C T R L – V

Graphic and motion design portfolio of Vladimir “Waldez” Snegotskiy.

The New York Times Building

The Times’s new building can be read as a poignant expression of nostalgia or a reassertion of the paper’s highest values as it faces an uncertain future. Interactive Review | Photos.

Dan Seltzer

Documentary adventures of Dan Seltzer, Israel photojournalist and photographer.

Christian Reister

Around-the-globe photography of Christian Reister.

New England Ruins

“New England Ruins” are the great photo series of abandoned and forgotten places (beaches, homes, hotels, schools) of New England, taken by Rob Dobi, famous illustrator and graphic designer.

Mass Studies

Mass Studies was founded in 2003 by Minsuk Cho in Seoul, Korea, as an investigation of architecture in the context of market-privileged culture of mass production and intensely over-populated urban condition. Mass Studies explore building materials/techniques, space matrixes and building typologies on a wide range of scales to focus on a vision specific to each project.

Steve Carter

Steve Carter is a famous UK music composer. Check his collection of the worst album covers ever created.

He’s also a great landscape and wild life photographer.


PHASE02 is actually the online portfolio & blog of two Belgian brothers, Tim and Bram Vanhaeren, sharing the same passion, design.


Starship visualogic design of Gregor Žakelj and Jaro Jelovac from Subtotal collective!


Designwerk of Agnes Lubina.
UPD.: She’s a Lady!

Carlo Van de Roer

Photography of Carlo Van de Roer.

Terry Rodgers

“Humanity is the essence of his work.” Unbelievable Terry Rodgers!

Quentin Shin

Photography of Quentin Shin. He’s from China. He’s brilliance!

Ilias Sounas

Portfolio of Ilias Sounas. He’s also a Chief Editor of “Grafistas+web design” Greek magazine.

m/m (paris)

m/m (paris) is a multinational art and design collective from France.