This Design Is Mine

Stunning portfolio of Jamie Gregory, designer from London.

Ben Piago

Portland photographer Ben Pigao.


A character graphic project created by Junichi Tsuneoka.

blindSALIDA Updates!

You always will find lot of colors, bubbles and explosions but also new influences with surrealistics shapes, flying objects and absurd elements. Enjoy it!!

Behind Closed Drawers

[vimeo 2754276]
A love triangle between common kitchen utensils yields an epic tale of life and death. Told through the magical world of stop go animation, created by Jason Rosenberg and Jon Barth.

Work by Wizard

Work by Wizard via mdolla

Vault49 | Pony

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Eno Henze

Beautiful graphic design by Eno Henze.

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Frame-by-frame vector animation by Simonas Šileika (flash website)
Frame-by-frame vector animation by Simonas Šileika (flash website)

An Apple A Day letterpress poster

Here’s a quick and easy way to keep in tip top shape. Just peel the little variety sticker from every apple you eat and affix it to a square.

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Brigitte Niedermair.

Monsieur Steve + contest

We @ Polkadot are great fans of Steve Whe, the Artisan sérigraphe. His designs, on American Apparel tshirts, are often music inspired, featuring lyrics from Justice, Daft Punk, or paying tribute to Serge Gainsbourg. We had the chance to ask him some questions ( by Facebook, can you believe it?). Read all the article because you can easily win 1 of Monsieur Steve tshirt…

How have you started with silkscreening?
i started silkscreening in 2003, i decided to print t-shirts for my first brand, because when you start in this job (fashion/design), the best thing to save money and time, is to DO IT YOURSELF ! 2 years later i sold my brand and i decided to make silkscrenning for other little brands and now there are 3 people working for we print for many brand, graphic designers, fashion magazines, tv hosts, we print for lot of people who want to have a special indentity.

How do you choose the designs for the new tees? you seem a lot music-inspired…
when i design for my brand Monsieur Steve, i choose the design in relation to music, when i listen to music which has an intelectual tenor i print it, for an exemple, i listen to JUSTICE, i think the song is stonger “because we are your friends, you’ll never be alone, for me is the best thing you can said to your friends, can’t you ?

How much facebook, flickr, and social networks have helped your sales?
(smile), i think i have 1000 customers on facebook, the same on myspace, i use flickr only to put the pictures of my work and send to a lot of groupe on flickr. for exemple, in may 2008 when i start my new brand, i sold 500 or 600 t-shirt in one month and just in facebook. profits, but it’s just the beginning ;),

Which are the best seller items?
Harder, better, faster , stronger

Tell us about the upcoming releases..
the new collection is based on self centeredness, narcissism, music and humans.

Who is the lovely model on your webstore? it’s a sexy and fresh way to present a tee.
my favorite models are Linda & Ludmila, i look for a new model for my new collection if your girl friends want to make some pics with me ;), i’m ok of course (only if she’s on facebook)…


and because Whe is your friend, he offers 3 tshirts (of your choice) to 3 readers who will send and email to with the text of the Monsieur Steve tshirt appeared on the inside leaflet of the Justice DVD A cross the universe. ( draw on saturday 10, january)

(click on the above picture to zoom, and visit Monsieur Steve website for an hint…)


Putin, Oliver Borner
Oil on canvas painting by Oliver Borner, a german painter and activist.

The Hyperrealist Sculptures of Ron Mueck

I’m a fan of hyperrealist artwork, and I was unfamiliar with Ron Mueck’s sculptures. These are amazing!

Notes about the artist (via Wikipedia):

Mueck’s early career was as a model maker and puppeteer for children’s television and films, notably the film Labyrinth for which he also contributed the voice of Ludo, and the Jim Henson series The Storyteller.

(…)Mueck’s sculptures faithfully reproduce the minute detail of the human body, but play with scale to produce disconcertingly jarring visual images

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

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Puma. Complement your character.

Advertising prints for Puma, created by Dhanank Pambayun, Indonesian artist.

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