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New Fiat Campaign

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Riikka Sormunen

Riikka Sormunen’s paintings are stylised depictions of fantasy worlds. She also paints novelty figurines to immerse in these beautiful environments. I spoke to Riikka to find out about her career, inspirations and the darkness that seeps into her pieces, lending them unusual and thought-provoking qualities.

riikkadyt 01 Riikka Sormunen

Twelve Animals Made From World Map

nagai Twelve Animals Made From World Map
nagai 02 Twelve Animals Made From World Map
A project that uses the world map to form animals from the Chinese zodiac. Created by Kentaro Nagai. Also check out the Flash presentation!

Notes about this project from the artist:

This project was generated by an idea that the image of humanity united as one could be built by creating a figure combining “Nation,” “Cooperation,” and “Peace” with all the continents ands islands of the world.

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

Cat Found!

catfound Cat Found!
[vimeo 874100]
Cat Found channel. Help find this cat!!!

Cool design chairs in cardboard!

3chairs Cool design chairs in cardboard!

Pretty cool product and concept. They make chairs out of corrugated cardboard, which is good for the environment. There’s more at . Check it out, what do you think?

People Want Coffee Even in a Snowstorm

Chris Heads

Chris Heads’ fashion photography is packed with style and good taste…
chrisheads1 Chris Headschrisheads4 Chris Heads
More pics at Colectiva >> Blog >> Photography >> Chris Heads

Make Love Not War – Steven Meisel

StevenMeiselLoveWar27 Make Love Not War   Steven Meisel
American fashion photographer Steven Meisel stirred up some controversy for this awesome photoshoot he did for Italian Vogue awhile back. His “Make Love Not War” series depicts sweaty, dirty soldiers in the middle of a war-zone interacting with models in a very “heated fashion.”

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

Seductive Beauty – Pierre Choiniere

PierreChoiniere9 Seductive Beauty   Pierre Choiniere
Based out of Montreal, Canada, photographer Pierre Choiniere has the rare ability to create a seductive chemistry with his models…

More pics at My Modern Metropolis!

Jan Smaga

jan 2 DYT Jan Smaga
jansmaga 3 DYT 01 Jan Smaga

Jan Smaga is an artist born in 1974 in Warsaw. He’s working across photography, installation, modern art and sculpture.
More here and here

El Tiburon

El Tiburon (spanish for the shark) is the title of Blu’s latest mural, in the streets of Barcelona. The shark itself is made out of €100 bills, and serves as a very punctual statement of the financial crisis looming over the whole world. In essence, it is the monumental scale of his work, his uncanny attention to detail, and great concepts, that make Blu one of the most exciting artists working the streets today..
blutiburon2 El Tiburon
blutiburon5 El Tiburon

For more, visit Colectiva >> Blog >> Street Art >> Blu.

Wild Things

Naked Ambitions

mikael Naked Ambitions
Photography by Mikael Vojinovic. He’s from France. Blogspot.

New Displayground Website

displayground New Displayground Website

We wanted the website to be a journey into our creative world, a bit unconventional and at the same time try and include as many of our creative disciplines as we could possibly ram in. We think it’s totally sweet and hope you do too.

Studio FRST

frst1 Studio FRST
frst2 Studio FRST
frst3 01 Studio FRST
Clementine Giaconia and Frederic Forest – awesome design from France.