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30 Inspiring Examples of Levitation Photography

According to Google Trends, levitation photography has been on the rise since late 2010. This interesting concept was and still being used in various movies to impress the viewer. Liking the abstraction so much, photographers decided to replicate the same effect in their images. This small ‘floating’ movement spawned tons of unique concepts and ideas, that of which you’ll see below.

There are two-way to achieve this type of photography. One would be to simply jump in the air and have your buddy snap a shot of you. However this isn’t effective and just looks like you’re jumping. The goal is to make the viewer believe that you’re actually floating. The second way is to take two pictures and then blend the two exposures together via Photoshop.

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Landscape and Seascape Photography by Patrick Smith

At a first glance, you might think that Patrick is only a professional photographer. But when he’s not making art with his camera, he works as a statistical database programmer. According to Pat, his incredible photos have received over 15 million views on Flickr! Even though he’s humble, Pat has full bragging rights when it comes to reaching a wide audience.

“Photography brings the world together in a way that nothing else does. You can travel to nearly anywhere on Earth, and if you pull out some photos people will want to see them and talk about them.” – Patrick Smith

His work has been featured in many magazines such as Nature’s best, What Digital Camera, American Photography, Popular Photography and others. Today we collected some of his most views photographs for you to appreciate. Please note that almost every single photo he takes, receives minimal post processing.

45 Seconds at Hanalei, Kauai

Golden Falls – Queen’s Bath, Kauai, Hawaii

Myst – Point Reyes National Seashore, California

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60 Philosophical Quotes on Life

Allow me to ask you a simple question. Have you ever thought about death? Go ahead, take a moment and really think about it. Picture yourself laying on a hospital bed, knowing that you only have a few more days to live. Just imagine that feeling.

Overwhelming can’t even describe it. And to be perfectly honest, I can’t really pinpoint the perfect word to discribe it myself. Without getting into religion and personal dogma, I think it’s fair to conclude that death might be the biggest fear humans have. The only problem is that you cannot run away from this fear. Sooner of later you will have to face it.

Many people say, “Why would I waste my valuable time thinking about death?” That’s a great point. However, facing it now and living you life to the fullest will enable you to thrive while you’re living on this planet. While you’re laying on the death bed, you brain will start playing the beautiful memories you’ve gathered in this life. Right after the heartwarming memories, your regrets will follow. So why in the world would you have regrets?

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Blogger Failure – Why Does it Happen?

Nowadays, doesn’t it seem like there are just too many blog consultants out there? Have you already started your blog using WordPress or Blogger? Many bloggers start out in the fast lane, very excited about their blogs. Unfortunately, even more run out of gas before they even finish the race.

You can actually avoid having a business blog that simply fizzles out. All you need is a clear understanding of the reasons bloggers fail. So, here are 5 reasons why many business blogs fail.

1. Not Defining Your Objectives

It’s amazing how many company’s have their blogs set up by their IT team, without ever defining the key objectives. Then, weeks later, everyone’s wondering why the blog isn’t getting traffic.

Is your goal to connect with your customers? Is your blog part of an SEO program to archive FAQs, newsletters, etc…? You must identify your main objectives for blogging. Then, create your promotion and content plans based on these goals.

2. Having Unrealistic Resources And Expectations

It takes dedication and hard work to blog effectively. Business blogs showcase your company’s personality, while listening and responding to your online community. It takes much more than great SEO keywords to raise your search engine rankings.

In order for your business blog to be successful, you’ll need access to resources, such as technology, processes and people. Set both long and short term goals, and track your accomplishments using reporting systems like Google Webmaster. Allocate various tasks and make sure everyone’s doing their part. Plan for your business blogging success.

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Does Print Marketing Still Matter in the Digital Era?

Marketing, just like most other business strategies, is progressively developing along with technology. As technology develops, new modes of mass communication evolve and subsequently improve marketing. As a result, businesses are increasingly leveraging digital marketing at the cost of past marketing methods like print marketing.

