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All the Top Design Headlines From Popular Topics Around The Web

Guy Kawasaki uses his marketing flair to launch his newest site, Alltop. Follow the Design Pool – we’re in!

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Iceberg Studio

Iceberg Studio, from Italy. Nice, very nice.

DT Magazine, #1 Issue

DT Magazine has launched its first Issue “On Frappe Fort”. 220 pages. Good reading. DT is a free, online & french magazine. It deals with different subjects like Photography – Design – Fashion – Illustration – Painting …

Behance™ Magazine

Behance™ team launches Behance™ Magazine! Insights & Tips from Creatives on Making Ideas Happen.

Marcin Kuligowski

Who is Marcin Kuligowski? I respect him.


I don’t know her name, but she has excellent works. Behance.

UPD. Her name is Özlem Özgen!


Amazing Tavish updates with some new works. Kick him on Behance.

Jonathan Ball

The style I love so much! Jonathan Ball made this. Behance.

Portfolio – Ricardo Rimoli from BraSil

Ricardo Rimoli Portfolio

Hi, I am Ricardo Rimoli, graphic designer from Rio de Janeiro, working with and interactive design since the late 2004.

Portfolio – Nerseus

nerseusVisit my portfolio.

The Sicksystems

The Sicksystems
Check out absolutely SICK design & art from one of the best and well-known Moscow graffiti crews – The Sicksystems.


So, Negro rocks!. Design collective from Latin America.

Chris Engman

Photographer Chris Engman found his inspiration in desert in eastern Washington where he lives and works.

Union Bench

The union bench is a public seating product created by a Scandinavian design company called i do design.
This is a new innovative public seating approach that offers a unique range of social, location, and user benefits, in a bench that can unobtrusively be placed into the very middle of the location space.

Sannah Kvist