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How to Get 2500 New ‘Subscribers’ to Your Blog Overnight

feedb How to Get 2500 New Subscribers to Your Blog Overnight
Every 2nd blog about blogging today seems to be writing about a video showing how to get 2500 subscribers overnight using a Netvibes accounts and an OPML file with thousands of copies of your own feed in it.

I’ve had a lot of people email me to ask what I think about the technique. My response:
1. It’s not surprising to see that it’s Possible – I’ve seen a few bloggers play with this type of technique over the years.

2. It’s an empty Achievement – so your feedburner button is a few thousand more tomorrow than it is today – but ultimately all it means is that you hacked it – no one new is reading your blog.

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Creative movie posters inspiration

poster01 Creative movie posters inspiration
Cool post showcasing a bunch of recently released movie posters.


Inside the Statue of Liberty

liberty s Inside the Statue of Liberty
Click image for full size! No Easter Eggs inside ;)

Art, Inspirations, Photos

Tiger Translate 08 Singapore / Future For Sale

tt future tile Tiger Translate 08 Singapore / Future For Sale
Tiger Translate + rehybrid
Photography by Linus Chen. Direction by Tomaz Goh.


Shanghai 2020: The World’s Largest Architectural Installation

shanghai 2 Shanghai 2020: The Worlds Largest Architectural Installation
Shanghai 2020 architectural installation based in Shanghai Urban Planning Museum. About 300 square meters.

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Jesus is my Homeboy

2150698453 917ca2d52e b Jesus is my Homeboy

Amazing photography by David Lachapelle.


Sarah Mensinga



carte noel mcbess mcbess
Great style from Matthieu Bessudo (mcbess), illustrator from London.

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Art, Inspirations

Oh Yeah Studio

3uker5 Oh Yeah Studio
3uker3 Oh Yeah Studio
3uker4 Oh Yeah Studio
Original work by Oh Yeah Studio.


Mike Mitchell

mickey500 Mike Mitchell
supermarioworld Mike Mitchell
Hilarious cartoon illustration by Mike Mitchell.

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Islam Zayed on Behance


Rami Niemi

r Rami Niemi
h Rami Niemi
jj014 Rami Niemi
Black and white illustrations by Rami Niemi.


Steve Hanks Watercolors: Nude

1s Steve Hanks Watercolors: Nude
Click image for full size.

2s Steve Hanks Watercolors: Nude
Click image for full size.

Steve Hanks is recognized as one of the best watercolor artists working today. The detail, color and realism of Steve Hanks’ paintings are unheard of in this difficult medium. A softly worn patterned quilt, the play of light on the thin veil of surf on sand, or the delicate expression of a child — Steve Hanks captures these patterns of life better than anyone.

Hanks calls his style ‘emotional realism’. He often leaves the faces of his figures obscured or turned away, not only to leave the face to the imagination of the viewer but also to allow the entire figure to express the emotion. Backlighting is also a signature element of his style. “Sunlight has become one of my favorite subjects. I’m fascinated by how it filters through things, how it floods a whole room with color. Often my paintings are really more about sunlight than anything else.”

+ 2 watercolors + FREE GIFT!!!

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10 free fonts that don’t suck.

Neo2 is letting people download a whole slew of fonts right now. Get ‘em while you can, well-designed fonts like this don’t stay free forever.

freefonts 02 10 free fonts that dont suck.

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Made In Queens

bikeyoutrust Made In Queens

Made In Queens is a short film directed by Nicolas Randall and Joe Stevens for MTV2 which documents a group of innovative teens who have started a craze for attaching massive custom built sound rigs to their BMX bikes!

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