Although print marketing is viewed by some businesses as a thing of the past, a significant number of marketers are still using it to reach their target audience. Some of them have adopted it while others have continuously reported dreary results. Consequently, most business owners are left questioning the overall effectually of this marketing method compared to other strategies.

Just like any other marketing strategy, print marketing has its benefits and disadvantages. Its effectiveness principally depends on how you employ it, your target market and the overall marketing goals. For instance, a business can transcendentally employ print marketing to reach out to the local audience. However, when it comes to the global audience, it is advisable to explore digital marketing methods.

The Importance of Tangibility

The chief benefit of print marketing is tangibility. In digital marketing, the target audience only gets a soft copy of the marketing message on their digital devices. That means it can be easily and promptly ignored, since most digital device users only pay attention to other elements in their devices.

Print media on the other hand, is not as easily ignorable as digital media. Being tangible means that the writing is permanent. It cannot be obliterated or moved to the ‘trash’ folder. In fact, people always tend to pay more attention to hardcopy content compared to softcopy content.

Reaching the Elderly

Print marketing is also effective in expanding the target market. Although the internet is currently the single biggest platform for global convergence, not all types of people can be reached through it. The old age target market, for example, prefers sticking to the conventional mass communication methods like newspapers and magazines. To market to such a group therefore, one should leverage newspaper and magazine advertising as opposed to online marketing.

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Cassette Label Prints by Neil Stevens

Neil Stevens is a creative illustrator and graphic artist based in St Albans and London. We previously featured his beautiful Flight Tag Prints, and now we’ve got something new to share. Spawned from the need to fill his loft studio wall space, Neil explored the graphics and layout of cassette inlay designs. Being inspired by his findings, he decided to revive the cassette labels as posters containing simple typography and block colors. The results are nothing short of awesome, and we hope you’ll feel the same.

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20 Minimal WordPress Themes by Authentic Themes

WordPress powers one of every 6 websites on the Internet, pretty mind blowing huh? With over 100,000 Wordress based websites popping up each day, the demand for quality WordPress themes is higher than ever. Such staggering stats don’t go unnoticed. Current WordPress theme providers are witnessing solid competition from hungry newcomers like Authentic Themes.

Authentic Themes launched on June 4th, 2013. The company was founded by AJ Clarke and Matt Tucker. This new store offers an incredible bundle of 20+ WordPress themes for only $40. Which is basically a steal at $2.00 per theme.

Their original goal was to offer a simple & affordable WordPress theme experience. By building marvelous themes for a variety of niches, Authentic Themes allows people whom are just starting out to stand out of the crowd. Their themes are well coded, simple to use, and easy to customize.

We’ve seen a growing interest amount the WordPress community for theme memberships. The entire idea of paying once and downloading brand new themes every month is very attractive. Plus, you can use the themes for your personal and commercial projects. What’s not to love about that?


Minim is a simple blogging WordPress Theme. The theme is clean, minimal, and spacious making it a picture perfect for for travel, food, tech, business, news, gossip, design and all other blogs.


Monogram is an elegant WordPress theme designed specifically for blogging. The minimal design allows the reader/readers focus on the content without any distractions. This fundamental theme supports multiple post formats (standard, featured image, video, and quote) and features social icons in the footer. It’s great for writers!


Grid is bright, beautiful, and bold portfolio WordPress theme. It’s perfect for aspiring designers, developers, artists, agencies and anyone who desires to make an effect with their body of work. The theme options a robust grid layout, lightbox image support, and impressive typography. When someone visits your website, your work will speak for itself.

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Does Parallax Hurt Your SEO?

This post will highlight some aspects of parallax scrolling that you need to keep in mind if you want to use the effect for your or your client’s site. As you probably know, the parallax scrolling effect is all the rage now. Many brands use it on their sites to both entertain and engage their audience even more. Also, pretty much all major web design providers offer parallax scrolling designs to their customers.

