The incredible video from Coldplay – Strawberry Swing

What an incredible video for the single ,Strawberry Swing, from Coldplay! Directed by the group Shynola, the video is basically the story of a super-hero saving a girl from the bad guy, wich is pretty usual. The way that the story is told is the real beuty from this video, all drawn on the floor with incredible visual effect’s and using the stop motion technique to make the story flow.

More info and the video here

Daniel Delgado

Scribe Mundo De Papel by Cru De Ladies

[vimeo 6203526]

Via : ViaComIT
Scribe – Mundo De Papel [or “Paper World” in spanish] is a great idea, great execution by mexican production house Cru de Ladies.

Tribute to banality by hanskfroschauer

"While out shopping groceries, I had the idea: instead of trying to focus on my best pictures, I’m gonna choose the worst. The boring ones, the ones at the bottom of my library, the ones I usually skip when searching for a usable image…"

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Photography by Jacqueline Rivera

Creative photography by 16 (!) year old Jacqueline Rivera, more pics and info here.


Awesome graphics for an Awesome Bag.

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Fatal Attraction by Sebastian Kim

Fatal Attraction by Sebastian Kim, full editorial and more info here.

McCann Erickson

Illustrations by Ahmed Alrefaie

Very talented artist from Kuwait.
Via Unstage (Click here for more)


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T-shirt ‘Blossom’ in sale teextile

Animabase’s design ‘Blosoom’ smoke artwork T-shirt is in sale during this week (7.Sep~13.Sep) in
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Carnaval de Blancos y Negros 2010

Mi propuesta de cartel para los carnavales de Blancos y Negros 2010, que se celebran cada año en Pasto, Colombia.

marie antoinette and her page

ph backstage: m10

typographically shaped into mask

a typographically shaped into mask see the original size <a href=”“>click here

Photography by Williams+Hirakawa

Exceptional work from the husband and wife team, Mark Williams and Sara Hirakawa.
Via Unstage (Click here for more)