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O-No Sushi Yellow Release & Signing

O-No Sushi Yellow is having a release party and signing in New York on July 9th in NYC, available only from ToyQube. These yellow vinyls are limited to 150 pieces at $35 a piece. These can be found in store and online on July 9th.

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wuhrernized photography

photography and manipultions by thomas wuhrer, germany.
more photo(-manipulations)s here.

Vectors by Tom Deacon


excellent graphic design

graphic artworks by jason reynolds, usa.
more artworks here.

New Madmen Book – promotional illustrations

Illustrations commissioned from the designers of the orignal Madmen ‘Pocket Square Posters’ Derrick and Christina

The illustrations are for promotion of the new book ‘Madmen Unbuttoned’ by Natasha Vargas-Cooper.
Visit ‘Madmen Unbuttoned’ to download the images as desktop wallpapers.

Tattoo Photography by Aaron Farley

Aaron Lives in LA with his wife and daughter. He got his start in photography at the age of 20. His mother signed him up for a photo class at Spokane Falls Community College to get him out of the house. Soon after he re-enrolled at WSU to finish with a BFA in Fine Arts in photography.

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Using Unique Graphics to Represent Your Company

Your company’s products and services are represented and advertised by the logo and branding that you choose; by utilizing unique graphics to design your company’s signature, your business will stand out from its competition. Used as effective marketing tools, company branding stands as a symbol that not only represents your company, but also your products or services and the type of customer service that you want to portray to your customers.

Companies that have been in business for decades and are well-known for their products or services normally have a unique brand logo that people recognize and are familiar with. The logo below, for instance, has represented the Nike brand for over 30 years and can stand alone, without the Nike name, and still be recognized.

Nike swoosh logo - black

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WE OWN Logo Animation

Logo animation for UK based clothing company WE OWN, used in promotional videos.

[ 13105623]

Just like ying-yang…

The charming gift on Valentines Day or wedding is Hug Salt and Pepper Set. This simple black and white Set created by Alberto Mantilla to remind us how wonderful a simple hug can be.
Hug Salt and Pepper Set
These charming Hug Salt and Pepper Shakers come together in a warm embrace to brighten up your dinner table. Comprised of two little figures, the salt and pepper embrace each other to appear as a single unit. Full of character the sleek ghost like figures are sculpted in a ying-yang like form, while the shaker holes form the cute eyes that peak over the others shoulder.

This tabletop comes from mydeco and there you can find other amazing Dining accessories in the US

40 Incredible Illustrations by Eamo Donnelly

Illustrator Eamo Donnelly is best known for his intricately hand inked, character driven illustrations, infused with an eclectically dynamic colour palette with a true blue Aussie cheekiness.
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Despair by Alex Prager

€15,000 Haute Couture vacuum cleaner

Do crystals and vacuum cleaners go together? May be not for everyday uses. But Polish fashion designer Łukasz Jemioł has come up with a special black edition of Electrolux Ergorapido encrusted with 3,730 crystals from CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements collection. Click to see more.

Falka Design

Shooting Stars by United Fakes

[vimeo 12368238]

Once upon a time we were at Palace Hotel making a short video for Bershka’s fall winter 2010-2011, “Shooting Stars“. This is our latest work, first (but not last) in fashion land. We started of with some references from the great master Sergio Leone and the end scene of “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly“. We thought it could all fit nicely and the rest is history. Also we enjoyed very much the team vibe and the overall experience! With this project we had many new variables to deal with and quite a lot at stake but we managed well at the end.
As we often do, we are very happy to share with you all our “behind the scenes” process …here it is our making of.
Hope you like it!