Magnitka – Steelworking Timelapse

Surrealistic paintings by Tetsuya Ishida

Arabian Design Inspiration

Need some Arabian design inspiration check out the Arabian section on CreativeRoots

Eye Catching Lighting Products from Decolight for your home

This morning while browsing through Interior Design Products Showcase, I came across these wonderful lighting products from Decolight, a Decorative and Inspirational Lighting provider for your home and thought of sharing with you.

Hope you like these beautiful pictures

FALANDI: This chandelier comes from the new contemporary lighting range. A striking modern statement. Polished nickel and stunning blown balls of glass. This chandelier is a perfect centre piece in a modern interior.

SENIKA: Contemporary five arm chandelier. Black and clear glass sconces on a polished chrome frame.

DELESSE: An eye catching 7 arm ceiling lamp in a gold colour finish with small elegant fabric shades sitting on curving arms.

Find more details about Decolight and their beautiful lighting products at Interior Design Products Showcase

Sabatta – CD cover illustration


Illustration for London based rock group SABATTA

Mykita’s Factory

Mykita, contrary to its japanese-sounding name, is a German glasses factory. “Kita” was actually the usual name for Kindergarten during the communist period in ex-East Germany. Mykita creates high tech glasses with a very exclusive stockists list. For the forthcoming season, the perfect store-location for Mykita would be planet Mars…

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WHO SAID WE CANT / Kaarle Hurtig /// 0110

meomass portfolio update

Simon Stroud aka meomass has an update of his portfolio here.
This is the new range for ‘Rudolf Dassler by Puma’ designed by Bureaux – available from selected stockists world wide and from

Avatar Days – World Of Warcraft IRL

It follows 4 MMORPG players of World of Warcraft aka WoW taking about their online persona’s. As they tell their stories we see them go about their everyday lives against the mundane backdrop of city life…but as their Avatars.



Benny Horne

Garbage Pail Beats

“Garbage Pail Beats is an instrumental Hip-Hop, Off-beat album. Try to read the Cupp Cave bio or to listen to his music, and then you should think that his Garbage Pail Beats are a rump-shaking, head-nodding, feet-shuffling slap in the face, one for the crate-diggers and glitch-lovers. Imagine crispy gravel. Imagine a big, red, 8-bit family sedan. Imagine yourself in your car, with your sunglasses and open windows. Imagine the sun shining. Bang, bang, clap; Cupp Cave is certified Hennessy-free.
The idea was to make a sleeve with this feeling. We thought of Oreli for the artwork. Her psychedelyc universe, full of toys and happy monsters was perfect for Cupp Cave’s mind!
It was really hard to choose the right color. First, Oreli thought of Gold and Black. But we were not sure about it. Eventually, fluorescent pink and green were selected for the “backgound” colors and we decided to mix it with 3 various foreground colors: Silver, Purple and Cyan. Remember the 80s, your old video games, or imagine Miami. PAN!
The music can also be quite tough. If you feel tired, or if a headache bothers you, come back later! We wanted to feel the same with the colors…

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Space invARTders

Beautiful Decay Teaser Exhibition at OFFF

Wapacollective will reveals a glimpse of its next issue “Beautiful Decay” at OFFF (24, 25, 26 June 2010) with special artwork from permanent members & Guests, during a teaser exhibition. From June 24th to June 26th at La Grande Halle de la Vilette in Paris, discover some pieces from Si Scott, Beesub, Niko, Oniram, ek333, I am low pop, David Delin, Thierry Castillo and more… For more info, feel free to join us on twitter and become a fan on facebook

15 Commercials helmed by feature film directors

Here are 15 really cool commercials directed by high profile film directors, highlighting their visual flair and creative story telling.
Via Recave

2010 World Cup – The Ultimate Graphic and Data Resources Guide