Wonders of Nature: Enchanted Pathways

This is the first post of our series about the wonders of nature where we’re going to showcase only breathtaking images of many talented photographers. In the collection below we are showcasing the tree-lined lanes that are full of magic and light.

These pathways are a great analogy for the journey of our lives, there are many sad and happy moments, but what really matters is that we keep walking and learning throughout the way, the beauty of life lies in enjoying the voyage not only the destination.

Wonders of Nature: Enchanted Pathways

365 Days of Stormtrooper Situations

Stormtrooper situation photos and depictions of stormtroopers in every day life from artist Stefan Le Dû. See more from set.

Secrets by David Kavaler

David Kavaler is a great photographer and he created the excellent series “Secrets,” which features some unspeakable secrets of the human being. See more HERE.


[vimeo 12338708]


Photography by Scott Pommier

Via Oh, Snap!

photomanipulation by ralf mack

photomanipulations by ralf mack,germany.
more manipulations here.

football fever

visual concepts for nike by stewart scott curran.
more pictures here.

React skateboards

Project 33

Vintage record covers designed with only abstract shapes (dots, squares, lines, arrows,…) and typography.

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carrotoranges – personal portraits style

Personal portrait Style by carrotoranges photography studio
There are 2 categories for this album of photos: Indoor & Outdoor

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The Photography of RJ Shaughnessy

RJ Shaughnessy moved from Hollywood, Florida to Hollywood, California in late 2000. While out taking photos during a storm at the age of 18, he was literally struck by lightning. It became clear to RJ what he wanted to do after looking at photography books during his recovery in the hospital.

More at inkbutter.com.

Go with the Flow

[vimeo 10777240]

A project developed by Dean McNamee and Filippo Cuttica during the TUI class, @ CIID. Go with the Flow is a tangible user interface that allows the user to visualize and filter the incoming emails. Divided in category by tags as “work”, “family”, and “friends”, the emails are represented by coloured water that drops from 3 tanks in 3 different tubes. The user will be able to decide the amount of emails from the different category of users he wants to receive in his inbox. The concept, even if meant to be a ‘statement object’ will to help the people who work at home to better divide their personal and work lives. Using a ‘liquid membrane’ more than a solid barrier.

Norm 69

Extraordinary in its form, the Norm 69 holds a special place in the Norman-Copenhagen legacy. As the first product launched in 2002, this stunning lamp comes in 69 pieces that anyone can assemble without the use of any tools or glue. Lends extraordinary light to any space. Select from four sizes in White. Uses a 60-watt standard bulb.

Eminem – Not Afraid

Directed by Rich Lee
Via Recave

Creatures of the Mechazoic – Futuristic fossils