Amazing bronzework by Kevin Francis Gray.

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Paper Snake.

Worldwide design exchange at THE-SIGNERS

Founded by Spanish interior design studio Innova::designers, THE-SIGNERS is an on-line community (powered by Ning) conceived as a unique meeting point for all design professionals from across the World who wish to exchange work experiences by seeking collaborators for their projects and as a result, be able to sign projects on an international scale.

Our dream in creating the social network of THE-SIGNERS was to eliminate the boarders in creativity and design and especially to encourage a new and exciting way of collaboration between designers all over the world, sharing miscellaneous, multi-cultural, different and wealth-producing points of view. Over all we wanted to transmit our passion for what we do. If you feel some affinity in this sense you are more than welcome to consider THE-SIGNERS yours“. Diego & Pedro Serrano (interior designers and founders of THE-SIGNERS).


Ms. Hardwick

Eleanor Hardwick. A 15 year old is taking better photos than you.

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Does Your Church Website Appeal to its Visitors?

So you have a church you attend,there are a great group of people, a great pastor and great outreach. But do you have a website or does it convey any of what I just said? Chances are your church website in my lingo “is conveying nothing and the design looks like crap” problem is alot of church websites are following this trend. Churches think the next best way to get coverage for their church is have a website, problem is your church is doing more harm than good if it looks like it was designed in 1998. There are numerous church websites that I can show you to prove my point but for the sake of the churches I will not be pointing them out here……

Michel de Broin.

ARSO // graffiti and design portfolio
Hip-hop design, graffiti and stuff.

Diesel xxx

An amazing viral video for Diesel.

[youtube iI3bx5lgHcU]
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Brad Downey.

New Game cube


Game cube by alantemiraev |

Game cube by alantemiraev |

Barcelona Brilliance!

Stunning posters by Barcelona-based Vasava.

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Obama Poster

Senator Barack Obama Poster

Inspiration: Unique Business Cards

Designing a unique business card can often times be challenging. Your goal is to showcase your talent and originality, but at the same time, you need to integrate your information. Here are some creative business cards to get your wheels turning.

From Spoonfed Design

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The Apotheke bar in New York, designed to evoke both old-time apothecaries as well as absinthe dens, is for serious cocktail drinkers only.
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Fiat 500 – Ferrari Edition

The Fiat 500 Ferrari Edition – there’s just 200 available – and all for current Ferrari owners. More>>