Christmastime in New York City Through the Ages

An estimated 4000 people line both sides of 51st St. waiting to see the Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall in New York, December 27, 1945. (Photo by Tony Camerano/AP Photo)

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December 13 – 20, 2014: Protests

A woman pleads to be released by the police after she was surrounded during an evening demonstration against police violence in Oakland, California December 13, 2014. Decisions by grand juries to return no indictments against the officers involved in the deaths of Michael Brown in Missouri and Eric Garner in New York have put police treatment of minorities back on the national agenda. Police in Oakland, California, ordered hundreds of demonstrators to disperse on Saturday night after a grocery store was looted. (Photo by Stephen Lam/Reuters)

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December 13 – 20, 2014: The Week in Photos, Part 3

A man looks at a Sport Sedan Concept car by automobile maker Nissan at a showroom in Yokohama, south of Tokyo, December 18, 2014. Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Co is faring better than peers in Russia as domestic production via an alliance with the country’s biggest auto firm shields it against the rouble’s plunge, Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn said on Friday. (Photo by Thomas Peter/Reuters)

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December 13 – 20, 2014: The Week in Photos, Part 2

A Sierra Leonean man in costume poses on a street in Freetown, Sierra Leone, December 16, 2014. (Photo by Baz Ratner/Reuters)

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December 13 – 20, 2014: The Week in Photos, Part 1

Bangladeshi children, covered in mud to look like freedom fighters, attend a rally during the Victory Day celebration in Gazipur, Bangladesh, December 16, 2014. Bangladesh marks 43rd Victory Day across the country remembering the war heroes. Bangladesh became a free nation after a nine-month bloody war against Pakistan on December 16, 1971. (Photo by Abir Abdullah/EPA)

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Financial Crisis in Russia

People walk past boards showing currency exchange rates in Moscow, December 17, 2014. The dramatic fall in Russia’s rouble slowed on Wednesday, with the government selling foreign currency to prop it up after a 50 percent fall against the dollar this year. (Photo by Maxim Zmeyev/Reuters)

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Abandoned Indonesian Tanker Found in Thailand

Locals watch from the beach as waves hit an Indonesian tanker that ran aground near Narathiwat in southern Thailand December 19, 2014. The tanker loaded with palm oil, previously hijacked by its crew members and then seized by Thai authorities, was anchored some 400 meters from the beach but strong wind and waves broke it free, according to local media. (Photo by Surapan Boonthanom/Reuters)

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The First “Expo Cannabis” Fair in Uruguay

A woman rolls a marijuana cigarette during the first “Expo Cannabis” fair in Montevideo December 14, 2014. Expo Cannabis offers conferences about different topics such as the medicinal use of cannabis and cultivation techniques as well as displaying hemp goods, cannabis cultivation items and seeds. (Photo by Andres Stapff/Reuters)

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In Expectation of Christmas Around the World, Part 3

A man dressed as a Santa Claus climbs at the front of the Kollhoff Tower at Potsdamer Platz square in Berlin December 14, 2014. (Photo by Hannibal Hanschke/Reuters)

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Hundreds Protest I-594 at Olympia Gun-Rights Rally

The best man in a wedding party, who all declined to be identified, stands near the bride and groom as he holds an AR-10 rifle he was handed while the party was having their pre-wedding portraits taken on the steps of the capitol before a rally nearby by gun-rights advocates to protest a new expanded gun background check law in Washington state Saturday, December 13, 2014, in Olympia, Wash. The wedding party was not part of the protest, but posed for pictures with it after being handed it by gun activist Brandon Lyons, who said “we’ve all just broken the law”, by handing the gun over. Saturday’s protest was called the “I Will Not Comply” rally, and those attending said they will openly exchange firearms in opposition to the state’s new voter-approved universal background check law, Initiative 594. The law, which took effect on December 4, requires background checks on all sales and transfers, including private transactions and many loans and gifts. (Photo by Elaine Thompson/AP Photo)

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A Face-Sitting Protest in London (NSFW)

Protesters sat on each other’s faces outside Parliament in direct defiance of new laws restricting the content of porn films made in the UK on December 12, 2014. An amendment to the 2003 Communities Act applies the same strict rules to porn bought online as those included in the guidelines set out by the British Board of Film Censors for DVDs. The new laws ban films that feature sex acts, such as spanking, caning, strangulation, aggressive whipping, humiliation, and face-sitting. Ministers say the rules have been brought in to protect sex workers. But campaigners say it is an attempt to censor and control the internet. Paid-for videos shot overseas and viewed online in the UK are not affected by the new rules, which were introduced on December 2, 2014. (Photo by Vianney Le Caer/AAP Image/NewZulu)

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December 5 – 13, 2014: Protests

AnimaNaturalis activists protest against the usage of animal covering for clothing at La Plaza del Rey in central Barcelona December 7, 2014. The placard reads, “Animals need their fur. You don’t”. (Photo by Gustau Nacarino/Reuters)

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December 5 – 13, 2014: The Week in Photos, Part 3

A dog stands next to water containers on an unpaved street at Nuevo Pachacutec shantytown on the outskirts of Lima’s port of Callao December 11, 2014. Water will become scarcer in sprawling settlements such as Nuevo Pachacutec on the Pacific coast as the population of Peru’s capital surges and global warming thaws Andean glaciers, reducing flows in coming decades as the ice disappears. The world’s environment ministers are meeting in Lima this week to work out ways to fight climate change but residents doubt a United Nations deal due in Paris next year will ease problems for 160,000 people in this area. (Photo by Mariana Bazo/Reuters)

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December 5 – 13, 2014: The Week in Photos, Part 2

A competitor waits to get onstage during the 6th World Body Building and Physique Sports competition in Mumbai December 9, 2014. More than 400 competitors from 48 countries participated in the competition which was divided into 35 categories, according to a news release. (Photo by Danish Siddiqui/Reuters)

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December 5 – 13, 2014: The Week in Photos, Part 1

Hot air balloons fly over the sky in Chiang Mai province, northern Thailand, December 6, 2014. The two-day International Balloon festival 2014 featuring balloon pilots from Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Britain, and Czech Republic is held on December 06-07 2014 to celebrate Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 87th birthday and also aimed to promote the tourism industry in Chiang Mai northern city. (Photo by Pongmanat Tasiri/EPA)

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