Umbrella Series by Patrícia Almeida

Patrícia Almeida

Patrícia Almeida was born in 1970, she graduated with a degree in History from UNL in Lisbon and one in Photography from Goldsmiths College in London. She is interested in documentary photography as a language of expression and as an area of research and artistic creation.

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Reflections by Sebastian Magnani

Reflections by Sebastian Magnani

Sebastian Magnani, who started off as a graphic designer before becoming a photographer, created Symmetry and silence in round mirror reflections project. The idea came fromhis first thoughts of photographing clouds in a iCloud shaped mirror. Then he bought various forms of mirrors and was mostly impressed by the symmetry and silence of the round one. Enjoy also his “UnderCats” series.

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Western Surveys by Pascal Amoyel

Pascal Amoyel

Pascal Amoyel holds an MFA from the ENSP-Arles (2005). He is conducting a research on photography with different practices that are the many forms of a relationship with images : personal photographic work, curating, book design, writing.

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Fashion & Nature by Liliya Hudyakova

Liliya Hudyakova

Liliya Hudyakova is a talented 21 years old photographer, creative derictor and artist based in Kemerovo, Russian Federation. She shoots a lot of fashion, beauty and glamour photography.

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Stunning Landscapes by Sven Broeckx

Sven Broeckx

Sven Broeckx is a talented self taught photographer based in Ravels, Antwerp, Belgium. He started photography in 2010, Sven shoots a lot of nature, travel and landscape photography.

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Instagrams by Elena Morelli

Elena Morelli

Elena Morelli is a talented photographer and artist from Viareggio currently based in Bologna, Italy. She shoots a lot of travel, landscape and nature photography.

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Urban Photography by Freddie Ardley

Freddie Ardley

Freddie Ardley is a British professional photographer with a focus on dramatic landscape are architectural urban work. The style of his photography is a mix of painterly emotions with key inspirations from films and historic cultures.

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Alpine Half-Life by Andrew Phelps

Andrew Phelps

Andrew Phelps is an American photographer who has been living in Europe since 1990. His work is influenced by the cross-cultural lifestyle he now leads, dividing his time between the deserts of Arizona and the Alps of Austria.

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Fashion Photography by Danil Golovkin

Danil Golovkin

Danil Golovkin is a talented Russian photographer based in Moscow, who specialises in fashion, glamour and advertising photography. Golovkin’s work has been featured Vogue Russia, Numéro, Schön! Magazine, Playing Fashion, Purple Fashion magazine, Nike Sportswear, Annie Leibovitz, Art Department and many others.

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Fine Art Photography by Birthe Piontek

Birthe Piontek

Birthe Piontek is a fine art photographer based in Vancouver BC, Canada. Originally from Germany, she moved to Canada in 2005 after receiving her MFA from the University of Essen in Communication Design and Photography.

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Querelle Jansen by Wendelien Daan

Querelle Jansen by Wendelien Daan

Beauty Dutch model Querelle Jansen photographed by Wendelien Daan and styled by Roel Schagen for Harper’s Bazaar NL March 2015.

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Photography by Marilyn Minter

Marilyn Minter

Marilyn Minter is a talented photographer, painter and artist, who was born in 1948 in Shreveport, LA studied art at the University of Florida and currently based in New York, NY. Minter is best known for her hyperrealistic paintings and richly-colored photographs, which explores themes of sex, glamour, imperfection, and femininity.

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Abandoned Love by Peyton Fulford

Peyton Fulford

Peyton Fulford is a talented 20 years old photographer and digital artist based in Columbus, Georgia. For her series series “Abandoned Love“, Peyton used her personal Tumblr account to ask her followers to send her their private thoughts, diary entries, text messages, etc to which she then created into banners and placed on abandoned buildings.

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Portrait Photography by Nick Sparks

Nick Sparks

Nick Sparks is a talented photographer based in Denver, Colorado, USA. Nick started photography at age 20, he has photographed landscapes on Kodak Tri-x film. Today he shoot a lot of emotional portraitute and fashion photography.

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Analog Photography by Francesca Beltran

Francesca Beltran Analog Photographer

Francesca Beltran is a talented photographer, writer and filmmaker, who was born and raised in Mexico City and currently based in New York, USA. She shoots a lot of travel, urban and portrait photography.

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