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Keith Davis Young Photography

Illustrations by Nicolas Ferrand

Minimalist Architecture by Fujimoto Architects

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Into The Trembling Heart: The Artists of Grand Rue, Port-au-Prince

[vimeo 10937204]

Three months after the earthquake that devastated our neighbouring island of Haiti, 22-year-old Haitian writer/filmmaker Claudel ‘Zaka’ Chery takes FIRST on a short tour around Grand Rue, a main street running through the heart of the commercial district in Port au Prince.

Zaka is part of a collective of Haitian artists who have been chosen to work on The Trembling Heart, which is a limited edition book of sculptural artwork – just 20 copies will be created. The book is intended to serve as a historical testimonial of the cataclysmic events in Port-au-Prince following the earthquake and its’ aftermath.

Each page will be executed by some of the most respected contemporary artists in Haiti today. Jean-Euphele Milce (Alphabet of the Night, Pushkin Press) is writing 20 original short stories based on personal experiences of the cataclysm of January 12 2010. The accompanying pages will be wrought from metal (Sculptor’s of the Gran Rue, Guyodo and Cheby) Wood (Lionel St Eloi, Jean Frederic and Nathalie Fanfan) and Beads (Myrlande Constant, Drapo Artist).

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Port-au-Prince: In Living Colour

In Port-au-Prince Haiti last week, amid the rubble, what also struck us was the amazing colour on display, from the ‘tap-tap’ buses to the street art and sculptures at every turn, we were there to see.

See the full set on FIRST.

SexyPsychodelia, Nosferatu & a Spooky Space Kook

Art by Dan Bru. Available at 3-D Monster


Auto Mortal Kombaaat™

Auto Mortal Kombaaat™ ANYTHING on YouTube …


Gabriel Mendes Photography

The sumptuous ‘Urban Puns’ serie of random peoples in front of superb Graffiti. Shot by Brazilian Photographer Gabriel Mendes… SEE More info & pics HERE
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light vintage poster

cool simple vintage poster by michael myers.
more posters here.

Faithless – Not Going Home

Brand new single from Faithless by London based MIE.
Via Unstage (Click here to watch video)

Smoke Chandelier

Maarten Baas takes a unique design approach- he literally burns pieces of furniture and then preserves the charred remains with a clear epoxy coating. In this case, the chandelier is left with three functional arms, each of which accepts a 40W max candelabra base incandescent bulb (not included).

Each piece will differ slightly, as they share the unfamiliar and untamed finish that is categorized by fire.

Queen of T’s

Paper, pencil, ink, Adobe Illustrator and Wacom Tablet by Alessio Radice
Bigger image and portfolio, click here