Urban Street Art – New Works From Banksy

A few new stencils by one of our favorite urban artists, Banksy, have emerged near Regent’s Canal in Camden, London. Coming right at the tail-end of the Copenhagen climate talks, Banksy references the touchy subject matter in one of his pieces.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis!

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Mezzomagazine is a new freepress released in Pescara (Italy) with a fresh style and original format, featuring Metropolitan Lifestyle, Culture, Art, Music, Events and much more.

Carlo Monopoli

Carlo Monopoli is a talented Italian artist, he collaborates, as planner and artistic manager, with an international company, specialized in the realization of “coolness paintings” and “tears of fresco.” He acquired cosmopolitan notoriety and his refined mural works are exhibited in churches, public buildings and prestigious private residences, in Italy, France, Switzerland, Jordan, Lebanon, Cekia, Arabic Emirates, Kuwait, Germany and Russia. Take a look at his online portfolio.


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Meat – Dimitri Tsykalov (NSFW)

The impressive works of russian artist Dimitri Tsykalov.

2010 Callendars for Designers

delicious design league callendar
Great collection of 2010 callendars every designer should have on their walls. The collection includes the work of Nate Williams, Pentagram, Alberto Cerriteño, Delicious Design League, etc, etc.
More pics and info at: NiceFuckingGraphics!

Woodtable By Tanya Yakoleva

Russian industrial designer Tanya Yakoleva provides us with this beautiful hinged table called, ‘Woodtable’. With design cues taken from mid-century furniture, this table combines aesthetic value with storage functionality. Combine it with other wooden pieces to create an organic feel, or add other contemporary pieces for a modern feel. All told, it’s a great piece that would make a great centerpiece for any living room or den.

More Pictures

Watercolor Paintings by Nevena Nikolcheva

Daily Inspiration #24

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New Marcin Przybys Personal Portfolio

Fashion Photography by Aorta

Swedish fashion Photographer duo Aorta have some great pictures in their portfolio – More info & pics HERE

Hyper-Realistic Body Paintings – Craig Tracy

When done properly, body painting is one of the most fascinating types of art forms. If you look closely at the picture above, you’ll notice that the leopard’s eyes, cheeks, and chin have been painted on the floor. The back of a female volunteer forms the rest of its face, with her bottom used as the big cat’s nose and upper lip.

More pics and info at My Modern Metropolis!

LE WOLF EYE by Gibran Julian

67 Wonderful Typographic Portraits

Please visit www.tutorart.com/




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