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Cool photo manipulations at Designfeedr

jerico santander Cool photo manipulations at Designfeedr
orikon Cool photo manipulations at Designfeedr
steven young Cool photo manipulations at Designfeedr
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IMG 8469 01 Korba
IMG 8401 Korba
IMG 8446 01 Korba


No Title

IMG 3226 01 No Title



zoo 6s Shorty
Magazine: Zoo #15
Model: Uffie (aka Anna-Catherine Hartley)
Photographer: Mark Abrahams

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Aubergine Penguins

penguin Aubergine Penguins
Handmade by Carey Russell.


Illustration works

doggy2 Illustration works
cycleboyfinal Illustration works

Manik & Ratan from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Architecture, Technology

V houses at Verana

vhouses50 V houses at Verana

V houses at Verana/Mexico.


Campaign for Prime Condoms

primepool2 Campaign for Prime Condoms

Prime Condoms – Wherever the mood strikes you.


Sprinkle Brigade

law order Sprinkle Brigade

Their mission is to be solution to the problem, to put a smile on your face… They are Sprinkle Brigade.


AirForce Experience

klu AirForce Experience
LuchtMacht Experience. Checkout this stunning website created for the Dutch AirForce.

Concept and Project Lead: ARA
Design and Flash: Momkai
3D, Flex and Flash: INDG



diffuse Diffuse
Designer Oleg Lukyanov.

Inspirations, Web

meomi cloud house

meomi 2 meomi cloud house
meomi 1 meomi cloud house
Amazing site, amazing works!


CMYK, the subtractive colors

aaa CMYK, the subtractive colors

Cyan is the complement of red, meaning that cyan acts like a filter that absorbs red. The amount of cyan applied to a paper will control how much red will show. Magenta is the complement of green, and yellow the complement of blue

Art, Design, Inspirations

Our 1st post on DYT..

Hi.. We are Manik & Ratan from Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Check our newest design.
More works on

urban2 Our 1st post on DYT..
christmas1 Our 1st post on DYT..
usa3 Our 1st post on DYT..
victory1 Our 1st post on DYT..