Playspace by Aorta

001 playspace aorta Playspace by Aorta

Fashion editorial for SCHÖN magazine by Aorta.

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Hyperrealistic paintings by Tigran Tsitoghdzyan

1388345522 1 640x640 Hyperrealistic paintings by Tigran Tsitoghdzyan
Tigran Tsitoghdzyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia in 1976. Studied painting in Armenia and Switzerland. Works in the genre of hyperrealism.

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Coffins by Aitch

001 coffins aitch Coffins by Aitch

Series of paintings for Coffins – duo-show together with Saddo, at La Petite Mort Gallery, Ottawa by Aitch.

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Creative Illustrations by Jean-Francois Painchaud

Beautiful illustrations, prints, phone cases by Vadim Cherniy

Hand Drawing Lettering Art on Coffee Cups by Rob Draper

Hand Drawing Lettering Art on Coffee Cups by Rob Draper 11 Hand Drawing Lettering Art on Coffee Cups by Rob Draper

Artists have restless souls; they don’t like to lean on ordinary things. I have seen designers and artists who have adverse hunger for novelty and ingenuity that is what makes them work like dreamlike. Today i am showcasing the beautiful hand drawn lettering work of Rob Draper. He has used some stunning sayings that can stir the brains who love to consume coffee on daily basis. So let the taste buds enjoy the taste of dark coffee with hand drawing lettering art on coffee cups.

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Contemporary Art by Shane Turner

001 contemporary art shane turner Contemporary Art by Shane Turner

Collection of amazing contemporary artworks by Shane Turner, a 26 years old artist from Canada.

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“No Violence Against Women” Project

220 “No Violence Against Women” Project

Marge Simpson stands despondently with a black eye next to a grinning, vacant Homer. A trickle of blood comes from Lois Griffin’s nose as Peter drapes his arm around her. Wonder Woman has Superman’s hand clasped over her mouth, while Snow White lies battered at the feet of Prince Charming.

These illustrations are the work of an artist who has put a sinister spin on iconic animations in order to highlight the disturbing realities of domestic abuse. No Violence Against Women is a project by Italian artist and activist AleXsandro Palombo, 40, who is based in Milan. It forces its audience to confront the plight some women go through under the pretence of a happy relationship or family.

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Cool Anime Art by Risa1

001 cool anime art risa1 Cool Anime Art by Risa1

Spectacular anime illustrations by French artist Risa1.

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Hand Lettering v4 by Ian Barnard

001 hand lettering v4 ian barnard Hand Lettering v4 by Ian Barnard

Dose of amazing typographic artworks by Ian Barnard, an artist from the UK.

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Portraits by Erik Almås

001 portraits erik alms Portraits by Erik Almås

Portraiture portfolio of Erik Almas. Enjoy!

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Digital Art by Tsheva

001 digital art tsheva Digital Art by Tsheva

Dose of original digital artworks by an artist from the US – Tsheva.

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Creative Photography by LilSophie

007 creative photography lilsophie Creative Photography by LilSophie

Collection of amazing portrait photography by Russian artist, LilSophie.

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Flower Man by Ken Hermann

001 flower man ken hermann Flower Man by Ken Hermann

Personal project from Mallick Ghat flower market by Ken Hermann.

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Viajeras Espaciales by Plástica