Cutting Freedom

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Cool Car

The Nissan Pivo 2 is a concept car cuter than Wall-E. Eco-friendly, with a electronic interface to eliminate extra baggage, this adorable vehicle has one big advantage: it seats three.



wehatetrends are looking for illustrators, typographers and motion designers to develop new artistic group. Main idea of wehatetrends is to set new trends in graphic design not looking for other artists. If you are not doing things we could see by other artist, want to do something different and experiment with other designers, you’re person which we’re looking for so feel free to give me a sign at

Wojciech Zalot

Aerosol Interiors

Check out the work of graf-artist turned interior designer Graham Oatman at The Publics and Elemente Magazine.

Maison Close – Opened

Provocative Designs By Maison Close, a new French brand for the provocative, sexy, playful and seductive lingerie. See the video teaser

Merged Friends on Sunday Afternoon.

When friends became one only thing.


created by Kaan Ozsoy.

What You’d Like to Know About Extreme Russian Girls
Matreshka-girls is independent photo art project dedicated to tattoos, bodymodification, freaks, pin-up, goth, fruits, fireshow, punk, fetish and just beautiful interesting girls. The Matreshka-girls project brings up actual, crazy and sexy fun and erotic art for musicians and artists, for those who like everything unusual.

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Illustration of the guy named Kako, from São Paulo, Brasil. Sorry, my spanish is ugly.

Geekmilk Project

Geekmilk Project
GeekMilk Project by DHNN (design has no name) /

| Ironic Warming

Look Up More Often

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York.

Renault Megane Cabriolet print campaign. Full size on click! Continue »


Insight is a fashion lead surf label, born out of the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia. They come from a surf heritage yet lead a lifestyle that encompasses all that is surf, skate, street, art, music, fashion, and popular culture. Take a look at their newest and amazing surf campaigns called “Good Morning Pluto” and “Dopamine”. Photographer Dustin Humphrey.

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The Trees Have Eyes And Anything Goes

He’s covered under the FilthyLuker. And his works amazing. +14 inside the post! Continue »

Zek Graphic

This is insanely great and ingenious Slovenian portfolio!!! More at