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Virtuater – we ARGame

Photography by Aylin Gungor

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Stunning photography

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Hot Sport Photography – The Art of Catching Moments

While Spain is still celebrating its great victory on FIFA World Cup 2010 and Paul the Octopus is still receiving storms of applause for its unbelievably accurate predictions of the football matches outcomes, Cruzine also decided not to pass by the sport theme and hereby offers its readers the selection of hot sport photographs. Actually, sport has always been a popular target for the professional photographers. Filled with extreme dynamics, action, and thrill, often it is only the photography which can catch the moment and show the true heat of struggle for victory.

swimmers on the start jumping into the pool

At the same time, this extreme speed and action of sport places a specific requirements for both technical equipment of a photographer and his skills and expertise. Whether it is a racing, swimming or a football game, such sport photography is always interesting and attractive, because it shows the true emotions of sportsmen and their urge for victory.

male swimmer swimming crawl close-up

female beach volleyball player posing on the sand near the field

American football player screaming

black long jumper


Vinyl Wall Clocks

“Re_Vinyl” are custom designed wall clocks by Pavel Sidorenko.


TECHNIDA project

Paintings by Duytter

Painter born in 1963 in Lille, France.
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Desk Accessories to Compliment Your Mac

If there’s anything we love the most about Macs , it’s their beautiful and sleek design, which is an important part of the Apple experience. Check out these 10 desk accessories that make a great addition to any workspace while complimenting the design of your Mac.

Sculptures By Fabio Viale


Free Lindsay Lohan by Tyler Shields

Free Lindsay Lohan by Tyler Shields

Stunning pictures by Benoit Paillé

More pictures and examples by Benoit Paillé.

Nonstopnerds Issue 2: The green zine

Issue 2 of Nonstopnerds Zine is available to buy now.
90 Pages, DIN A5 portrait, strictly limited to 120 copies, handcrafted fanzine of the NONSTOPNERDS COLLECTIVE. Within the package there will be two button badges, a YAWN sticker and a selected NONSTOPNERDS artcard.

GERMANY: 7€ + 2€ shipping
EUROPE: 7€ + 4€ shipping
INTERNATIONAL: 7€ + 6 € shipping


Photography By Elena Dudina

Creative photo manipulations by Elena Dubina, Spanish artist, who has created these fantastical works of art that are breathtaking.
Photography By Elena Dudina

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