Shoes by Goodbye Folk

Handmade Oxford or derby shoes by “Goodbye Folk”, a creative laboratory based in Mexico City.
1o20 Shoes by Goodbye Folk3o25 Shoes by Goodbye Folk6o15 Shoes by Goodbye Folk
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RUN SLOW Collections | W.D.I. Project Mayhem

Shy Terrorist W.D.I. UK White DYT 750x1063 RUN SLOW Collections | W.D.I. Project Mayhem

RUN SLOW Collections 2012

We Did It official recruit project. You are with our team. Project Mayhem is on. Get out and spread style. Anarchy is the key word. Go.

Daily Inspirations no. 400

Getting warmer around here … that’s what we like. Each season has something to offer, but to speak for myself I like the spring the most. Why? Simply because we can feel everything waking up. It’s about the colors and scents too. While speaking about it .. had to open my window to get some fresh air in. Love hearing the birds singing. Ok, let’s calm down and get back to our daily set of creative inspirations. There are some cool pieces I would like to highlight today. From the very first section my pick is the Lighthouse by Spencer Brown and probably the playing cats photo. That one is pretty funny actually. From today’s illustrations my favorite one is the last called Mr. Spray goes empty by Yvo Hählen. For all the guys our there, well at least the 96%, there are two hot artworks available in the art / digital art section. Make sure to check the In a car artwork by Matariil and Rabeta of the day by LAMBUJA! How hot is that?! If you guys like typography make sure not to miss the SALVAJEANIMAL HEADLESS III by SALVAJEANIMAL and Popular Mechanics 110th Edition by Jordan Metcalf. There is a nice corporate portfolio web site template at the bottom in the freebie section. Make sure to download it right away, as it’s free this month only! Keep coming back .) Enjoy!

c1a12 Daily Inspirations no. 400

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‘Ballgowns: British Glamour’ Celebrates 60 Years of Couture and British Red Carpet Fashion

From ballgowns designed for Elizabeth the Queen Mother to red carpet creations worn by celebrities like Elizabeth Hurley, “Ballgowns: British Glamour” is an exclusive exhibition showcased by the Victoria & Albert Museum that is scheduled to start from 19 May. The exhibition will be featured in the newly renovated fashion galleries within the museum and will display 60 years of stylish evening wear. The event will feature more than sixty designs for social events such as private parties, royal balls, state occasions and opening nights.

195 Ballgowns: British Glamour Celebrates 60 Years of Couture and British Red Carpet Fashion

Atsuko Kudo gown worn by Georgia Frost with dresses by Hardy Amies and Worth of London. Lent by the designer. Carlos Jimenez, © V&A, 2011.

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“Infinite We Are” A/W 12 by Dainius Bendikas in

“Infinite We Are” A/W 12 by Dainius Bendikas in

DB MM 10 “Infinite We Are” A/W 12 by Dainius Bendikas in
DB MM 14 “Infinite We Are” A/W 12 by Dainius Bendikas in
DB MM 21 “Infinite We Are” A/W 12 by Dainius Bendikas in

“When the World had been abandoned for the sake of the Moon, there appeared a celestial tribe of hoodlum Priests. These rustic Clergy, devout to a Lunatic spectrum of elusive colour and tone, wrapped and bound in the skin of creatures, of Linens and Wool naturally dyed and sculptured with existential understanding…”

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Agi and Sam f/w 2012

The fall/winter 2012 collection by Agi and Sam.
1o19 Agi and Sam f/w 20123o23 Agi and Sam f/w 20122o23 Agi and Sam f/w 2012
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Woven Bird by Mark Goldenberg

LTVs mark 02 Woven Bird by Mark GoldenbergBest Design in Fashion 2011 at Shenker College. It’s the prize won by “Woven Bird” by Mark Goldernberg, young Israeli fashion designer with a passion for the sculptures of Naum Gabo, taxidermy and birds.
LTVs mark 05 Woven Bird by Mark Goldenberg

New youngprimitive fashion designs

Young & fresh fashion brand from Czech republic presents new designs for this spring & summer. Check them out! They will send their clothes all around the world! New collection starts here!

 efa8686 New youngprimitive fashion designs
 efa8707 New youngprimitive fashion designs
 efa8063 New youngprimitive fashion designs
 efa8168 New youngprimitive fashion designs
cc1ba efa8570 New youngprimitive fashion designs
 efa8312 New youngprimitive fashion designs

The rest of their new stuff

Swagtag Presents Enough Said, Style Rules

Swagtag, streetwear brand in Vietnam launches lookbook video for their current collection titled “Enough Said, Style Rules“. Check out some of the pictures and the video provided as well.

Director: Dammy Abdulkadri
Videographers: Cat Tuong, Andy Wang
Dancer: Quynh Mai

Watch the Lookbook Video

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Penelope Cruz for Harper’s Bazaar US

penelope cruz Penelope Cruz for Harper’s Bazaar US
The cover of the May issue Harper’s Bazaar US became a brilliant Penelope Cruz . Photographs by Spanish actress Terry Richardson.

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Foot Lover | Pop Art Retro | RUN SLOW Collections 2012

Foot Lover W.D.I. UK DYT 750x1008 Foot Lover | Pop Art Retro | RUN SLOW Collections 2012

W.D.I. | Run Slow

Feel the passion. Go out. Sing. Dance. Go crazy. You have things to do. Oh, these amazing retro heels. Make some noise. Keep walking darling.

Daily Inspirations no. 399

Hi guys … hopefully you had a wonderful Easter holiday! When speaking for myself, after four days off I do have problems switching back to work mode. Not sure if it’s the lazyness or spring fever :). Anyway, got to beat that as there are many people out there dependant on our daily inspirations .). So let’s take a look what’s new out there. From today’s photography do not miss the Sacred Eve / Part 2 as well as the black tribal woman few spots below. There are actually several of them, so I am speaking of the first one. Again you may expect a strong illustration section with several hot artworks such as the illustrations by Dave E. Phillips and Roberto Pena or the Girl portrait by crowgod. If you like spooky artworks, make sure to check the Skull by Ali GULEC. You’ll find that one in our Art / Digital Art section. If you like blink – blink and watches especially, check the 5 mil watch by Hublot. Wondering what rapper is wearing those already. If you like user interfaces, there is a nice one at the bottom in the freebie section. Go get it! Enjoy!

c1a10 Daily Inspirations no. 399

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20 DeviantArt T-shirts Designs

21 20 DeviantArt T shirts Designs
Looking for some cool T-shirt designs for inspiration for your new business? Check out these cool t-shirt designs I found over at Deviantart. Their site is filled with amazing t-shirt designers who use the site to showcase their projects. These t-shirt designs were created for a variety of reasons such as for bands, apparel companies, events and so on.
141 20 DeviantArt T shirts Designs
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Color World by Ting Li

Creative photography project by Ting Li from London, United Kingdom. Enjoy :)

i1a58 Color World by Ting Li

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