– SingleStar Girl   SingleStar Girl
Very, very nice advertising!!!


Esquire crowns Halle Berry Sexiest Woman Alive

esquire halle berry 00 Esquire crowns Halle Berry Sexiest Woman Alive
In the November issue of Esquire, Halle Berry is givin the title of ‘”Sexiest Woman Alive” 2008. More >>

Zoom Bags

zoom Zoom Bags

Bizzare Rollergirls

rg Bizzare Rollergirls
rg 2 Bizzare Rollergirls
Bizarre played fantasy roller derby with Sarah-Jayne and Nina Kate.
Photos: Steve Neaves
Source: Bizzare Magazine

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Abteil – Ball Bags


103 0 Abteil   Ball Bags
129.00 EUR

more bag’s>>>

Steve Neaves

stn 1 Steve Neaves
stn 2 Steve Neaves
stn 3 Steve Neaves
Photography of Steve Neaves.

Renaissance Faces

one Renaissance Faces

two Renaissance Faces

A new exhibition at The National Gallery (London): Renaissance Faces: Van Eyck to Titian. From 15 October 2008 to 18 January 2009. What is interesting about this art show is that “Many of the pictures bear striking resemblance to some of the contemporary celebrities who adorn our newspapers, suggesting that, in 500 years, certain facial types have changed very little” (excerpt from TimesOnline. Read Full Article.) -Adriana de de Barros, from Scene 360 Illusion

Evian wears Jean Paul Gaultier

evian jpg 1b Evian wears Jean Paul Gaultier
Evian has collaborated with Jean Paul Gaultier for a special Evian Bottle. More >>

The Work of Theory One

2323120745 f8dd2ac45e o The Work of Theory One

Knock Out by Theory One

2480645164 c0d4a2d223 The Work of Theory One

Top Tunes for a Top Bloke by Theory One

See a whole bunch of Theory One’s very impressive portfolio on his FLICKR account.

rocknrollmainart The Work of Theory One

Rock and Roll Tee from chopshopstore

We liked Theory One’s work so much we decided to send one to the tee press. This work was a collaboration with Sad Mascot and is available for Men and Women at

David Barton’s artwork & imagery

Rembrandt  s Homer by limpfish David Bartons artwork & imagery
Groundskeeper Willie Van Gogh by limpfish David Bartons artwork & imagery
more at


Fabulous work by Alex Prager – very Hitchcock.

alexprager 03 Hitchcock!

alexprager 06 Hitchcock!

via: Booooooom!

sylvie blum

lion1 18726804 sylvie blum
after 10 years working as a model she swtiched place and started to stand behind the camera
instead of infront it.

“is my obsession and passion to tell stories with my camera and find beautiful people
which are part of my work” …MORE?


barack tee 01 BARACK THE T SHIRT
barack tee shirts BARACK THE T SHIRT

Some pretty nice limited edition Tee’s over at WWW.TEEBAMA.COM

Jenny C’est Quoi

Amazing Illustration: Peter Jaworowski

From Spoonfed Design

Looking for some great inspiration? Peter Jaworowski, one of today’s top designers, is the man behind some of the best illustration pieces out there. He is the owner of The Hejz and co-owner of Ars Thanea. His vibrantly detailed illustrations are absolutely amazing. Enough said, I’ll let his work do the rest of the talking:

500301200599897 Amazing Illustration: Peter Jaworowski
500301221057805 Amazing Illustration: Peter Jaworowski

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