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Kitty Hat 6

kittyhat6 Kitty Hat 6
Added to my collection of cute cats in hats. Via. Thanks.

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You Can’t See The Forest For The Trees

KOZO lighting series by – DEMO / design clinic

KOZO series by DEMO / design clinic - a unique design ‘with little authentic rust at the joints’ . New lamps designed for a wide range of indoor life scenes and atmosphere.

kozo1 youtrust KOZO lighting series by   DEMO / design clinic

The idea was to assemble a new product out of a number of different parts and products that already exist . By doing so , we elliminate the need of a new industrial production. And we bring something that can be handcrafted and still have the unique industrial look.

kozo main youtrustcopy 01 KOZO lighting series by   DEMO / design clinic

Will Murai updates

willmuraiillustrations2 Will Murai updates
Brazilian Illustrator Will Murai updates his portfolio with amazing new Illustrations ! More info & pics HERE
willmuraiillustrations3 Will Murai updates
willmuraiillustrations4 Will Murai updates
More info & pics HERE
Via TrendLand

Bikes and Girls

bikesandwomen5 Bikes and Girls
Do you like Bikes ? Do you like Women ? more pics & link HERE
Via Trend Land

2568: New Persian Year

PostalCard13882568 2568: New Persian Year

Postal card for new Iranian year = 1388. But with Cyrus the Great kingdom starting on 559 BC, our history will be completed ! Thus we can tell 1388+621+559=2568. [621=2009-1388]
Behance Facebook Designer Website

Talk20 Beirut [third edition]

Haig Papazian and Carla Aramouny have just finished cooking Talk 20 Beirut for the third time. Prettiness served on AUB grounds on Friday March 27th, 2009 :)
Talk 20 Beirut has been an outlet for students and professionals in the creative field for a while now and this edition’s recipe smells delicious . .

Karim Najjar (ARD faculty/ Najjar & Najjar Architects)
Katrine Holmfeld + Mirene Arsanios (Ashkal Alwan association)
Lamia Joreige (video artist / Beirut Art Center founder)
Joey Abu Jawdeh + Anthony Khoury (4th year architecture students)
Bernard Mallat (ARD faculty/architect)
Jade Souaid (musician/ DJ / the Basement)

Maha Issa + Gamar Markarian (landscape architects / atelier Hamra)
Milia Maroun (fashion designer)
India x20 (photo journal / ARD group)
Salma Mousfi (musician / vocalist)
Lina Ghaibeh (ARD faculty / animation artist) + May Ghaibeh (graphic designer)
Raed Abillama (architect / RAA)

live music by Mashrou3 Leila featuring Salma Mousfi at 6:00 pm, before the event

*designed kisses in safe zones*R TALKHORIZONTALa2mapbellywhitelow Talk20 Beirut [third edition]

House on Stilts

TakasugianTerunobu 011 House on Stilts
I guess this guy isn’t scared of heights. Designed by architect Terunobu Fujimori, Takasugi-an is located in Chino, Nagano Prefecture, Japan and built atop two chestnut trees, cut from a nearby mountain and transported to the site.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

Awesome Shizzle Tee Shirt

archantee 01 Awesome Shizzle Tee Shirt

A gorgeous T-shirt Print artwork by Archan Nair, a talented Digital Illustrator, is available at Designbyhumans Store, Click here to buy.

Terry Richardson x Gossip Girl x Rolling Stone

Girls Wears Weeeeee

sech Girls Wears Weeeeee
sech1 Girls Wears Weeeeee
sech2 Girls Wears Weeeeee
Pretty cool girlie stuff by Sechuna from South Korean. Via.

Lionel Bayol-Thémines

bayol2 Lionel Bayol Thémines
bayol1 Lionel Bayol Thémines
Titanes Land, project by Lionel Bayol-Thémines.

Typosonic Machine

typwriter diego Typosonic Machine
typwriter diego3 Typosonic Machine
Play Music:
Diego Stoccos Typosonic Machine

A custom built music instrument that Diego Stocco created from an old typewriter. He’s the creator of “Music from Sand.” I had a chance to speak with Diego, and he mentioned of another unusual instrument… “The Sonic Washer.” Click here to view and listen to it.

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

Fuck, No! Teach Yourself in Two Seconds.

gringo 1 Fuck, No! Teach Yourself in Two Seconds.
gringo 2 Fuck, No! Teach Yourself in Two Seconds.
Fuck. Shit. Suck my dick. Asshole. Can’t pronounce? Gringo teaches you!
P.S. They’re also made a very quality hi-end websites ;)

Video games fan art

Aquatic Run by Orioto Video games fan art

Break by Orioto Video games fan art

Mickey and Donald by Orioto Video games fan art

Amazing art from Orioto !
All our favorite old games from Capcom, Nintendo or Sega revisited :p