Might be a bit of an odd post to those who have never seen Teletext or Ceefax. But to those who have this should spark off a little nostalgia.

You can view ZEEFAX here

A few days ago i spent about an hour mesmerised with Ceefax on channel 2 at 4 in the morning. I had near forgotten the beauty of it.

I’m using ZEEFAX as a means to create a weekly list of links, little news updates and curiosities.

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konus 5003

Tylenol Ad

There Will Be Tears

[vimeo 4074281]

A music video for Mr Hudson‘s “There Will Be Tears” (2009), directed by NABIL. The director is known for this technique of “pixelating” imagery, destroying, fading out, stretching screen images to appear like they’re errors. He’s done a similar technique in Kanye West’s “Welcome to Heartbreak” (2009).

Link via Scene 360 Illusion




New yay!everyday is online!

… and it looks … strange? I’m confused. Looks like an image bookmark site now. I think the word “Post” is unnecessary. Chris, what are you doing?

Terry Richardson x Jimmy Choo

Pablo de la Penya


i’m _______.

The start of a vintage series…

Interview: Adam McCauley

An interview with illustrator and painter Adam McCauley. Read the interview here.

T-Shirt Design Sketchbook

Putting ideas quickly on Tee Shape paper!


Hampus Olsson’s new portfolio

Take a look at my new portfolio

Stunning High Speed Photography

High Speed Photography continues to be a style of art that blows my mind. It’s amazing how fast the actual photo is taken at the most precise moment to have a flawless, breathtaking end result.

More images @ LOUDreams.com