Jaime Jasso Digital Work

Jaime Jasso is a Digital Artist from Mexico and his work is just mind blowing – He works as a Digital Matte artist and Scene Assembler at Blur Studio in Venice, CA – More info & pics

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Xbox 360 “Lips”: Take On Me

Radiohead – Weird fishes/Arpeggi

[vimeo 2103154]
In our lives we meet people, connect with them, love them, but in the end they always seem to leave. For me this record is about the ‘lifestrings’ of each one of us mixing with each other and eventually breaking up again.

We travel the world, and we will always meet new people. But the people that are already in your heart, will never fade away. The memories stay, even if you are all alone in the end.

Video created by Tom Geraedts.

Jason Hawkes.

Hand Drawn Illustrations by David Bray

David Bray is my new Favorite Illustrator – Hand Drawn please !! Its pretty hard to find Illustrations of him but there is a little sample and more info of his work here

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T9G’s Yumenoko ‘Mitsume’


Japanese designer T9G’s just released his crazy cool new Yumenoko ‘Mitsume’ for online order from Japan.

deak dezain

Some typography based designs I’ve done.

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Complex Sculpture

Matthew Chambers from UK produces complex piece combining traditional processes and contemporary form that test the limitations of fired lay.

I like it!!


anomalous drawings

I really apreciate the work of Christopher Davison.
Complete session here!

Invisible People } Photography

Today while I was browsing I found this amazing collection of images at Kontain.com. These images are part of a photobook portraying various homeless people who are living among “normal” people, but they are constantly ignored like they are invisible, thus the title. Well worth to check them out.

Posters Rocks !

Here is a selection of awesome posters, some of them :

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Christmas by Colour

A not-for-profit exploration into the colours that shape our Christmas. Frustrated at the plethora of Christmas reds, whites and greens those pesky designers at Raw Design Studio are exploring what colours people really associate with their Christmas.

Help us to identify the real Christmas colour spectrum by suggesting your own colour and its personal meaning. Abstract, funny or literal – the choice is yours. We’ll be collating and uploading the best ideas as we go along with the aim of producing a Christmas by Colour poster as well as individual v-cards.

Todd James

New Yorker Todd James (a.k.a. REAS) is an internationally recognized artist who began his career as a child in the New York City subway system. Friends with all the biggest Pop Artist in NY – More here

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The Monster and his Bride.

New Pirelli Calendar

Gone wild! #36, photographer – Peter Beard.