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Andreas Gefeller

andreas gefeller 4 Andreas Gefeller
andreas gefeller 3 Andreas Gefeller
Andreas Gefeller photographed each room of the Academy of Arts in Düsseldorf (Germany) from 2 meters above the floor. The results are pictures composed from many single photos.


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Portfolio of Me and Mister Jones

meandmisterjones49cb3eee427b7 Portfolio of Me and Mister Jones

“Clean works by creative duo Me and Mister Jones, Fanny Khoo and Tom Merckx. Different styles on their website. Take a look.” via LooksLikeGoodDesign

Shohei Otomo

a037 Shohei Otomo

Wicked illustration by Shohei Otomo via CreativeRoots

IonutPuscasu’s Campbell’s 5610294480 b IonutPuscasus Campbells3466916036 5610294480 b 01 IonutPuscasus Campbells

Flip Clock on legs

flipclockfinal xpY5B 6648 Flip Clock on legs
The Flip Clock on legs is designed by Michael Daniel. Available @ Urban Outfitters.

Via: Ignant

Simon Schubert

Simon Schubert is a German-born artist whose two-dimensional works are created entirely by folding sheets of paper… Yes, no pen or pencil, just folds!!
simon schubert 3 Simon Schubert
for more of his amazing work visitcolectiva > blog >> art >>> simon schubert >>>> paper drawings

Esquire Kazakhstan Illustrations

Picture16 Esquire Kazakhstan Illustrations
Picture17 Esquire Kazakhstan Illustrations
Esquire Kazakhstan/Summer 2009. More on

One plus one equals three

1+1=3 A Meeting Between Two Creates Something New
Beckmans School of Design showcase / 09 Stockholm Furniture Fair
More here /

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19 Free Stone Wall Textures for Web Designers

freestockimagesstonewalltexturessmall 19 Free Stone Wall Textures for Web Designers

Continuing with the series of free stock images, today we posted 19 stone wall textures, which you can download at

“3 Sets” for Roland Garros

tennis01 3 Sets for Roland Garros
5.5 designers have reinterpreted tennis equipment in the collection “3 sets” for the roland-garros tennis tournament 2009. Nice work!

Via: Ignant

elections in Bulgaria

izbori elections in Bulgaria
This is self-initiated campaign for upcoming parliamentary elections in Bulgaria. The message is to act wise when voting. Starting with infographic poster, more to come.

Check my stuff at

The Caravan Park

caravangarden 01 The Caravan Park
caravangarden 02 The Caravan Park

After seeing “Creatively Using Dumpsters,” you may enjoy this special caravan by Kevin van Braak. A Biod Bambi caravan with artificial grass and flowers, polyester campfire, and sound installation. Dimensions: 4 x 5 x 2.3 meters.

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

Matchstick Men

men1 01 Matchstick Men
men2 Matchstick Men
Designs by Nick Deakin. More here.

Magic Guru Flashlights

From idea:

guru1 Magic Guru Flashlights

To live model:

guru2 Magic Guru Flashlights

Full project-board.

Buraku Journey in Osaka

buraku1 Buraku Journey in Osaka
A photo journey to Buraku area of Osaka by Ian Laidlaw.

The Burakumin are a Japanese minority group consisting of around 3 million people in about 6,000 communities. Their ancestors were classes as outcastes during the Tokugawa period (1603-1868) due to their occupations. They are still discriminated against today.

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