This Deformed Dog Is Still In Good Spirits Despite Suffering Horrific Abuse

Meet Khalessi, a young pit bull in Florida who’s endured nightmarish abuse but lived to wag her tail.

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An Artist Made Stunning Illustrations About Modern Society

An Artist Made A Colorful Floor Installations Inspired By The Optical Illusions

Glasgow-based artist Jim Lambie can transform any space into a visual delight with his geometric tape designs. Using everyday vinyl tape, he creates angles and lines of contrasting colors that suggest movement and optical illusions.

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Designed by Love Hulten, the Battlecade is a portable gaming system inspired by classic board games like Battleship.

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SmartHalo turns an ordinary bicycle into a smart bicycle. It attaches to the handlebar and pairs with a smartphone to provide multiple functions while the cyclist focuses on the road.

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Digital Illustrations by Magdalena Pagowska

Magdalena Pagowska2
Magdalena Pagowska is a talented 31 years old illustrator and conceptual artist based in Warsaw, Poland. She studied Game Graphics at Sogang University Game Education Center in Seoul, Korea.

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Caroline Trentini by Giampaolo Sgura

Caroline Trentini by Giampaolo Sgura
Brazilian fashion model Caroline Trentini enjoys in “Caroline’s Symphony”, photographed by Giampaolo Sgura and styled by Anna Dello Russo for Vogue Japan October 2015.

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A Modern Mirror Neck Tie

A modern mirror neck tie, with a glassy surface that clips on to your shirt
This Tiemension Mirror Neck tie is Pure Beauty. Run your finger along this smooth mirror like surface with it’s seductive looks, no one is immune to its attraction.

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Sliden’Joy Portable Screen

Sliden’Joy Portable Screen adds additional HD screens to your current laptop providing a full panoramic display of your content.

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One of the toughest challenges for designers today is exploring how to adapt established fields to our modern reliance on connectivity. This becomes especially challenging when dealing with a field such as cycling that often mandates a minimal amount of cargo for one to ride comfortably.

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Obama, Merkel, And Putin As Leading Actors In Famous Movies

According to artist Luigi Tarini: “My name is Gigi and I am an Italian based in Krakow. When I don’t work full-time at a corporation, I kill time messing around with pictures in Photoshop. In this blog, you will see Barack Obama and Angela Merkel starring in famous movies, with Vladimir Putin occasionally joining them.”

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Facebook Group Photoshops Plus-Sized Women To ‘Inspire’ Them To Lose Weight

Tes Holiday

Photoshop has become synonymous with “beautifying” photos that would otherwise have imperfections. In some cases, this is OK, and magazines and online media do this with a subject’s consent. Recently, however, a group going by the name of “Project Harpoon” (Facebook page presently shut down) has drawn criticism for photoshopping plus-sized models to appear thinner. An offshoot of ThInnerBeauty, a website and subreddit, the group aims to “inspire” its targets to lose weight.

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Access what’s important to you, without having to unlock your phone. By using a super low-power ePaper screen, instead of your power-hungry iPhone screen, you save your phone’s battery.

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Charlotte Perriand Beach House

Eighty years after its conception, Louis Vuitton builds “La Maison au Bord de l’Eau”, a heavenly hideaway amongst nature with magical views of the sea.

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WingLights are small handlebar clip-on indicator lights ideal for city, urban bikes… making cyclists visible to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

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