Landscape Photography by Ambroise Tezenas

Ambroise Tezenas

Born in Paris in 1972, Ambroise Tezenas graduated from the Applied Arts School of Vevey, Switzerland in 1994. First based in London and then Paris, he worked as a photo-journalist for both french and international magazines, spending much of his time traveling in South East Asia, Central and South America.

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Aerial Photography by Esteban Pastorino Diaz

Esteban Pastorino Diaz

Esteban Pastorino Díaz was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1972. During his childhood and adolescence, he was fascinated by the manual work involved in making airplane models, his hobby for several years.

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Editorial Photography by Kate Bellm

Kate Bellm

Kate Bellm is a talented photographer, who was born in 1987 in London and currently based in Deia Majorca, Spain. Kate shoot a lot of portrait, fashion and commercial photography. She’s working between Berlin and London.

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Creative Architecture Instagrams by Serge Najjar

Serge Najjar

Serge Najjar aka #serjios is a talented photographer based in Beirut, Lebanon. He shoot amazing minimalistic and colorful urban architecture. His photographs show peoples interact with urban environment.

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Wedding Photography by Adrian McDonald

Adrian McDonald

Adrian McDonald is a 26 years old photographer based in Mona, Kingston, Jamaica. He shoot a lot of beauty, fashion, editorial and lifestyle photography.

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Sports Photography by Paul Calver

Paul Calver

Paul Calver is a freelance photographer represented by Making Pictures working in sports documentary, fashion and portraits. Paul’s photographic career begin during a skateboard trip to Stuttgart Germany back in 2002 where he managed to dislocate his knee after only 4 hours on the ground.

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Fashion Photography by Bjarne Jonasson

Bjarne Jonasson

Bjarne Jonasson was born in Stockholm, Sweden. He studied media in high school with a dream of becoming a sound designer but had to take a mandatory photography class and fell in love with the medium.

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Nature Photography by Atif Saeed

Atif Saeed2-min

Atif Saeed is a talented self taught photographer and naturalist based in Lahore, Pakistan. He shoot a lot of unspoiled valleys, highest mountains, glaciated lakes and untouched wilderness in Pakistan.

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Landscape Photography by Chris Ozer

Chris Ozer

Chris Ozer embraced photography in 2009 as a much-needed creative outlet, having moved away from a career in jazz piano. His distinctive brand of light-flooded landscapes and timeless portraits constantly drives him on his search for the perfect photo.

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American Girls by Ilona Szwarc

Ilona Szwarc

Ilona Szwarc (American and Polish) is an artist and photographer based in New York City. Szwarc received a Bachelor of Fine Arts, from School of Visual Arts in New York City and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in photography at Yale University.

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Anna Ewers by Norman Jean Roy

Anna Ewers by Norman Jean Roy

Beauty model Anna Ewers stars in ‘Life’s A Beach’ photographed by Norman Jean Roy and styled by George Cortina for Harper’s Bazaar US May 2015.

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Architecture Photography by Hans Wilschut

Hans Wilschut

Hans Wilschut’s work originates from the urban world. His photographs are lyric reflections on the increasingly built-up surroundings. An underlying social theme can often be found in his photographic work.

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Fashion Photography by Ben Hassett

Ben Hassett

Ben Hassett is a talented photographer and filmmaker based between New York City and Europe. His work contains the boldness necessary for fashion photography but also the uniqueness and depth desired in fine art.

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Steel Work – Production by Terry Evans

Terry Evans

Terry Evans has photographed the prairies and plains of North America and the urban prairie of Chicago. Combining both aerial and ground photography, she delves into the intricate and complex relationships between land and people. Her work explores the virgin prairie, working steel mills, Greenland ice sheets, a small town in the Kansas Flint Hills and the oil boom in North Dakota.

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Extreme Macro Close-Ups Of Insect Faces by Yudy Sauw


Photographer Yudy Sauw from Banten, Indonesia has captured extreme close-ups of the creepy crawlies, dragonflies, bees, red ants.. To take his photographs, Mr Sauw placed the insects between half an inch (2cm) and four inches (10cm) away from his camera. He used specialist lighting and a macro lens on his camera to record the creatures’ portraits, before enhancing them on a computer.

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