Bellroy Elements Collection


Bellroy’s Elements Range is the calm within the storm. Comprising three unique styles, these wallets keep out rain, snow, sand and grit. They’ve been designed using our all-weather leather and water-resistant zips, making them the perfect companion for when you’re outdoors and need more protection for your pocket contents.

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OG Backpack | by Trakke


The Óg is the everyday explorers backpack. Constructed from Ventile cotton with a durable waxed cotton base, the lightweight Óg is adapted for adventure in even the harshest conditions. One large compartment stows all your expedition kit and a roll-top closure ensures your gear stays in and the weather stays out. A near-seamless design minimises snag risk and leaks, leaving you to focus on the task at hand.

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The Best Footwear for Rock Climbing

Rock 1
Rock climbing can be a great way to get your rear in gear this summer season, but to be safe, it’s best to invest into some good footwear. We’ve gathered the 6 best rock climbing shoes on the market.

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Ashley Smith is Skater Girl Cool for RVCA


American model Ashley Smith heads to the skatepark for a recent shoot for surf and skate lifestyle brand RVCA. The blonde beauty poses for Mike Piscitelli of Bernstein & Andriulli for the relaxed snaps. The photographer even explains how he got the images to look so natural on his agency’s blog. “We were shooting outside and went into the supermarket to get something to eat and we ended up shooting in there.”

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A Bathing Ape “Glow in the Dark” Hoodies


Japanese brand A Bathing Ape is set to launch a capsule collection of zip hoodies. This BAPE release is made due to collaboration with well-named Japanese retailer ZOZOTOWN.

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Literal “Street Style” Photos by Isla Bell Murray & Jessica Saia


Wanting to poke fun at blogs promoting street fashion and trends, stylists Isla Bell Murray and Jessica Saia decided to come up with their own literal take on the term “street style”. They wrote, “If anything, the street is usually out of focus or is in the photo at some weird angle, not being stylish at all!” Thus, they embarked on an amusing mission to give recognition and street cred to trash bins, trees and even animal poo on the sidewalk in the photo series here.

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The Best Performing Water Shoes

water 0
Water shoes were immensely popular during our childhood years, and as people yearn to explore the outdoors, these bad boys are making a full-fledged comeback. Check out our list of the 6 best water shoes for your outdoor adventures.

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The Best Minimalist Shoes for Running

shoe 1
When it comes to getting in shape, few things are better than running. And when it comes to running, many argue that running barefoot (or as close to it) is better for you. We’ve rounded up the 6 best barefoot running shoes.

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New Balance M997HL


One of the best New Balance silhouettes of all time, the 997 is getting a well deserved reissue for AW14, as part of the all American made classic literature series. Constructed with plush suede, textured leather and mesh panelled uppers in NB’s signature all-grey-everything make up, the M997HL sits on top of an Encap cushioned midsole with a built up heel unit. This is a top quality reworking of an all time great design.

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Funnell Ejects Waterproof Jacket from Backpack

pack 1
Never leave the house unprepared for rainy weather again. The Funnell Eject backpack comes with a built in raincoat that can be deployed instantly.

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Paleos Pronativ Shoes. In Touch With Nature

Paleos-Pronativ-6 (1)
Coming across this unique shoe, we couldn’t help but remember the words of the great philosopher George Constanza – “Important things go in a case. You got a skull for your brain, a plastic sleeve for your comb and a wallet for your money.” Surely, the people at GoSt-Barefoots understand this as well and came up with a totally unique concept of protecting your feet, by essentially putting them in armor.

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The Overnight Bag

The Overnight hints at what the name says: it’s big enough to accomodate a change of clothes and all your cosmetic essentials, it’s sturdy, handcrafted using the finest goat leather and lined with a tough hunters green canvas and will never ever let you go to work the next day wearing the same clothes. No more walk of shame for anyone.

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“IN THE CORNER” by Mike Campau and Tim Tadder

When advertising photographer Tim Tadder and digital artist Mike Campau collaborate, the result is typically unique, inspiring and a breath of fresh air into a crowded visual landscape. This time the two join forces to create a blend of sport and fashion in CGI corner sets.

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I Love Ugly 2014 June/July Editorial by Ne.Street


Headed by Valentin Ozich and Barnaby Marshall, the Kiwi label I love ugly presents a look at its latest lineup through the lens of up-and-coming blogger Ne.Street. The editorial celebrates the brand’s first overseas brick and mortar store by taking us through the streets of Downtown LA and offers up its latest items to demonstrate an avant-garde approach to design with classic and sportswear-inspired themes.

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Miranda Maxwell

Introducing Miranda Maxwell… Meet the dj/artist turned fashion designer.

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