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Hot Illustrations by Sabrina Miramon

009 hot illustrations sabrina miramon Hot Illustrations by Sabrina Miramon

Collection of beautiful digital illustrations by Sabrina Miramon aka Sab-m, an artist from the United Kingdom. Enjoy and get inspired!

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225+ Vector Designs from LayerForm – only $11!

md11 650x609 225+ Vector Designs from LayerForm   only $11!

If high-quality, professional and scalable graphics are what you’re looking for, then you’ve certainly come to the right deal! This Mega Bundle from Layerform offers up more than 225 gorgeous Vector Designs in one Mighty Deal! Consisting of 4 unique Vector Sets, these scalable vectors feature ribbons, laurels, insignias and loads more elements, many crafted by hand. And for a limited time, you can get all 4 sets for just 1 low price of a mere $11!

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20 Inspirational Halloween Cupcake Ideas

general 650x975 20 Inspirational Halloween Cupcake Ideas

Want some clever idea on how to decorate your Halloween party? Check this collection of inspirational Halloween cupcakes ideas.

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Beautiful Illustrations by Kelley McMorris

002 beautiful illustrations kelley mcmorris Beautiful Illustrations by Kelley McMorris

Kelley McMorris is a freelance illustrator living near Portland, Oregon. She received her MFA in Illustration from the Academy of Art University and a BA in Japanese at San Jose State University. In 2013 Kelley won the SCBWI Student Illustrator Scholarship. Her clients include Disney Hyperion, Scholastic, Lifeway, Highlights and Cricket magazine.

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Digital Art by thanshuhai

cm  you let the smoke out    again by thanshuhai Digital Art by thanshuhai

Digital art by Rikkun, an artist from Philippines. Rikkun’s work fuses fantasy with 3D effect.

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Inspiring Art by Sam Hogg

016 inspiring art sam hogg Inspiring Art by Sam Hogg

Sam Hogg is a full time concept artist based in Leamington Spa, United Kingdom. He works mostly in Photoshop and in watercolour and pencils. Let’s take a look at several of his artworks. Enjoy!

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Creative Art by Sabbas Apterus

009 creative art apterus Creative Art by Sabbas Apterus

Peter aka Sabbas Apterus is a talented 26-year-old digital artist / illustrator based in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. If you’re into fantasy / concept art, below you may scroll through several amazing artworks selected from his portfolio. Enjoy!

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Brilliant Art by LanWu

002 brilliant art lanwu Brilliant Art by LanWu

Lanny Wu aka LanWu is an artist / illustrator based in Indonesia. If you’re into anime / manga, make sure to check out our picks below. Enjoy!

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Cool Digital Art by Jose Alves da Silva

018 cool digital art jose alves da silva Cool Digital Art by Jose Alves da Silva

Jose Alves da Silva is a full time freelancer dedicated to 3D illustration and character design based in Lisbon, Portugal. Below, you may scroll through over 20 inspiring artworks selected from his portfolio. Enjoy!

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15 Unique Résumé and Cover Letter Templates – only $19!

md10 650x609 15 Unique Résumé and Cover Letter Templates   only $19!

Résumés and cover letters are your first step towards a new career. It’s tough to get noticed, even when you have some mad skills in your work history. That’s why you really need a killer résumé to catch someone’s eye. This Mighty deal from Zippy Pixels can do just that! You’ll get yourself a gorgeous collection of 90 high-quality, professional and exciting résumés and cover letters. The set includes 15 unique résumés in 3 different color styles, as well as 15 unique cover letters with 3 different color styles as well. You’ll find everything from professional to super creative in this batch. And if you act now, you can even save 50% off the regular price!

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Luckstock’s 17 Uplifting Royalty-Free Music Tracks Bundle – only $17!

md9 Luckstocks 17 Uplifting Royalty Free Music Tracks Bundle   only $17!

Music helps flesh out any project, whether it’s for personal use or a client. With this inspiring collection from Luckstock, you’ll be singing it loud and proud! The Best Moments of Summer Music Bundle features 17 inspirational tunes, all featuring a royalty-free license and coming in both .MP3 and .WAV formats. Use these rockin’ tracks on everything from presentations to student films. And for a limited time only, you can get the entire bundle for a mere $17. That’s like paying just $1 per song!

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JPS Streets Art

Awesome Illustrations by Devon Cady-Lee

006 awesome illustrations devon cadylee Awesome Illustrations by Devon Cady Lee

Devon Cady-Lee aka Gorrem is an illustrator and concept artist from the streets of Chinatown, New York. Currently he’s based in Seattle where he works for Motiga Games. Let’s check out several of his artworks.

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Paintings by Jack Vettriano

jack vettriano everythingwithatwist 03 Paintings by Jack Vettriano

Jack Vettriano was born in Scotland. 25 years ago he submitted two paintings to the Royal Scottish Academy’s annual exhibition and both of them were accepted and sold on the first day. His most well known painting, The Singing Butler, was sold for almost 3/4 of a million GBP. “According to The Daily Telegraph he has been described as the Jeffrey Archer of the art world […] a painter of dim erotica” Wikipedia suggests. On my view, he describes a subtle era of the 50s and 60s in the US. Love and lust are there but are not predominant. His work is very elegant. Enjoy.

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