Deejay in the Closets by Pietro Baroni

Pietro Baroni

Pietro Baroni is a talented artist and photographer, who was born in 1977 in Italy and currently based in Milan. He shoot a lot of fine art, commercial and architecture photography. His work focuses on contemporary social and philosophic issues.

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Fine Art Fashion Photography by Rocio Montoya

Rocio Montoya

Rocio Montoya is a photographer, graphic / web designer and editor based in Madrid, Spain. Her specialty is the experimental photography, land on which has moved from its creative inception. Also passionate for the editorial design, in 2010 she founded the DOZE Magazine, which has co-directed and designed until its closure in June 2014.

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Nature Landscapes by Wolfgang Moritzer

Wolfgang Moritzer

Wolfgang Moritzer is a talented amateur photographer and professional architector based in Graz, Styria, Austria. He shoot a lot of landscape, nature and architecture photography.

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Joy Sessions Photo Project by Sarah Beth

Minneapolis-based photographer Sarah Beth is photographing pets. Joy Sessions is a photo series that captures pet owners with their old or terminally sick dogs that have not much more to live.

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Travel Photography by Lukas Kozmus

Twenty-three-year-old German student Lukas Kozmus has a special passion towards photography and traveling. As a product of his passions, we get these beautiful photographs.

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Back to Light: Fruit Used to Illuminate Long-Exposure Photos

Photographer and artist Caleb Charland created a series of photographs called Back to Light where he uses fruit, vegetables and other objects and liquids to generate electricity and light.

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Abandoned Places in Henk van Rensberge’s Photographs

Henk van Rensberge is a Belgian pilot. In his spare time, he likes to go to abandoned places and capture on photographs the special atmosphere that is present in there.

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“Evening in the LA River” feat. Stacy Illmami by Martin Murillo


Check out this amazing new set by Los Angeles-based photographer Martin Murillo aka Martin Depict called “Evening in the LA River” which features model Stacy Illmami.

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Vanishing Spirits: Dried Single-Malt Scotch Remains by Ernie Button


In his series of photographs, Vanishing Spirits, Phoenix-based photographer Ernie Button explores what happens after the single-malt Scotch whiskey is evaporated.

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Imaginary Play by Anna Hurtig

Anna Hurtig as nobody else knows how to convey the magical atmosphere of childhood through photographs. Anna Hurtig was born in 1972 in Stockholm.

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Foggy Forests in the Morning Light by Boguslaw Strempel

Polish photographer Boguslaw Strempel creates dreamy photographs of forests of Poland and the Czech Republic in the early morning, when the fog and mist rise above the mountains.

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Surreal Infrared Landscapes by David Keochkerian

France-based photographer David Keochkerian creates these infrared ladscape photos that look like Dr. Seuss illustrations.

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Photography by Griffin Moon

Griffin Moon

Griffin Moon is a talented 27 years old photographer based in Mill Valley, California, United States. He shoot a lot of landscape, travel and lifestyle photography.

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Editorial Photography by Tony Kelly

Tony Kelly

Tony Kelly is a Dublin born photographer with world class experience. As a colleague he is all ease and charm, yet he retains the absolute and undeterred focus of his Irish forefathers in the arts – he has a vision and he can execute it.

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Vintage Photography by Andreas Heumann

Andreas Heumann

Andreas Heumann, born in Munich, was brought up in Switzerland. On leaving school he began an apprenticeship in Bern to study block-making and printing. He stayed there for four years which gave him the wide knowledge of colour which was invaluable in his later work and of course in his painting.

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