Classics in Lego

71 Classics in Lego

Sorry, You Can Eat This!

edible Sorry, You Can Eat This!
Antlix Lollipop, Chocolate Covered Giant Ants, Scorpion Vodka, Worm Crisps. Do you want some more?

Alien Rape Attack

aliensex s Alien Rape Attack
I can’t show you more of this. Click picture to enlarge.

Paul Robertson

paul 1 Paul Robertson
Paul is one of my favourite digital artist ever! His works in LiveJournal, his blog.

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Kris Kuksi

kuskt small Kris Kuksi

From Springfield, Missouri – The Art of Kris Kuksi. He has received several awards and prizes and has been featured in over 100 exhibitions in galleries and museums worldwide including the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. [ link ]

Bustling Sialkot, Pakistan

polished4 Bustling Sialkot, Pakistan

A photograph taken from a rooftop in Sialkot, Pakistan overlooking a food market. A very busy corner.

JR Art

Yay! Monday! Issue #24

ym24 Yay! Monday! Issue #24

There’s a couple really awesome photographers that I am really excited about in this issue… and I did a little cheating by putting in trickzorz… since it’s my site… but whatever. Love you guys!

Ginger Monkey Shop

gmonkeyshop Ginger Monkey Shop
Now, it’s open! Thanks, Tom.

Planet of the Apes // Non-Format & Hellovon

poa web Planet of the Apes // Non Format & Hellovon
The Planet of the Apes poster created for WIWP’s utterly fantastic Now Showing exhibition is now online and available for purchase:

To see the full Flickr set of the opening night and contributing artwork:

Letter Flow

letterflow Letter Flow

Letter Flow – Type, space & motion in alphabetical order.

Southern Girl

[youtube 0bzU14Tn89M]
Nice and pretty minimalistic cartoons. Incubus “Southern Girl”. I love it.

Yves Saint Laurent: Photo Tribute

Playstation 3 Print Ads

ps3 1s Playstation 3 Print Ads
New PS3 print campaign. Click on preview to get a full-size image.

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Hand Made Letters

akrukje 01 Hand Made Letters
Works of Ewald Speker, Dutch typographer and designer.

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