Pop Up Office

Liddy Scheffknecht & armin B. Wagner did an amazing Pop-Up Office. See it here

Thomas Mangold

Super Emo Friends

Photography by Gabriel Wickbold

Gabriel Wickbold is a young Brazilian photographer with an amazing portfolio, his images are very colorful and have an innovative touch.
In his work he goes even further to highlight eroticism through new experimentations.
Via Unstage (Click here for more)

Bruce Wilhelm

Testing the Canon 7D

Collection of clips shot in Vancouver with the Canon 7d. All random stuff, no theme or story; just cut to music.
Equipment used: 7D w/ 17-55mm 2.8IS, Glidecam HD-2000, and…….rollerblades
Color Correction was done in Color and I used the “super-flat” custom profile to help increase the dynamic range for post. 100% 720p 60 conformed to 24p.
Via Unstage (Click here to watch video)

Clean and simple design style

Very cool stuff from Workerman in Minneapolis, MN. See more of his work here: www.cargocollective.com/workerman

Passionate Oil Painter – Simon Birch

Simon Birch paints like everything else he does in life – with passion. The faces on his subjects are intense, yet non-specific in their expression, leaving viewers to their own subjective interpretation.

More pics and info at My Modern Metropolis!


These girls got a great recipe… take some models, take some pictures of their adventures and make a blog with all the pictures.
Great Entertainment straight outta Mexico City!!
Check out more pictures HERE!!

Daily Inspiration #8

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Surf Board Art by Douglas Gomes

Artwork made for Brazilian surf brand Trópico. The proposed theme for the artwork was “water”. With direct influences from the lowbrow movement and surf and skate old school esthetics from the 80s, this work was done with Posca markers on paper. An exclusive board is gonna have the artwork painted on it and will be exposed at Tropico’s surfshop.

Take a look at the creation process: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luYVXoylXA8

Everyday is like christmas

Rarely I find something as inspirational as the interview with Eike König. Eike, is the owner of the creative studio HORT in Berlin.

It is overwhelming to see Eike König talking about his prefession as graphic designer. The passion, the shining in his eyes. You could get jealous. But for me this interview is much more inspirational and infectious.
And now lean back and watch some one speaking about his job and working in a team by using phrases like: “Everyday is like christmas for me..you know, they give me something and I open this present and I am really surprised about it..” Awesome!!!

[vimeo 7709246]

You can find more about the video here and about HORT here.

Forkless Cruiser Bicycle By Olli Erkkila

Illustrations by Jean Zapata

29 Incredible Black and White Photographs of Cityscapes

Cities look amazing in black and white. A lack of color adds definition to cityscapes, making the straight lines of roads and skyscrapers appear crisp and distinct. Black and white photography does more than simply mirror the greyness of the urban jungle landscape, it brings urban morphology and architecture into clear focus, while capturing the sense of isolation one can feel in a city, even when surrounded by thousands, even millions of people.

Below you’ll find 29 stunning black and white photographs taken in cities around the world, from Paris to New York, London and Tokyo. These fantastic images capture the world’s major cities as you’ve never seen them before. Hopefully they’ll inspire your own creative endeavors!