The thing is, they don’t seem to care that much about the SEO aspect of the effect because most companies offer one-page parallax designs regardless of how it can influence SEO rankings. Sure thing, such designs are visually appealing, but if you look under the hood, you can see some unexpected pitfalls. Before we go any further, let’s see what is actually wrong (or can be wrong) with the parallax scrolling effect and what you can do to fix those issues.

Parallax is Heavy

Since all the content is on one page (in one file), all your text, images, and videos (if any) are placed in the same file. And that goes without saying that such an approach makes your page way heavier than it could be otherwise. So, for starters, you need to optimize your images. You’re not really supposed to use any retina images as of now because not that many devices can enjoy them. If you’re absolutely sure that you need retina-optimized images on your site, at least make sure to load them only for retina-ready devices. You can do that with the help of retina.js or a similar JavaScript library.

Parallax is Keyword-Poor

It’s good practice to optimize your page for 1-3 keywords. So, if you have 5 pages in your site, you can optimize each for 1-3 words, which means 5-15 keywords per site. Now, if you use a one-page parallax design, you’re constrained to just 1-3 keywords. That’s another reason to break your one-page design into multiple pages. I’ll offer you a few solutions down the road.

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Think Creatively and Become a Winner at Negotiating

When you think of business negotiations, you automatically think of tactics. However, this analogy implies that negotiation doesn’t consist of critical analysis and hard work but of sporting talent loaded with gamesmanship and finesse. Once you practice this skill carefully, you will be able to tell the results of the negotiation from the beginning.

The fact that gaming elements are a symbol of the business world and acquisition of transactions is true. However, gamesmanship is not the main factor which leads to a successful negotiation, at least not in this period. You shouldn’t believe that applying some particular tactics or rules will help you achieve successful results. Instead, you should become aware of the fact that there isn’t such thing as the absolute. The strategies that work during one transaction may not be suitable for another one.

Adopt a pragmatic approach when negotiating

Generally speaking, negotiation requires focusing on the pragmatic approach respondent to typical situations of transaction acquisitions: parties that have equal positions and wish to negotiate in an attempt to close a deal with terms that are acceptable to all parties. The main goal in a negotiation is to reach an agreement that benefits all the involved parties, especially you.

Get leverage when negotiating

The idea is to talk your clients into accepting your terms without exposing yourself to the risk of remaining single at that table. This basically means that negotiation requires creative and informative accommodation and compromises. However, it doesn’t mean that you should turn to charity. It’s better to have the superior bargaining position in order to make the other party give up and agree to the things you want. In case the other party doesn’t seem to give up his/her resistance, your skills should pop out and help you deal with the situation.

Be creative and come up with solutions

An effective compromise requires that you do your homework in advance, as well as the critical perspective and analysis related to the deal and to the other party and to the outcome of your meeting. You should never be preoccupied only with achieving your goals, as you’ll end up neglecting the analysis required in order to solve the concerns of your clients. You are advised to bring solutions and suggestions to the problems presented by them.

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Developed in a Rush: Amazing Photos Taken Using a Polaroid Camera

The invention of the Polaroid camera was a big step in the advancement of photography. Aside from it being a nice and handy way of taking pictures, how much do we really know about the Polaroid camera?

The Man Behind the Polaroid

Edwin H. Land, American scientist and inventor, pioneered a breakthrough in photography when he devised an instant way of capturing images and printing them. When he discovered how polarization can be manipulated in photography, he created a camera that makes use of diffusion when transferring dye from negative to positive. Thus, the Polaroid camera was born.

Land’s first ‘baby’, the Polaroid Land Camera Model 95, was released commercially in 1948. Since then, people have been enjoying having their photos printed a minute after taking them.

Also known as Land Cameras, evidently named after their inventor, the first Polaroid camera was conceived under the partnership between Land and his physics professor George Wheelwright. They founded the Land-Wheelwright Laboratories in 1947, and later changed it to Polaroid Corporation when Land retired in 1982.

