H2Otel – Water-powered hotel in Amsterdam

Netherlands-based architecture firms RAU and Powerhouse Company have proposed an ultra-efficient luxury hotel named ‘H2Otel’ in Amsterdam that is powered by water.

H2Otel, which will be located along the Amstel River in Amsterdam, is a carbon neutral, net-zero hotel for a modern world that harnesses solar passive design to minimize heat gain in the rooms. It is a prototype for a new hotel typology that uses water as its main source of energy for heating, cooling, cooking, and the generation of electricity. A host of energy-efficient strategies are included in the design to minimize energy use such as passive design, smart fixtures and appliances, and advanced climate control systems.

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70+ design and creative ads of july

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BeatauCue – ChaChaStep Mixtape

BeatauCue's face

These french guys, BeatauCue are new on the Kitsune‘s label and they present here a new mixtape entitled ChaChaStep you can listen and download it on Le Blog de Yoland.

Smoke a Creative Cigarette…

A great illustrations by Cláudio Cigarro



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Steve Bronstein



Vector Illustration
Some great vector Illustration

Pull your pud…

I’m out hunting bears

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Super8 – Italian Poster Magazine

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Creative Photography – People under Water

Creative photographers must have thought or even dreamed about taking pictures under water for a long time. Luckily for them, these days the developing technologies and invention of appropriate devices allow this dream to come true. In fact, one may confidently state that underwater photographs are among the most beautiful, amazing, unexpected, astonishing, and genuine pictures ever.

It is definitely hard work for both photographers and models to create such masterpieces. By the way, today people, namely women, still remain practically the only objects or models in underwater photography. This art requires serious training and certain skills; first of all, the ability to look natural under the water. In addition, it is really advisable to practice holding the breath for as long as possible.

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Eponymonstrous Book


Brandon Ragnar Johnson is certainly one of the most quoted and interesting graphics and illustrators of our day. With his unique style of particular importance because of references to illustrate typical of the 50 and 60, when the conquest of space and the future seemed simple geometric shapes were the best she creativity, the colors were brown and orange and knew little women gain a customer with a few simple lines.
Now the work of Ragnar Johnson is collected within Eponymonstrous Book a splendid retrospective volume of 320 pages by Brand Studio Press (60 sollari around here the link for purchase), a remarkable volume, with a beautiful cover and cardboard Please print, surely one of the books and graphic illustration to have in your library.

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Paul Graves


Collection of useful illustrator tutorials

Sleek DVD Player

Adobe Illustrator program provides a great tools that help designers in the drawing.
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iCon Bed – world’s first bed designed to work with iPad

Philadelphia-based sleep systems manufacturer Hollandia International and global mattress brand Therapedic have introduced the iCon Bed – the world’s first bed designed to work with Apple’s iPad.

The iCon Bed is fitted with Hollandia’s adjustable 3D mattress with a new foundation and custom headboard with iPad docking station and speaker system. The bed also feature upholstered headboard offering sleek and modern look. The headboard is equipped with four fully enclosed speakers, 250 watt amplifier and docking stations for two iPads built into the furniture. The bed is available in more than 200 colors and fabrics to match with any bedroom decor.

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Our Best Boudoir Photo Galleries | MediaNovak

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Boudoir photo gallery, Design and development by Media Novak

Boudoir photo gallery, Design and development by Media Novak

Boudoir photo gallery, Design and development by Media Novak

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