Photography by Ren Rox

Fashion photography by Ren Rox, more pics and info here.

Frank Mysterio

Crazy mexican customizer Frank Mysterio ‘s got some incredible pieces to show you.
You can check his extensive custom pieces Here.

32 Outstanding Examples of Concept Art by Tae Young Choi

Tae Young Choi is a Korean-US concept artist who works primarily for the videogame industry. While he grew up dreaming of being a comic book artist, he obtained his degree in fine arts, and after moving to the United States, quickly got a degree in the gaming industry as a concept artist.

Tae is a genius at capturing digital environments, and he is also talented at illustrating a given concept for an image to meet client specifications. His work has been featured in a variety of publications, including imagineFX.

Illustrations by Anjo Bolarda

Anjo is a freelance illustrator based in Manila, Philippines.
Via Unstage (Click here for more)

Photography by Jens Herrndorff

Fashion photography by Jens Herrndorff, more pics and info here.

Laser Cave Prototype – Audio Visual installation

Amazing Interactive Audio Visual installation for Mekanism’s “After School Special” art show,concept and construction by Suryummy.

More info and video here

20 (More) Daily Sources for Design and Dev News, Tips & Tricks

Today we’re offering a huge roundup of creative sources. No less than 20 websites you should check whenever you’re eyeballs feel like dancing


Our friend Russ Mills aka BYROGLYPHICS updates us with his latest event called WEAPON OF CHOICE which will be held in Bristol, where he will be unveilling 5 of his brand new canvases.

New prints will also be available soon at a date yet to be announced.

More details available via the ARDENTEES blog.

Honda «Roads»

Cute Stationery from Bold Ideas

Cute Stationery from Bold Ideas, more pic and info here….

Photography by Cecy Young

Fashion photography by Cecy Young, more pics and info here.

Assettes. Cassette Wallets.

Great idea! The assettes wallet is a retro flash back to the 80’s. It is slimline and original, inspired by the old skool. Carrying an assettes wallet says you’re stylish and unique – willing to stand out from the crowd.

MWM Gaphics

Mike W Moore is a graphic artist, art director, webmaster and t-shirt designer working out of Portland, Maine, USA who specialises in a bold, psychedelic, geometric style he calls “Vectorfunk”.


Stuart Crossett

09 09 09

If it’s 09.09.09 then it’s my 27th birthday. Check out my website for more typography and lettering updates.