The Best Chef’s Knife for your Kitchen

knife 1 The Best Chefs Knife for your Kitchen
It doesn’t matter whether you’re an aspiring chef, or someone who’s just starting to learn your way around the kitchen, a good chef’s knife is a must have. We’ve rounded up the 9 best chef’s knives on the market.

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Lishinu | Hands-Free Dog Leash

lishinu dog leash large 650x795 Lishinu | Hands Free Dog Leash

Lishinu is extremely easy to use, as you put it on your wrist in less than 6 seconds. There are neither buttons nor handles on the device. Your hands are completely free! Self retractable, fully adjustable length of the leash on your demand. You have 300 centimeters of leash on your full disposal at any time you might want it, but you can always shorten that to as low as 50 centimeters keeping safe guard of your dog when needed.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #152

Subwing 01 Daily Gadget Inspiration #152
Bring an adventurous and entertaining angle while exploring the oceanic world with this new water sport accessory called Subwing. By attaching it to a boat with recommended rope length of about 15 meter, it enables you to choose your own pace and glide on the water surface with ease and fun. In order to change direction, you can simply vary the position of the wings which will then direct you towards where you want to go.

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Any Sink Adjustable Shelves

any sink adjustable shelves 01 650x650 Any Sink Adjustable Shelves

Create organized storage space under any sink using these adjustable racks.

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Patch by Christian Reyes

leibal patch reyes 5 650x919 Patch by Christian Reyes
‘Patch’ is a minimalist design created by Spain-based designer Christian Reyes. Patch is a new concept of paper dispensery that is characterized by its original and natural combination of materials that utilize a simple system of replacing towelettes. The container is made of beech wood with a water clear-coat finish, along with a textured skin as a cover with an elastic band to hold them together.

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Paper Bag & Wallet

paper bag and wallet 02 650x650 Paper Bag & Wallet

These bags and passport wallets are made of paper, yet they are 100% tear-proof & water resistant.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #151

Kinsa Smart Thermometer 02 650x368 Daily Gadget Inspiration #151
Welcome to the age of futuristic health technology with your very own Kinsa Smart Thermometer that keeps your entire family’s health status on your phone. It’s not just an ordinary thermometer you had been used to till date; where lies the difference is the additional aspect of technological growth from an everyday health tracker each individual has at home.

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Boil Cook Survive Kettle

boil cook survive kettle 01 650x650 Boil Cook Survive Kettle

Boil water and cook food all in this kettle. Use twigs and sticks for fuel.

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The Best Weed Wackers

wack 1 The Best Weed Wackers
Lawn mowers get the job done done for the most part, but those pesky edges can be a pain to dial in. For that job, you need to pick out one of our 7 best weed eaters.

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DIMPLE: Button Sticker For Android Smartphones

dimple button sticker for android smartphones 01 450x300 DIMPLE: Button Sticker For Android Smartphones

DIMPLE is a button sticker which brings the convenience and tactility of buttons back to your smartphone.

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Yeti Hopper

yeti hopper large 650x777 Yeti Hopper

The Hopper features a 5.2-gallon capacity and is constructed of 840 denier DryHide™ fabric, similar to the material used in whitewater rafts…

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Victorinox Spectra Dual-Access Carry-on

victorinox spectra 2 carry on large 650x444 Victorinox Spectra Dual Access Carry on

Award winning, slim, ultra-light and constructed of break-resistant 100% pure bayer polycarbonate, this convenient case with quick-access door gives you on-the-go accessibility to the things you need most while traveling and is ideal for short trips while meeting most global carry-on regulations…

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Whistle: The Smart Dog Tracking Device

whistle dog gps 01 450x300 Whistle: The Smart Dog Tracking Device

Whistle is a dog tracking device that helps you keep an eye on your pup’s daily activity and location wherever you go.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #149

PowerUp 3.0 01 Daily Gadget Inspiration #149
Get ready to make your outdoor expeditions a bit more cheerful with PowerUp 3.0 smartphone compatible paper airplane. Your childhood pastime has now gone smart too with features that enables you to make your paper airplane turn into an efficient flying machine controlled from your smartphone.

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The Best Performing Push Mowers on the Market

mower 1 The Best Performing Push Mowers on the Market
When it comes to lawn care, we tend to stay away from the fancy stuff. We’ll stick to the products that have been proven to work, and push mowers have stood the test of time. We’ve rounded up the 5 best push mowers for your lawn care needs.

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