Stunning Macro Photography by Kutub Uddin

Kutub Uddin

Kutub Uddin is a talented self taugh amateur photographer and student from Enfield, who currently based in London, UK. He shoot a lot of macro and long-exposure photography.

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Couple Recreates Movie Scenes with Cardboard and Their Baby

Every week of the last three months, Leon Mackie and his wife Lily recreate scenes from famous movies. It wouldn’t be so interesting if they didn’t involve in this activity their now 10-month old son Orson.

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ZumZum – Coolest Balance Bike Ever with Natural Suspension

A professional mountain biker, who has won many championships, Steve Peat has teamed up with the ZumZum team to create a super first kids bike with extremely flexible natural suspension in an eye-catching eco-design.

Children as young as 18 months can use this stylish, easy-to-ride bike. It has no pedals, so children must propel it with their feet. However, it is so well balanced that they can pick up their feet, and begin learning to balance a two-wheeled vehicle. This is not just a matter of putting wheels on a wooden shape, or taking the pedal off a regular bike. With 50mm of natural suspension, the patented wooden spring adjusts to the terrain, giving the child a smooth ride.

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Badass Cartoon Series

Lava Photography by Bruce Omori

Bruce Omori

Bruce Omori is a photographer based in Hilo, Hawai‘i. Although he has been shooting full-time for just several years, his passion for the craft developed long ago. As a kid, it began as a fascination with the magical ability of film to capture a moment of time, being able to hold it in your hand, slip it in your pocket, and share it with the world… at school.

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Darcy is the Cutest Hedgehog on the Internet

Shota Tsukamoto has a page on instagram, where he publishes photos of his favorite pet, a hedgehog named Darcy.

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Photography by Stéphanie Roland

Stephanie Roland

Having graduated in visual communication in 2010 from the La Cambre art school in Brussels, Stéphanie Roland is a belgian photographer which has already participated in several group exhibitions notably in Los Angeles, Buenos Aires and Barcelona.

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Children’s Portrait Photography by Annie Mitova

Annie Mitova

Annie Mitova is a photographer specializing in fine art children’s portraiture. She currently resides in the United States. Mother of two children. Annie was born and raised in Montana, Bulgaria.

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Fashion Photography by Ben Bernschneider

Ben Bernschneider

Ben Bernschneider is a talented photographer and art director based in Hamburg, Germany. Ben, who grew up in Brazil, worked as a copywriter, wrote TV movies and published his first novel. He loves vibrant colors, flashy sexyness and a good story.

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20 Simple Secrets to Taking Better Photos


Whether you are using an expensive camera, which does not guarantee good pictures, or using your camera on your phone, there are a few things you should keep in mind when taking pictures. To take good pictures you do not need to be a professional either. It is all in how you view the world and the things in it. It is the moments that make pictures great! As a general rule there are 20 guidelines you should follow that can change the way you picture the world right away.

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Portraits by Kris Coolens


Kris Coolens was born in Belgium and works and lives in Ghent. He is currently dedicated on portraying faces and he does it nicely. Individuality, loneliness, selfishness, solitary have different interpretations over different contexts. Coolens tried to depict individuality and solidarity through the faces of people he portrayed. Enjoy.

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Cantin Bags Company Rebrand

Cantin Bag 3
Designed by the talented creative director Gabriel Lefebvre, photographer LM Chabot and copywriter Rachel Lecompte, special attention has been focused to the copy and visuals, in order to highlight justice to the unique look of the bags. Like all Cantin products, the imagery is classic and timeless with a feel for Montreal’s historic Mile-End district, where the company’s workshops are located.

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High Speed Photography of Light Bulbs by Jon Smith

Jon Smith

Jon Smith is a talented photographer and artist based in Fishers, IN, USA. He choose to primarily work with light bulbs because they are an everyday item that most people ignore.

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Energy Efficient House Renovation, La Moraleja, Madrid by ABATON Arquitectura


The house was originally built in 1984 in La Moraleja, a residential neighbourhood in Northern Madrid being the Spanish version of Beverly Hills. The owners of the house needed to refresh the view of it aesthetically but at the same time needed a house efficient of energy. ABATON Arquitectura did both nicely. “[…] we altered the construction’s morphology (rooves) to improve the general energy saving and strengthened the magnificent views over the impressive garden; we re-organized the interior space in full and as a novelty, we improved the thermal efficiency by applying an external insulation” they explained.

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Miranda Kerr for Wonderbra S/S 2015

Australian babe Miranda Kerr turns up the heat with this sultry and moody lingerie spread for the Wonderbra Spring Summer 2015 campaign.

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