SIRE Sunglasses Give Life to Fallen Water Buffalo

The SIRE Sunglasses by Aekae Designs are built from the horn of a fallen water buffalo. This commonly domesticated animal is used for milk and farming, and when it passes its hide and horns were commonly used in early Asian clothing. Today, Aekae uses these reclaimed horns to produce this progressive, natural line of eyewear that pushes the cutting edge of design. More at TheCoolist.

Jake Baggaley Interview

A really interesting insight into the photographer Jake Baggaley. read it here.

SeeSaw Designs

SeeSaw is a ‘Design Factory’ based out of Scottsdale, AZ. They dwell in the likes of Graphic Design, Layout, Identity, and the lovely art of Letterpress. Visit their Shoppe to snag your own letterpressed 2010 calender and other goodies before they are gone.

La Famille

Here is somebody first one Ttshirt of La Famille. More picture and interview in the link

Cole Rise

Fantastic pictures
by Cole Rise on LooksLikeGoodDesign

Venus under plastic

If you can put it to practical use, then it is no longer art…

Islamic art and architecture

Mnabr Salahaldeen


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Pop Culture Paintings

I just Love, Love the modern paintings of Marie-Claude Marquis – More info & pics HERE
Via Trendlandofcourse!

Michael Zavros

Great piece by Australian artist Michael Zavros

via Coisa’74

Vittorio Ottaviani

Powerful artworks by Vittorio Ottaviani.
Check out more of his works HERE

Lips Makeup Inspiration

If you like Lips & makeup then go get inspired by the huge compilation of beauty makeup lips – More Pics HERE
Via Trendland

Like Crime Scenes Waiting to Happen – Damian Loeb

Both loved and hated in art circles, Damian Loeb is a photorealistic painter who has been called everything from a genius to a copycat. In the 90s he battled copyright-infringement lawsuits for borrowing photographs and combining them into unusual — sometimes disturbing — images and calling them his own. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

Plastic Bionic

French designer Julien Brisson shows off the range of his skills with a lot of experimental work with shapes, typography and photography. Via ARDENTEES blog

Crate Man

Here is a new form of street art … “Crate Man”. More info>>


New series by London based photographer Tamas Olajos

More photos on his website