Modern Office Located in Kiev

Integrated Green Wall at New Office of Yakusha Design -

The space is a modern office located in Kiev, Ukraine and is a new project of Yakusha Design. The statement of the designers that they create “interiors with a character” is a 100% true in the case of this modern and artistic working place.

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H-Orange by Takuro Yamamoto Architects, Tokyo, Japan


Takuro Yamamoto Architects is a Japanese architectural studio doing business primarilly in Tokyo area. The name of the house is named from an orange wall in the living room that tries and wonderfully hides the stairs going to the second floor where the bathrooms reside. It occupies 115 sq.m. and it was built in 2006. These types of houses could be found in the outskirts of cities though this time H-Orange is in the heart of Tokyo.

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NIKE 4D Executive Offices by Alexis Marcou


Exceptional art style has been developed by Alex over the year and his techniques syndicate a mixture of traditional methods with the newest digital applications and tools.

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Walking Dead Character Illustrative Prints


I have been working on a series of illustrative prints around the theme of the TV show “the walking dead”. Each print reduces each character down to just 2/3 objects/symbols that sum up that character in a iconographic way. I have so far illustrated: Rick Grimes, Glenn Rhee, Michonne, Daryl Dixon and Morgan Jones.

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Shadovvs, Artworks by Matt W. Moore


Matt W. Moore is an amaerican artist with global presence. He has worked with clients such as Ray-Ban, Apple Desktop, Coca-Cola’s London Olympics Campaign, and Wired Magazine. This indicates the complexity of the artist’s work.

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Street Artist Paints A Simple Yet Powerful Piece On The Streets Of Paris


One day after the horrible terrorists attacks in Paris, Julien Malland aka Seth decided to send out a message to the world and his fellow citizens. And while many artists took their pans and papers to express emotions, he walked out of his house with couple of spray cans and painted this simple yet striking new mural on the streets of his hometown.

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This Craftsman Made The Flaming Sword From Fallout 4 In Real Life


“To celebrate the release of Fallout4, I built what I always thought was the coolest weapon in the game. It is a flaming sword called a shishkebab. The new game has a newer sleeker version of the sword that I thought looked sooo sexy, so I set out to build one that not only looked like the one in the game, but actually worked.”, says Caleb Kraft to Bored Panda.

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Disturbing Vintage Medical Illustrations That Will Shock You


Back in the 19th century (long before any form of multimedia existed) the principles and practices of surgery had to be illustrated to help educate and inform those wishing to forge a career in the medical field. From individual surgical techniques to the types of instruments and devices used – each graphic illustration served as an engrossing and accurate portrayal of the approach and methodology to medicine during that era.

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384ft-Tall Apartment Tower To Be World’s First Building Covered In Evergreen Trees


Stefano Boeri, an Italian architect with an affinity for innovative green structures, is set to build a 117m-tall (384ft) apartment tower in Lausanne, Switzerland, that will be the first building in the world to be covered in evergreen trees.

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Artist Remade Her Old Typewriter Into An Octopus To Explore Higher Ideas


“Self Organization is a bronze and mixed media sculpture I created to explore the idea of intelligence finding its selfhood. Like all of us who are alive, at some point, we must establish the “I” of our being. This work just puts that idea in a new light, in response to the AI technology that is being developed. A lot of my sculpture deals with the future while keeping an eye on the distant past.”, said Courtney Brown to Bored Panda.

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HemingwayDesign Plays With Pattern And Shape

Marmolaid – Graphic colour block pattern and bespoke graphic layouts from the HemingwayDesign studio using Forbo’s eco-friendly and natural Marmoleum sheet collection – available on request.

The HemingwayDesign and Forbo Flooring Systems collaboration plays with pattern and shape by placing an emphasis on the floor as a surface for graphic art and geometric design.

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11 Tips For Housewives Trying To Be Sexy In The 1930s


Ladies, looking to spice things up in the bedroom? Checkout these 11 tips that Allan Gilbert swore by back in the 30s.

According to Gilbert, american women just didn’t have have good bedroom etiquette, so in 1937 he founded “Gilbert’s School of Undressing” where ladies could take courses teaching them how to gracefully strip for their husbands. These goofy photos were run in Life magazine and clearly illustrate the “do’s and don’ts” of a wives undressing routine.

Most of the tips are just downright funny and the accompanying photos are equally silly. Maybe these photos and tips were steamy back in the day, but now they’re mostly just good for a laugh.

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Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2015 Finalists


The shark surfer by Thomas P. Peschak. Finalist, Photojournalism award: single image. Many sharks are found at Aliwal Shoal near Durban, South Africa, making it the perfect place to test a prototype surfboard with an electromagnetic shark deterrent. (Photo by Thomas P. Peschak/Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015)

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Epic Photos Of The Divers Swim With Sperm Whales


These images show the unique bond a group of free divers formed with gigantic sperm whales. Swimming just inches away from the huge mammals, the divers are dwarfed in size, made to look like specks in comparison. The photos were taken by renowned underwater photographers Alexandre Roubaud and Alexandre Voyer, who are based in Paris but travel the world to capture such stunning imagery. Under the name Fisheye, the pair, who are longtime friends, have been working in the Indian Ocean and the Azores for the past five years. Their sperm whale encounter occurred this summer, and through their imagery, Alex and Alex hope to show the bonds humans can have with even the most intimidating of animals. Here: a diver with a sperm whales. (Photos by Alexandre Roubaud/Alexandre Voyer/Caters News)

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Together As One


Production company Stellar Circus, the young director Menzkie and the cinematographer Robert Maly teamed up to create these three TVC for the Indian brand Killer Jeans with shooting in a nice forest near Moscow.

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