Acapulco: Lounge Chairs

Acalpco lounge chair feature 450x352 1 Acapulco: Lounge Chairs

Acapulco lounge chairs are perfect for those hot summer days when all you want to do is sit back and cool off.

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Black Diamond Knife Block by Christian Bird

knife 1 650x433 Black Diamond Knife Block by Christian Bird
Product designer Christian Bird has created this beautiful Black Diamond knife block, perfect for adding a nice touch to any kitchen counter. Each block holds up to 11 knives.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #128

 Daily Gadget Inspiration #128
If there’s one timeless beauty you could give your eyes, it has to be these luxurious Canby Zebrawood Sunglasses by Shwood. A perfect combination of wayfarer styling and hardwood aesthetics goes in the making of this brilliant eyewear you can’t avoid having in your collection. The wood being sustainably harvested from supervised locations worldwide, this pair of sunglasses is a masterpiece in terms of bringing that unforgettable style through a daily wear.

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Grovemade’s Premium Desktop Collection

grovemade deskcollection walnut collection B1 650x433 Grovemades Premium Desktop Collection

Grovemade, a leading designer of handcrafted wooden and leather accessories, introduced a desk collection made from natural materials. Bringing order to work spaces and providing design continuity, Grovemade’s desk collection is a projection of personality. Additionally, the small, ergonomic adjustments the desktop collection provides can improve neck pain, back pain, and wrist discomfort.

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Anywhere Magnetic Clip

anywhere magnetic clip 06 650x650 Anywhere Magnetic Clip

Organize your space with this easy to use tool. Dishwasher safe, this tiny magnet clip can hold up to one pound.

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Precision Polyhedral Dice with Metal Dice Vaults

IMG 20140612 221455 129 650x366 Precision Polyhedral Dice with Metal Dice Vaults
Kyle Sorensen – The owner and designer fof Sly Kly Design has launched his 3rd Kickstarter Project. His goal is to raise 20K in 45 days time. In the first 24hrs he has already raised 8K+. Pledge in the next 44 days to reserve your reward of these amazingly precise metal dice.

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The Best Grills on the Market

grill 1 The Best Grills on the Market
It’s officially the summer season, and that means most of us will be spending our time by the barbecue. Now’s the perfect time to update your grilling machine, and that’s why we’ve rounded up the 8 best grills available.

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12 Must Have Game Of Thrones Merchandising Items

GOT 04 12 Must Have Game Of Thrones Merchandising Items

Game of Thrones is the HBO’s TV series that is having a blast in audience and fans around the globe. The fantasy drama series are making history by becoming a tendency and being reference in the internet buzz each day.
These are 12 of the best items of merchandising of GOT and are a must for the fans.

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Flex 4 Cookware System

flex 4 cookware system large 650x444 Flex 4 Cookware System

A packable full-featured cook system for groups of 4 or more. Including a big, hard-anodized 5.3L pot, and a 3.2L nonstick, you can fix a feast for the whole posse on a road trip, while its compact nested design makes it a great option for big river and group backpack trips as well. You get an extra Strainer Lid for maximum efficiency, plus plates and mugs for four.

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Herman Miller revolutionises space solution systems with KIVO launch

KIVO, designed exclusively for Herman Miller by Alexander Lorenz, takes on the challenges faced by the ever changing landscape of the modern office.

Now, more than ever, working culture is about fostering the sharing of information and championing new ideas, meaning the office space needs to continually evolve. KIVO was created to provide a solution to the dynamic workplace whilst also offering flexibility for change in both work activity and behaviour.

Shot 07 650x486 Herman Miller revolutionises space solution systems with KIVO launch

A rise in open plan floorplates and a decrease in private office spaces calls for a balance to be struck between individual and group needs. Herman Miller developed and validated a concise range of KIVO settings to meet these needs in combination with a variety of products from its portfolio.

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Loop-It Elastic Organizer

loop its organizer 01 650x650 Loop It Elastic Organizer

Stretch how far your storage space can go with these Loop-It Elastic Organizers.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #127

35 Black Watch by The Garwood Daily Gadget Inspiration #127
Your very own Rolex style now comes in a wooden format with this striking 35 Black Watch by The Garwood. Made from the American Maple Wood, the watch is a stunner in terms of its beauty and operation. The face has been made out of oil painted copper which gives a super contrast to the otherwise wooden framework.

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Faux Wooden Bike by Velonia Bicycles & WOODaLIKE

faux wooden bike by velonia bicycles and viks woodalike 2 650x433 Faux Wooden Bike by Velonia Bicycles & WOODaLIKE

Newly released, the VIKS WOODaLIKE 1 is the first “wooden” bicycle by VIKS, makers of the Anniverloversary 1 and the Viks Velonia. The commuter bike was designed in collaboration with WOODaLIKE. Treated with a woodgrain technique, its steel frame (as well as the rims, saddle, and handlebars) imitate the textured look of real wood. Why fake the natural look?

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Foldable Briefcase Grill

briefcase grill 01 650x650 Foldable Briefcase Grill

Take your BBQ anywhere with this Foldable Briefcase Grill.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #126

Powerqube Mini 011 Daily Gadget Inspiration #126
SP Technologies LLC was formed in November 2013, with a focus on creating smart-charging solutions geared towards the charging of personal smart devices; tablets, smart phones, e-readers, charging solutions for ANY and ALL smart device manufacturers (Samsung, Nokia, Apple, Blackberry, Android etc).

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