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The Edge of the World: Scotland’s Hebrides Islands

National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson has shot this amazing photo series titled “The Edge of the World”, a celebration of the natural beauty of Scotland’s Hebrides Islands. This large collection of islands off of Scotland’s coast are among the most beautiful, untouched islands in the north Atlantic. More at TheCoolist.

Happy 2010! animated greetings

A personal combination of collage and stop motion. These are my greetings to all the readers of Design You Trust.
The english translation would be: “let´s fill out… this new decade… of pretty things… to remember… Best wishes,Martin”
I wish you a great year and a happy beginning of the decade!

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church turned home

Me & Mister Jones

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Diego Aguilar Sees Friendship in a Cube

Artist Diego Aguilar shows some cubic love to you and me straight from Ecuador with his project Cubic Friend. He’s a little behind on the date seeing as how it’s no longer 2009, but we can understand building takes a little longer when you’re a cube man, they have big hearts though, so we can’t complain.

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Social networks first page

There´s social networks for everything: baby boomers, wine lovers, music, books, photographers, personal tastes and a lot more. But, independent of the subject, they all have in commom the layout of its first page: content and advertisement.

This happens because all of them needs to explains what´s the network about, attracts people and show all the content that is added all the time in the network. And all of them need to do that in a attractive, brief way and at the first page.

Some sites below are famour others don´t, but I believe it´s important to show them so it´s possible to study their caracteristics in commom, in the content and in the layout.

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Denis Chigidin – Modern Lamp

Russian designer Denis Chigidin has designed a wonderfully modern lamp in his Mirax Park project. Playing off the straight linear lines of a room’s architecture, Chigidin has created a lamp that flows smoothly, yet has sharp and jagged lines. Be sure to check out his golden tree wall decal in the gallery as well.


Artist Anastasia Gerali Has Some Knotty fun With Font

Anastasia Gerali A.K.A ALPHA, shows off some of her typographical design skills with her Working Together project commissioned by Shiakallis & co. Taking her inspiration from the intertwining of rope, each letter has been created by tying two pieces of rope together to form a letter.

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Death Star

Art installation by Michel de Broin.

Top photo: “Dead Star is made from residual battery at the end of their duty. Left to itself, the sculpture will slowly cool down since there is no longer electronic activity taking place in it. The hundreds of batteries were once used to power appliances before they finish their cycle in a recycle facility. Retrieve from death, they were assembled again in this whole structure.”


Mercedes SLS AMG by Nick Knight & Gareth Pugh

Mercedes asked the artist Nick Knight and fashion designer Gareth Pugh to create the new ad campaign for the superb Mercedes SLS AMG. [VIDEO AND IMAGES AFTER THE JUMP]

“Light emanation” – new photographic works by Mieszko Syty.

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Gus Powell

The Michelberger Hotel, Berlin

Born of a vision to create a hotel that is “as creative as an ad agency”, The Michelberger in East Berlin throws modern hotel convention to the wind…. instead delivering something truly unique!

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