25 Banned Ads

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Neo-Modernist publication

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Real Mini Coopers

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Jaw Dropping Audi A9 Concept Design by Daniel Garcia

Talented Spanish designer Daniel Garcia created this Audi A9 concept that is a stylish proposal for a luxury sports saloon. More images and info here.

Abbey Lee Kershaw by Magnus Unnar

Volkswagen Bik.e

Volkswagen unveiled a new concept bike at Auto China 2010. The Bik.e is designed to fold down to the size of a car’s spare tire, making it easy to tote in your vehicle.

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Yellow+Blue Eco Conscious Wine | Beautiful Packaging

Thanks to Yellow+Blue, you can now enjoy great, certified organic wines in environmentally friendly packaging. More information and product images here.

Wicked Fix By tariqdesign

Y-3 New Site

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Generation Love | Fashion Forward Eco Garments

Generation Love aims to always focus on fabrics that do not leave a heavy environmental footprint and hope that one day this will be the norm for every brand. More images and info here.

Aesthetic – Localizated Stamp

Life After the Apocalypse


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Darren McDonald

Darren McDonald

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Classic Contemporary: the Hensdyk 2500 SF

Fusing elements of the sports cars of the 1950s and the 2-seater roadsters of today, the Heynsdyk 2500 SF is a rarity in the world of automobiles. It carries both a sense of history and an upcycled sensibility, as a kit car starting at only $20,000 USD. More at TheCoolist.