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Conexões Motion

[vimeo 1977429]
Abertura Conexões Urbanas from BRABO on Vimeo.

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I have just updated my website. New minimal look and a lot of new works, enjoy it!

Vokuro [Creative Lounge]

This is a Multimedia Design studio based in Madrid (Spain) responsible for minimalist, simple & clean design. At vkr, the client is also involved in the creative process; as a result, Vokuro produces amazing products.

Carlos Lascano

[vimeo 877053]
A SHORT LOVE STORY IN STOP MOTION from Carlos Lascano on Vimeo.

Ophelia Chong

Fantastic collage work by Ophelia Chong.

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Wall decoration with woodtypes

We made some home decoration with woodtypes we bought in a small town in spain…

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Presidential Pets (1959-2000)

President Lyndon B. Johnson (1963-68) receives a greeting from his beagles, Him and Her. Johnson’s beagles made the cover of Life magazine. more…

The Electric Mini Revealed

BMW has released the first images of the all new fully electric Mini E. More>>

The Mustache Craze

Mustaches are cool again… if not on your face, on everything else you own! Here are 15 cool products with mustache designs on them.

Flying Away music video clip

[vimeo 2002740]

By Zamza


This transformable cabin, available exclusively through Neiman Marcus’ Christmas book, is designed by architect Michael Jantzen. Hurry though. With only 10 available, priced at $100k each, they’re sure to go fast. (…)

2 more weeks to win a Lomo Camera

Prize // a Lomo Fish Eye camera ( gently offered by wejetset)
Deadline // extended to November the 10th
Details // rectangular/square shape, max area 11,25 square inches (28 square cm). All stickers must have the following text: “”. Please provide a PDF/Illustrator file.
Theme // Polkadot Mind, you can put whatever ( text, drawings, graphics…)
Polkadot will own all rights to all design submissions. By submitting your design, you are giving Polkadot permission to use the artwork in any form.

Сaleb Сharland


“Demonstrations” combines my scientific curiosity with a constructive approach to making pictures. I utilize everyday objects and fundamental forces to illustrate my own experiences with wonder. Each piece begins with a simple question (How would this look? Is that possible? What would happen if…) and develops through a process of experimentation. By establishing physical parameters first, I discover each idea’s visual potential. This allows the natural properties of the subject matter to inform my aesthetic decisions as I construct these arenas to reveal the phenomena.

Sketchel series 2 is out now

Jeremyville’s Sketchel concept is a shoulder satchel that houses original, one-off art on a canvas panel. Vicky Newman was lucky enough to be included as one of the 114 new artists this go-round.

Sketchel by Vicky Newman

Sketchel by Vicky Newman