Funny Wall Stickers

Funny wall sticker designs to add fun and humor to any room. Via

meduse pipes!

This collection is based on traditional glass-making and smithery craftsmanship. Due to the fact they are handcrafted, resulting in each and every piece being original and unique, BRUTE, MIRAGE, MIRAGE GRANDE and NOBLE pipes have the qualities of a piece of art.

…smoke the green air

Amazing trailer of snowboard

DHNN Oscar Wilde Restrospective

DHNN (design has no name)
Oscar Wilde Retrospective









Bebiko } Website Launch

Ars Thanea does it again by launching A sweet flash design with vivid colors and a lot attention to detail. Once again those guys do not disappoint at all.

Bryan Berg, the Cardstacker

From the artist’s bio: “Bryan Berg broke the Guinness World Record for the World’s Tallest House of Cards in 1992 at the age of seventeen, with a tower fourteen feet, six inches tall. His latest record-holding structure in the category is over twenty-five feet tall.” -Adriana de Barros, from Scene 360 Illusion

(Images © Bryan Berg)

Great collection of photo portfolios!

Dash Snow

Check the great selection of amateur and professional photographers. Some samples inside.

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Ethan Hayes-Chute

Ethan Hayes-Chute was born in 1982 and grew up in Freeport, Maine. He has a BFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2004. Primarily a painter, Hayes-Chute also works with sculpture and self-published books on various topics.

Homes at night.

Fantastically eerie series of photos by Todd Hido.

via: Booooooom!

Julien Vallee

Julien, motion and graphic designer from Montreal, Canada.

Creative 30

It’s no secret that Britain is buzzing right now with creative energy. From countless new music scenes to some of the best graphic design and illustration seen today, fashion, art and culture from the UK is setting a benchmark for quality and creativity worldwide. VICE, Volvo, The Independent and Yahoo! have teamed up on a project called Creative 30 which enlisted the help of icons such as Vivienne Westwood, Wiley, Jiro Bevis, Klaxon’s James Righton and Saam Farahmand to help choose thirty of Britain’s top young creatives. Read an interview with 3 of the competitions panel at We Heart Stuff right now…..

About Time Clock

This clock represents innovation in telling time. It reveals time as it rolls around telling time in a long continuous sentence. The design comes as a response to our stressful lives, where we plan our daily activities by the minute… this clock tells you the time in sentences like “It’s about six o’clock” or “Maybe more like around eight” as it rolls slowly on your table, it allows you to relax and not take time too seriously.

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DIGITAL TEMPLE Magazine |#3 Issue : UNION.

[English version]

** The english version of this Issue will come soon **

DIGITAL TEMPLE Magazine has launched its #3 Issue called “UNION”.
This parution is made of 224 pages, 12 artists and 9 items.

DIGITAL TEMPLE Magazine has made its best to collect interviews, reviews, way of life of artists all over the globe.

Some of the artists represent The KDU (“Keystone Design Union”). They were scanned to give you all details of these strange particules which formed this wellknown collective.

Artists : Si Scott, Esteban, Karborn, ValpNow, Laundry!, Ben Frost, Sruli Recht, Phil Toledano, Young Meagher, MWM Graphics, Vera Biryukova, Annie Woodford.

Thank you to all artists, DT supports you.


[French version]

DIGITAL TEMPLE Magazine a lancé sa #3 Issue intitulée “UNION”.
Cette parution contient 224 pages, 12 artistes et 9 rubriques.

Encore une fois, DIGITAL TEMPLE Magazine a parcouru le monde entier et a collecté pour vous des interviews, des reviews, des tranches de vie d’artistes complets.

Certains artistes du KDU (“Keystone Design Union”) ont été passés au microscope et nous vous donnons les détails de ces étranges particules formant un collectif de renom.

Artistes : Si Scott, Esteban, Karborn, ValpNow, Laundry!, Ben Frost, Sruli Recht, Phil Toledano, Young Meagher, MWM Graphics, Vera Biryukova, Annie Woodford.

Merci à tous les artistes, DT vous soutient.

** La version anglaise de ce numéro arrive d’ici peu. **

David Jon Kassan

Incredible paintings from American artist David Jon Kassan!