Sheep are Tended by a Shepherd

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How to make a repeat pattern

Designing on a Budget from Go Media

Great article. Really stresses just letting go of some projects you know are half doomed to begin with, embracing and coming out with something good after all.

Alphabet Stories by Hermann Zapf

Typography Book

Alphabet Stories. A chronicle of Technical Developments by Hermann Zapf. It’s simply captivating.

FIT Graduate work

Threadless, summer discount + submission!

Hooray! Threadless opened the summer season as a “summer blockbuster sale” giving out tees for lower prices than usual.

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Futurama All Cast

Element 5.0

Element 5.0 welcomes you to check their new website, full of cool works.

Dutch National Soccer Team «New Warriors»

Edwin van der Sar.
In photographs of Erwin Olaf.

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MyEXL: My Exclusive Life. The Italian way to luxury


Italians do lust better. From luxury yacht charter and luxury cars to exquisite high fashion, MyEXL covers every aspect of a luxurious italian lifestyle.

Space Invaders Icons Set

Very cool free icons set from my friends of TurboMilk dsignhouse. Available for download.

the amazing Abandon

The amazing Abandon on Behance Network, a collection of urban and industrial decay and ambient destruction caused by human inobservance and wastage. Something really to avoid of.

Perspectives easy to see and blank ambients full of shades of grey.

70 most unique and creative business cards

Looking for inspiration ? A collection of 70 most creative business cards.

New book on NYC creatives

Karen Greenberg: “They did two spreads on me (although it’s in Chinese) and I am among great company here. Stefan Sagmeister is in it, as well as Carin Goldberg, Mirko Ilic, Jeff Moores, and Tom Nick Cocotos. It’s quite exciting!”

Karen Greenberg illustration

Giacomo Paita. Graphic Design Portfolio

Giacomo Paita. Web Portfolio
It’s My Graphic Design Portfolio. I am Graphic Designer from Milan, Italy.