It was in 1963 when the company introduced the film pack called Polarcolor. This particular film had three layers of emulsion that responded quickly to red, green, and blue. It allowed Polaroid users to print the pictures they take in color by combining the complementary colors captured on film. On the other hand, the integral film, whose job was to print the photo minus the peeling of the negative from the positive, was launched in 1972 and built into the SX-70 camera.

Polaroid at Present

To date, Polaroid has given a wide range of products not limited to cameras. The company also offers matching equipment and accessories. What’s more noteworthy is that they’re still producing film even when everybody else is shifting to digital photography.

Even thou people are moving away, I still feel that Polaroid pictures are much more emotional. The entire process of taking the picture and seamlessly receiving in a few short seconds is blissful. I don’t look at it as receiving a picture, I look at it as receiving an instant memory. From then on every time you look at the photographs, your brain travels back in time and revisits the feeling/emotions you expressed.

Clearly, there are still a lot of people who patronize not just the brand but the uniqueness of its method of immortalizing something by taking a picture of it. And to prove just that, here are some stunning photos taken using the celebrated Polaroid camera. Oh, and for those of you whom are wondering you can still purchase an instant camera online.

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Graffiti Birds by Brazilian Artist L7M

L7m, was born in the countryside of São Paulo, in 1988. Since his childhood he had a strong magnetic pull to art. Testing out his talent in numerous contests, L7m won many awards. When he turned 13, L7m discovered the wonderful world of graffiti. Headed in a new direction, he began to experiment with new techniques and mixtures such as china ink, latex, pastel, and acrylic.

Today we collected a few of L7m’s beautiful murals for your inspiration. People in general have mixed feeling and viewpoints on graffiti. Without getting into a debate, I would like for you to simply focus on the artwork. I think the elegance, geometry, and colors of his work are undeniably beautiful.

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Freestanding Card Structures by Bryan Berg

At an early age of eight, Bryan was introduced to card-stacking by his grandfather. From then on he was hooked. This new exciting hobby led him to discovering new techniques on his own. His freestanding card structures are based on a grid-like arrangement, which can support up to 660 lbs per square foot! Keep in mind that he doesn’t use tape, glue, folding, or any other tricks you might suspect.

Berg has held the Guinness World Record for the Tallest House of Freestanding Playing Cards since 1992. Since then, Bryan has been commissioned numerous times to break his own records. He currently tours around the world showing off his incredible skills. Today we’ve collected a few of his amazing works for your viewing pleasure.

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Pen and Watercolor Illustrations by Clint Reid

Clint Reid is a designer, an illustrator, and an avid coffee drinker, who lives in Durango, Colorado. Usually using his alias “Tillman Project,” Clint creates noteworthy pen and watercolor illustrations. He has been filling up sketch books like a mad man and because of this, many great drawing have come to life. Today we would like to share some of Reid’s illustrations from his personal projects, commission, and art shows.

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40 Skillfully Constructed Headphones

Creating a unique/stylish design will result in more sales. This means hiring well-educated industrial designers who aren’t afraid to think outside the box, not cutting corners on packaging design, and using high quality durable materials to assemble your badass headphones. Today we collected forty skillfully constructed headphones for your inspiration. Every image is linked to its source. We hope this showcase will inspire and help current industrial designers.

AiAiAi TMA-1 Headphones

Eskuche Control v2 Headphones

Jabra REVO

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25 Creative Shopping Bag Advertisements

Usually shopping bags have a logo or the name of the company on the bag. But what if you could gain attention of potential customers without actually having to talk to them?

Bagvertising has been around for several years. The idea of using a bag as an opportunity to market to new potential customers is pretty clever. In theory this type of advertising captures real people on the street and internet surfers who enjoy creativity. Today we collected twenty-five awesome bag advertisements from across the web. We hope you’ll find them inspiring. Enjoy!

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