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Nicolas Alexander

Amazing Typographies made by the French-Canadian graphic designer, Nicolas Alexander.

More Images, and info

Kosi Kosi

A great young Australian clothing label Kosi Kosi. Worth checking out!

Gig Poster Designs by Colin Gillespie

Check out gig posters by Rhode Island based designer Colin Gillespie

See more work at

ToyGiants Exhibition / Book

Daniel & Geo Fuchs ToyGiants Exhibition is sick ! I Love to see it !! See More info & Pics HERE

51 Icons of The Undead Tshirt

undeadWe for men

Chop Shop just put the final nail in the coffin of their Horror/Fantasy collection with the newest offering “undeadWe”; it packs in 51 zombies, ghosts, mummies, spirits and other boo-tiful members of the living dead. References range from television, film, video games, popular music, animation, literature, legend and another one from the breakfast table.

If you want to take a shot at figuring out each one or post it to your blog for your readers to do the hard work, we offer a higher resolution numbered version on our flickr page. Feel free to launch it into your blogosphere.

Get “undeadWe” for Men in either American Apparel Asphalt or Alstyle in the colors Black or Charcoal. The ladies can get spooky with it on Alstyle Black or Chocolate.


More of Comic Book Artist Zurdom HERE
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Artwork by Kizer

A freelance concept artist, Illustrator, graphic designer and Cover artist.
Via Unstage (Click here for more)

Flying aparts by tariqdesign

See the full size click here

Jamie Nelson Photographer

Bruno Juminer photography

Myriads corporate identity by Artel Artyomovyh

Artel Artyomovyh ( graphic design bureau developed logo, corporate identity and brand book design for Myriads Co (Luxembourg).
Myriads company joins several different directions: IT consulting, engineering technology, photo and music archive.
For the logo development the main task was to represent current and future company’s activities and to express “Myriads” name (that in fact means many things, different alternatives and opportunities multitude) in one universal symbol.
The “m” letter in a degree of infinity is a symbol with great associability but enough level of abstractiveness to be a single sign for business directions run by Myriads company.1 2

New T-Shirt Design from Michael Shapcott

A new T-Shirt design by LittleGhost (aka Melissa Therrien) based off a painting by Michael Shapcott is now up for voting on Threadless.

View the original painting and vote to help this shirt get printed HERE.

Download a free desktop wallpaper of this design!

And be sure to check out new paintings by Michael Shapcott at DeviantArt.

Jesus 2000

Awesome animation by Rémi Bastie, Jean-Baptiste Cumont, Clément Desnos, Jonathan Djob Nkondo and Nicolas Pegon.