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Photography by Chris Hieronimus

Chris Hieronimus

Chris Hieronimus is a talented photographer and student based in Stuttgart, German. Chris was born in 1987, he shoot a lot of black and white, landscape and portrait photography.

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Suburban Minimalism by Malte Grüner

Malte Grüner

Malte Grüner is a talented photographer based in Bensheim, Germany. Malte was born in 1986, he shoot a lot of portrait, 35mm and architecture photography.

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Photography by Mathias Kunfermann

Mathias Kunfermann

Mathias Kunfermann is a talented photographer, who was born in 1966 in Thusis, Switzerland. He works as a professional photographer since 1996. Mathias shoot a lot of landscape and industrial photography.

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The Last Stop by Ryann Ford

Ryann Ford

Ryann Ford is a talented photographer based in Austin, TX. The Last Stop is her photography book documenting the vanishing roadside rest areas of America’s highways.

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Vintage Photography by Ormond Gigli

Ormond Gigli

Ormond Gigli was born in New York City in 1925. He became famous early on during the 1950s for his photographs of theatre, celebrities, dance, exotic persons & places. His work appeared prominently on covers & editorial pages of LIFE, TIME, PARIS MATCH, SATURDAY EVENING POST, COLLIERS, and other major international publications.

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Fashion Photography by Jordi Pelegrí

Jordi Pelegrí

Jordi Pelegrí is a talented photographer based in Barcelona, Spain. He shoot a lot of fashion, beauty, editorial and portrait photography.

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Vintage Photography by Jerry Schatzberg

Jerry Schatzberg

From creator of poetic images to compelling storyteller, Jerry Schatzberg has excelled in both the realms of photography and filmmaking. Published in Vogue, McCall’s, Esquire, Glamour, and Life in the 1960’s.

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Powerful Photos Capture Striking Before And After Images Of Men And Women Transitioning

Claudia González, photographer has snapped the portraits of 12 Cuban transgender men and women both before and after their sex changes.

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Astrophotography by Dave Lane

Dave Lane

Dave Lane is a talented photographer, astronut and space cadet based in Kansas City, US. His shot of Milky Way Galaxy was featured as NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day.

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Nature Landscapes by Robin Halioua

Robin Halioua

Robin Halioua is a talented self taught photographer and artist based in Zürich, Switzerland. He shoot a lot of forests and mountains.

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Nightmosphere – By Adrien THIBAULT

Nightmosphere-ambiance-nuit-architecture-urbex-urban-exploration-par-Adrien THIBAULT- Photographe - Pentax - Paris-7

Photography Project by French Photographer Adrien THIBAULT.

Shot during almost 2 years, improved while working with Sarah Dobai (UK), as it was a way to learn to take more time and give more thought to his productions. Shooting with her on large format camera was a new way to approach photography, slowly aiming at a framed perfection.

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Very Expressive Animal Portraits by Wolf Ademeit

German photographer Wolf Ademeit creates incredibly beautiful and expressive portraits of animals.

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Fashion Photography by Neringa Rekasiute

Neringa Rekasiute

Neringa Rekasiute is a professional Lithuanian photographer based both in Vilnius and London. She started her photography career while studying political science, thus her work is inspired by theories of feminism as she explores the image of naked female body in her photographs.

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Analog Photography by Matt Sweeney

Matt Sweeney

Matt Sweeney is a talented photographer and movie maker based in Hollywood. Matt wanted to work behind the camera, so he started practicing with a Nikon F2 camera, shooting Kodachrome slides.

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Black and White Celebrity Portraits by Jack Robinson

Jack Robinson

Jack Robinson, Jr. was born in Meridian Mississippi on September 18, 1928. He grew up in Clarksdale, Mississippi, in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. Jack graduated from Clarksdale High School in 1945 and attended Tulane University in New Orleans from 1946 to 1948, but left after his junior year without graduating.

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