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A Different Coat Rack

reCOVER coat rack 650x750 A Different Coat Rack
Today we give you the reCOVER coat rack, by teracrea, an Italian design company; it’s a cute little concept that will make a difference in your home.

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The Revolutionary Lamp

pinokio animatronic lamp 04 650x440 The Revolutionary Lamp
Pinokio comes in the form of a humble desk lamp, yet it redefines our experience of a lamp, a robot, or a computer algorithm. Pinokio the lamp is imbued with the ability to be aware of its environment, especially people, and to express a dynamic range of behaviors. The lamp is not what it seems!

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Gadget for Diabetics

heal station for diabetics2 600x600 Gadget for Diabetics
If this becomes reality, we’ll be having some much happier diabetics around. It’s like a colorful half rainbow that features several devices to maintain the health of people with diabetes, all while maintaining their optimism.

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Custom Made $1.5 Mil Batmobile

Batmobile Tumbler Gumball 3000 Custom Made $1.5 Mil Batmobile
Team Galag from Saudi Arabia showed pictures of their custom made Batmobile Tumbler. This cross between a tank and a Lamborghini created based on the movie “Batman: The Dark Knight” and it will be used in this year’s Gumball 3000.

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Inspiration For Men – Over 50 Photos

Friday Inspiration 9 27 Inspiration For Men   Over 50 Photos
A cool collection of inspirational photos especially for men, but women will enjoy them too!

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Adidas Slvr Cupsole Sneakers

adidas slvr cupsole white black 02 570x379 Adidas Slvr Cupsole Sneakers
Inspired by an old school basketball shoe, the Cupsole Hi is ironically not meant for the streets. Instead, it’s for the gentleman in you.
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Models, Gear and Inspiration for Men

Friday Inspiration 39 on HisPotion Models, Gear and Inspiration for Men
Over 50 photos of nature, gear, gadgets, beautiful models and more – Inspiration for Men

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Top 10 Unusual But Cool Bed Designs

molecular bed 600x271 Top 10 Unusual But Cool Bed Designs
So, without making you face an analysis paralysis due to the abundance of unusual beds designed all over the world, here is a top 10 of beds that we considered to be both uncommon and somewhat practical.

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The Art of Simplicity: Cristina Rizescu

Tina Rizescu 6 for HisPotion dot com 650x975 The Art of Simplicity: Cristina Rizescu
Her positive and classy attitude comes across her writing, as well – yes, she has a blog! Before you go and check it out, we had her answer a few questions for us. This is what she had to say:
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You Can Actually Ride This Hexapod Robot!

hexa 650x448 You Can Actually Ride This Hexapod Robot!
This is Mantis, a hydraulic powered Hexapod Walking Machine. It took 4 years to develop, but it’s finally here, and yes you can jump in and take over! You can only ride this if you rent it – under supervision. So if you’re Richie Rich, we’re sorry, you cannot buy it.

See it in action [Video]

Stunning Photography By Edward Aninaru

Inna by Edward Aninaru 6 650x210 Stunning Photography By Edward Aninaru

Stunning celebrity photography by Edward Aninaru, a photographer based in Bucharest, Romania. He discovered his passion when he started learning and working with Photoshop. Here are some Edward’s best photoshoots.

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Denmark Opens Largest Aquarium In Northern Europe

blueaquarium 3 600x540 Denmark Opens Largest Aquarium In Northern Europe
If you happen to find your way to Denmark, make sure to drop by the largest aquarium in Northern Europe. It’s located eight km outside of Copenhagen, in Oresund, currently housing over 20,000 fish and other aquatic animals within 53 aquariums.
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Unconventional Wooden Carved Painting

holzrelief 650x378 Unconventional Wooden Carved Painting
how it looks on walls Unconventional Wooden Carved Painting

Have your favourite photo carved in wood, and hang it on your wall. The process is simple – upload your photo and they’ll send you the wood carved version, so you can show it off in your livingroom.

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The Finger Swipe Headphones

Gesture Controlled Wireless Headphones on  650x650 The Finger Swipe Headphones
Looking for a Wireless Bluetooth Headphone that is very easy to use yet comes with all the best and powerful features? Sure, check the Finger Swipe Headphones, a finger swipe controlled headphone that is built with a nice sensitive touchpad located right at its sleek ear cups for easy control swiping.
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Miniature Planters by Metaphys

planters1 Miniature Planters by Metaphys
planters2 Miniature Planters by Metaphys

If you are passionate about miniature life, you’ll love this adorable set for your plants! If your spirit is still young, this will blow your mind, and probably you’ll start neglecting your pet, just to take care of your city of plants.

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