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Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea, New York City

A new exhibition titled, ‘Damien Hirst: The Complete Spot Paintings 1986 – 2011’ opened at the Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea, New York City, on January 12, 2012. Hirst’s color spot paintings are on display at all of the 11 Gagosian galleries around the world starting today. The show closes on February 10, 2012. via Hungeree.

Baby Canadian Harp Seal smiles for camera

Photographer Keren Su traveled to Îles de la Madeleine in Eastern Canada and snapped photographs of baby Canadian harp seals as they lounged and slept on the densely packed snow. via Hungeree.

Orphaned baby seals crowd sanctuary in Netherlands

Fierce storms which ripped through the northern coast of the Netherlands have produced an inordinate number of seal orphans in the past year. Rescue teams have retrieved hundreds of the baby seals which are being housed and cared for at the Pieterburen Seal Creche (formerly known as the Seal Rehabilitation and Research Center) which is currently home to 360 seals. Once the seals are healthy and able to fend for themselves, they will be returned to the ocean from whence they came. via Hungeree

Aerial stunt at the Vive Puebla Tournament

Motorbike rider Petr Pilat somersaulted over Kirby Chambliss’ Zivko Edge 540 airplane as it zoomed between two ramps for an death-defying stunt that took place at the Vive Puebla stunt biking tournament in Mexico back in November 2011. Photographer Mauricio Ramos captured the breathtaking theatrics and created a composite photograph which shows Pilat’s perfect form as he performs an aerial backflip over the Zivko aircraft which has a maximum speed of 265 mph. via Hungeree.

The love locks of Cologne, Germany

How do two people bind their love together forever in Cologne, Germany? They attach a ‘love lock’ to the Hohenzollern Bridge and throw the key into the Rhine River below to seal their affections forever. Love locks first appeared on the bridge in 2008 and thousands have followed since with the names of lovers engraved on each lock. via Hungeree.

Lindsay Lohan for Philipp Plein Summer 2012

American actress Lindsay Lohan appears in the Philipp Plein Summer 2012 campaign. via Hungeree.

Mirte Maas for Tom Ford Spring 2012 Campaign

Dutch fashion model Mirte Maas and Swedish model Mathias Bergh appear in Tom Ford’s Spring 2012 Campaign which oozes mischief and frivolity. Tom Ford went behind the camera to shoot the photos at a private residence in Palm Springs, California. Advertisements featuring the snapshots will appear in the March 2012 issues of Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, and Vogue. via Hungeree.

Gisele Bündchen for Versace Spring/Summer 2012

Brazilian fashion model Gisele Bündchen for the Versace Spring/Summer 2012 campaign as photographed by Mert & Marcus. via Hungeree.

Red Bird for Taiwanese presidential candidate

An art installation of ‘Red Bird’ from the Angry Birds video game stands outside the campaign office of Taiwanese presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen. Red Bird is made of crimson-tinted piggy banks which have been arranged in a latticework to form the popular video game character’s head. via Hungeree.

Frost city in Moscow, Russia

A team of architects and ice sculptors collaborated together to build a city made entirely of snow and ice in Sokolniki Park located within Moscow. The ‘Moroz City’ (Frost City) required 1,000 cubic meters of snow and 500 blocks of ice which were laid out on an area measuring 2,500 square meters. The ice city includes a bank, a fitness club, prison, theater, hotel, and other buildings and attractions. Construction of the city was completed on January 10, 2011 and the venue was opened to visitors today. via Hungeree.

Fresh LED desk lamp by Victor Vetterlein

Five tendrils designed to look like thick stalks of green grass serve as the bendable fingers of light on the ‘Fresh’ LED lamp which may be pointed and directed in different directions as needed. via Hungeree.

Goldfish Salvation by Riusuke Fukahori

Artist Riusuke Fukahori paints lifelike goldfish inside wooden receptacles and covers them with layers of acrylic to create a 3D illusion of fish forever frozen in time. Fukahori work is currently being shown at the ICN Gallery in London but the ‘Goldfish Salvation’ exhibition closes on January 11, 2012 after enjoying a run at the venue since December 1, 2011. via Hungeree.

Raccoon Mario soon to be a reality

Japanese toy manufacturer Sanei is releasing a Super Mario Land 3D Tanuki (Raccoon) rendition of Mario in April where the rascally plumber is encased in the plushy confines of a ring-tailed raccoon. via Hungeree.

Bathing and fasting begins in Kathmandu,Nepal

Encampments of Hindu women enjoy the warmth of campfires and each other’s company at the perimeter of Kathmandu in Nepal, on January 9, 2012. After washing themselves in the holy waters of the Sali River, the groups of unmarried and married women begin a month-long fast which is intended to bring them prosperity and happiness with their partners. via Hungeree.

Praying with pets at Ichigaya Kamegaoka Hachimangu

Pet owners pose with their dogs at the Ichigaya Kamegaoka Hachimangu shrine in Tokyo, Japan. The shrine is unique in that it allows pet owners to pray with their dogs and cats for the New Year. via Hungeree.