Kate Upton in Vogue Spain July 2012 by Miguel Reveriego

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Amici miei t-shirt

Amici miei (My friends) tee.
Check out this original Italian Vintage t-shirt for sale on vintage.it!

Zahia – Ellen Von Unwerth

The french pin-up is back with a new lingerie collection for bridal nights. The lookbook was amazingly shot by talented photographer Ellen Von Unwerth.

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Shark vs. Mermaid Swimsuit

This combination of the “White Shark” and “Arielle, the mermaid” on a swimsuit is so tragic but also so perfect. James Lillis designed this perfect piece of fashion.

Check out, where you can buy it.

Kaelen fall/winter 2012

The new fall/winter 2012 collection by Canadian designer Kaelen Haworth.

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Epic T-Shirt Giveaway – Win A $30 Voucher For FREE GLENNZ TEES Shirts!

Here we are again with yet another epic giveaway! Today we are honored once again to partner with our favorite t-shirt creator, Glenn Jones, to bring you this exclusive giveaway. If you remember a week ago we were giving his shirts away on threadless, well that contest is over – if you didn’t win it, oh well, here is another chance for you to win some epic tee shirts made by Glenn Jones from his shop Glennz Tees!

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ATLETA – Athlete Photography by Caesar Lima

Athlete Photography by Caesar Lima

They make us happy, proud and sad. We know their names and life stories. They break the records and set the new ones. We follow their every move, we cherish any chance to get close to them. They persuade us to buy the famous brands, we listen to them. They are rich and glamourous, we want to be like them. There are very few people on Earth who have reached the status of modern gods. The worldwide media made them the focal point of nearly six billion human souls, who love and worship them. They wield an enormous power over the admiring masses and precious few of them use this power to make a difference in the lives of others.

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Kazaky for V magazine

Celebrities Kazaky appeared in a photoshoot Inez & Vinoodh for V magazine. Style for the guys picked up Nicola Formichetti (Nicola Formichetti).

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iPad portfolios

Are printed portfolios dead? I’m not sure but you can’t deny the coolness factor of an iPad portfolio. Portability, resolution of the screen and how fast you can update your book, the only thing we’re missing was a cool presentation. I came across this amazing case in UK from Plastic Sandwich, full leather clean sleek design, I had to have one! The software I chose is called Minimal Folio. Is a super intuitive presentation no instructions required, this app is unbranded so your portfolio does the talking. Here are few images let me know what you think.

Artist: Caesar Lima
Company: Caesar Photo Design, Inc.
Software: Minimal Folio
Case by Plastic Sandwich in UK

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Dress Made With Hundreds of LEDs

The Aurora Dress was inspired by the colorful lights of the Aurora Borealis. The dress was designed by CuteCircuit. The video of this dress shows just how mesmerizing it really is. Check it out + more photos here: Aurora Dress by CuteCircuit

Wren fall/winter 2012

The new fall/winter 2012 collection by American designer Melissa Coker.

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Stylish Ladies Watches

Do you keep in mind your first watch? We do — it was electronic, with a thin band and Alf on the experience. (That’s right, Alf — hello, kid of the ’80s!) Our preferences have modified quite a bit since then,
but we’re still very attached to a super-cool equipment that keeps us on routine all day — and doesn’t need regularly taking out our mobile phones when someone demands sufficient time.
Complete Watches Collection on Fashion-OnAir

Bonnie Chen Tours London in Style for Harper’s Bazaar Shot by Zack Zhang

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Thomas Paul Skeleton Scarf

The cotton scarve is made out of 100% cotton blend and are hand silk-screened with signature Thomaspaul prints. Each scarf measures 40″x80″.

More infos here.

Goat ring by And Mary

This is one of the unusual creations of the Scottish designer And Mary, a ring depicting a pen with 3 little goats.

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