Beautiful Laser Engraved Rolling Pins By Zuzia Kozerska

Last year around this time, Zuzia Kozerska of Valek Rolling Pins practically set the internet on fire with lasers, more specifically her laser engraved rolling pins that imprint different patterns in cookie dough. Kozerska has been hard at work creating increasingly more complex designs as well as special mini pins just for kids. You can see more in her Etsy shop.

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Real Life Star Wars

A “Star Wars” superfan has brought the universe to his backyard. Amateur photographer Zahir Batin, from Selangor in Malaysia, added stormtroopers, X-wings and other famous sights to his native Tanjong Karang rice fields. The Malaysian snapper decided to combine his love for his hometown with his passion for the out-of-this-world space opera and, in particular, the toys. The amazing shots show TIE fighters on fire flying overhead and AT-AT walking tanks towering over tiny children, as well as Dark Side forces marching through the countryside. Here: an Imperial AT-ST Walker moves through the Malaysian rice fields. (Photo by Zahir Batin/Mercury Press)

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Erika Sanada’s Beautifully Creepy Sculptures Of Mutant, Dream-like Animals

Erika Sanada is a Tokyo-born, San Franscico-based sculptor whose supernatural animal creations traverse the boundary between dream and nightmare. In many ways, her creatures seem soft and gentle — the colors are pale, the textures soft.

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Daniela Braga by Nicole Heiniger

Daniela Braga by Nicole Heiniger
Beauty Brazilian model Daniela Braga photographed by Nicole Heiniger and styled by Flavia Lafer for L’Officiel Brasil June 2015.

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Bendable Tablet Stand

Bend and adapt this tablet stand and simply roll up when not in use.

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Amazing Japanese Miniature Models Created for Yutaka Foods

London-based Design Agency, GetNewDesign were recently commissioned to create a brand video for their client Yutaka Foods- Europe’s largest Japanese food importer.

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Timber – Font – Great Typographic Effects – Free Download

Combine the letters with minimal effort in Illustrator to achieve great typographic effects. Feel free to use the font for personal/commercial projects.

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Site-Specific Street Art by JPS

Street artist JPS from UK creates small and large-scale site-specific paintings, stencil works, and installation on city streets.

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“What My Hands Doing” – Creative Portraits Of Artist’s Hands Exploring Different Art Forms

Romo Jack describes himself as a “creative worker” who explores new ways of expressing himself and devising new forms of art. In one of his projects called #whatmyhandsdoing, he captures scenes of his hands engaging in various activities — including painting, cooking, playing with board games and catching rainbows. “Just like how my eyes are always seeing from the time I wake up from bed to the time I fall back asleep, my hands are also doing something every second,” says the 22-year-old from Jakarta, Indonesia. “There might be thousands, even millions of things our hands have got to do.”

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Reef Free Rounded Font

Reef is a free rounded font that can be used for any typograpgy work like poster, t-shirts design and others. Its strength lies in its simplicity and construction. Every line is geometrically correct, lines are smooth and even with rounded corners. It is free rounded typeface for commercial and personal use! It’s strength lies in simplicity and construction.

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Margot Free typeface

Margot is a free sans serif free font family designed and optimized for its use in large sizes. Margot is vibrant, cheerful, perfectly suited for a great variety of typographical purposes. It is ideal for editorial, signage systems, posters and business identity.

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Landing Sumo : Free Responsive Landing Page WordPress Theme

Landing Sumo is a free responsive landing page WordPress theme that designed for many kind marketing website. It is also suited for startup / landing page websites, personal, blogs or business websites.

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Brushed : Free One Page Responsive HTML Template

Brushed is Free One Page Responsive HTML Template that ideal for design studio, digital agency or creative worker. It is awesome pixel-perfect responsive HTML template based on Twitter Bootstrap Grid System. It is optimized for Retina Displays (used in iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and MacBook Pro Retina).

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Casa Meztitla, El Tepozteco, Central Mexico

Luis Arturo Garcia, leading architect for this project explains “It showcases the luxurious value of leisure, the tropical weather, the intense sunlight, the smells of nature, the over 500 year-old landscaped terraces and the ever-present rock mountain: El Tepozteco“. Furthermore, he added that “It has an introverted living yet is continually open to its surroundings“.

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Products of The Day #378

TripLit is a unique portable Organic LED lamp for active living. TripLit uses Organic LED (OLED) technology. TripLit is eco-conscious, safe and highly efficient! TripLit is a surface light source that emits a soft, diffused light that is easy on the eyes, produces no heat and has no UV emissions.

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