Dimitri Daniloff

This is a classic. You know.

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Rodolfo Benitez

Fashion, advertisements, still life of Rodolfo Benitez.

Foot Ashtray

Simply put out the cigarette as if you were squashing it with your own foot in this foot ashtray! Can also be used to place small items or as a paper weight.

Designed by Nobuhiro Sato. Made in Japan. $50.

Kirsten Becken

Photography by Kirsten Becken, from Germany.

Couch Balloons

couch balloons

Some people travel by car, some people travel by plane, and some people tie their couch to a bunch of balloons.

Did you say Felt Tip Woman??

Typeface designer Mark Simonson created ‘Felt Tip Woman‘ based on the handwriting of graphic designer Patricia Thompson. Here’s how that font got its quirky name.

Felt Tip Woman font by Mark Simonson

Shit Box. Now wash your hands!

What is it:
Shit Box is a lightweight portable cardboard toilet, made especially for outdoor use.

Where it can be used:
Fesivals, camping, building sites, fishing, travelling, etc.

Jose Luis Rojas

Fantastic miniatures by Jose Luis Rojas, made of ceramic!!!


Some new crazy design stuff from Andrey SHCH! Bhnc.

Rubik’s Cube Has Celebrated 25th Anniversary

the NmG

The NmG (No More Gas) car may only seat one person, but it also uses NO MORE GAS. Bonus: it parks everywhere and is super cute!

New Painting

I have made a few new paintings and this is one of them.
I’m quite fond of it, but looking back I’m not fond of the lettering. I should have just left it alone; but there’s always that little urge to do just a little bit more–too bad I can’t just erase it. But, for the most part I enjoy this new one, and I’ll post some others as the week follows.

James C.
Easily Amused, Inc.

ISO 50, the making of…

vwc contest site

The 1st time flash experience to made the website,containing

all worlds VW related club sites and contest for ”Site of the Month”

Click on Image to visit the site.

New work

Added a couple of new pieces to my site – both t-shirt designs that will be up for voting at threadless.com soon.