typography shaped into face

Digital art work by me tariq yosef see it full size here

Lifter Baron Site Redesign

That’s right people. I have a brand new site awaiting your slimy eyeballs and crooked grins. I have a lot of projects currently awaiting a spot shine, but have added a grip of never before seen goodies.

CONVERGENCE. Collaborative Painting Series.

CONVERGENCE – A Collaborative Painting Series By: Kate Cleaves & Matt W. Moore. View Full Slideshow – The Painting Series, The Window Mural, The story behind the Collaboration, The Opening Party, The MWM X Almond Surfboard Series, and More. Show runs September 4th – 30th at Corduroy Gallery in Portland, Maine. Good Times!

Dublin’s People: Canon 7d 24p Footage

Footage shot by Philip Bloom using Canon’s new 7D Camera.
Via Unstage (Click here to watch video)

Marvel’s top 70 covers ever!

For it’s 70th birthday campaign, Marvel has done a selection of the best 70 covers ever. The covers were voted by the public, there’s more information about the art and prints are available for sale.

Everything is available at: http://marvel.com/seventy_years/countdown/winners/covers/rank/1
via www.vorkurs.com.br

Freebie Tuesday – Digital Product Delivery Accounts Worth $10.000+

Today we’re witnessing a first here at Inspired Mag – the first giveaway with digital prizes over $10.000! That’s right folks, read on!

36 Breathtaking Photographs by Mike Shaw

Mike Shaw, also known as morbidthegrim, is an exceptionally talented digital photographer from Cheshire in the UK. His incredible imagination and ability to break the rules and structure of photography allows him to produce some truly breathtaking images. As you view his work, you’ll notice an inherent comfort with the outdoors, but also a unique ability to capture a moment in flux, during a time of metamorphosis in the season of the year or time of the day.

His images range from stunning outdoor landscapes, to clever and purposeful images of everyday life. Each work is a masterpiece, and it was truly a challenge to select only some of his work to feature. I hope you all enjoy his work and truly are able to appreciate the beauty, and I hope Mike inspires all of you in your daily endeavors.



Dry under Rain

Digital art work by khalid hifzi ( dry under rain ) novel cover samples Click here to see more

DYT Cameras

Tom Sachs Exhibition in London of his DYT Cameras – More info & Pics HERE

Photography by Valentina Vos

Fashion photography by Valentina Vos, more pics and info here.

Anja Rubik in “Dress to Thrill”: Vogue Germany 2009

Anja Rubik and photographer Alexi Lubomirski team up for a high fashion on-camera tryst in Vogue Germany 2009. More at TheCoolist.

Graphic Design by Luis Miguel Torres

Luis is a freelance graphic designer from Monterrey. Mexico
Via Unstage (Click here for more)

“Listen Up Yo!” new character: hip hop series part 3

Cadillac Re-Ignition

Nate Christenson DC Team Photograhper – Interview and gallery

CLDFX features a Nate Christenson interview and showcases the work of the DC Team Photgrapher.