eyes is what Stichbury delivers to his audience. As John Yau suggests: “Hung alongside Zuckerberg’s fizzog were faces of nearly oppressive flawlessness“. Below is Stichbury’s overall work throughout his career. Enjoy.

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10 Surrealist Rene Magritte Paintings

Big family 10 Surrealist Rene Magritte Paintings

One of the most famous paintings by Rene Magritte. Here, the artists insinuates how human vision is limited, where mirror signifies a physical reflection, while the eye is the symbol of selective and subjective personal view. It is layered with meaning, as an eye can be looked by, looked through and looked in.

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Giant Polar Bear Of London

1133 Giant Polar Bear Of London
Her name is Aurora, and she is the star of “Aurora’s Parade”, the London chapter of ceride – Greenpeace’s global day of action to protest against Arctic destruction. According to DesignBoom, this giant people-powered super-puppet weighs about 3 tons and needs 15 puppeteers and 30 volunteers to operate. Aurora, described as “part protest, part performance”, has fur that includes the names of each supporter in the movement. Greenpeace hopes she will bring the voice and spirit of the Arctic to the public.

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Paintings by David Agenjo

david agenjo everythingwithatwist 01 Paintings by David Agenjo

David Agenjo was born in Madrid and now resides in London. Although he is a self-taught artist his techniques are pure and distinct. He develops a new painting through an existing palette creating continuity over his work. His subjects are varied though most of the times are human beings as his primary focus is on human body. His work has been exhibited throughout the world: London, New York, Dublin, Madrid. Definitely something one needs to take a closer look.

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55+ Tattoos for Women

26 Rose tattoos for women 1 55+ Tattoos for Women

It has become trending topic for women to get tattoos. Women like to wear sexy outfits and there is now a way to make them to be more confident in their skin by getting a particular style of tattoo. A lot of women are obsessed with the body art or thinking to get her first tattoo. Besides connection to fashion, beauty, there are more reasons why women love tattoos.

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“Tell Your Friends” – Rocco Malatesta

bluesbrothers massive 650x919 Tell Your Friends – Rocco Malatesta

Blues Brothers “Tell your Friends” by Rocco Malatesta Berlin, Germany

Rocco Malatesta works and lives in Berlin and has a clever portfolio of beautiful posters for sale. Check them out.
Hand pulled linocut print >>> Limited edition of 100. Hand Signed and Numbered.

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