The Art of Patrick Martinez

Patrick Martinez grew up on the streets of Pasadena, CA during the early 90’s. Much of his work is influenced and expresses what he observed during that time.

Some of Patrick’s clients include Upper Playground, Stussy, Nike, Adidas and Undefeated.

View more of Patrick’s work and a 3 week time lapse video of him creating one of his paintings at

Interview with Linnea Strid

Chances are you’ve never seen an artist who can paint like Linnea Strid. Her unbelievable water paintings are so realistic they make you want to reach out and feel the cool drops splash onto your skin. Representing everything from change, routines, life, salvation, death, and rebirth, water takes on different meanings depending on the context. Read the interview at My Modern Metropolis.

Illustration – Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart by Alessio Radice – Paper, ink, Adobe Illustrator and Wacom Tablet
Complete Portfolio, click here

Photography by Anne-Constance Frénoy

Photography by Anne-Constance Frénoy, more info and pics here.

6 Things to Cover with Clients During a Redesign

There is a lot more that SHOULD go into a website re-design than most people realize. Many people think that just having an updated design with a fresh look is all that is needed when redesigning a site. But really, there are a number of aspects of your business that should be evaluated when going through the redesign process.

If your design process is very involved, collaborative, and thorough, it should save on time and money, while delivering a better overall product and leading to higher client satisfaction.

Here are 6 aspects should be discussed when a design firm is discussing a redesign with a client to help ensure project success. Whether you’re a designer or a client, following these tips will help your project be less stressful.

french illustrations art

artworks by parisien sophie varela, working as a freelance illustrator.
more here.


Raccoonnook ou Nook est un illustrateur de talent basé à Brooklyn. Découvrez quelques-unes de ses illustrations dans la suite. Un artiste à faire partager, alors sa commence sur Zeutch.

Branding 13th Street Horror by Jung von Matt AG

Via Cretique

Romain Laurent’s ‘Tilt’

Awesome photos by Romain Laurent. More pics here.

The First Real Architecture in Las Vegas?

Helmut Jahn, architect of one of the six towers on this 27ha site, has compared the skyline of Las Vegas to a collage rather than a profile like Chicago or New York. ‘Until now, the memory of Las Vegas’s skyline was graphic; our goal was to make it architectural,’ he says. These boasts come from the very top.

the CityCenter that’s not a city centre –

Read Tim Abrahams latest story on Las Vegas’ grand history of fakery at ‘Blueprint Magazine

Nejat Talas

Nejat Talas est né à Athènes et vit actuellement à Istanbul où il y travail. Il est photographe de mode et de publicité. Une partie de son portfolio dans WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

The All new Mercedes-Benz Viano

View More Pictures here

Interiors of Mercedes Benz Viano

Swatch Creart, a series of watches decorated by international artists

Guys from Thank You did a nice work for a high profile launch in Venice of the new Swatch Art Collection, a series of watches decorated by international artists. A colorful mixture of materials and techniques achieved the right attitude for the films with the campaign successfully launched on all media fronts world wide. See the films here.

More Mobiles Than Toilets IN India

Have a look at the article Here

More Mobiles Than Toilets In India

Jacqueline Rush Lee