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Ice: A Victorian Romance

Inuit waiting at a seal-hole on the ice, from William Edward Parry, Second Voyage, 1824.

Visiting a remarkable iceberg, from John Ross, A Voyage of Discovery, 1819.

The Lion and Reliance in icy seas, from John Franklin, Narrative of a Second Expedition, 1828.

Adventures. Brave. Ice. I’m in love of those historic images. Strongly recommended for all historic illustration fans (like me).
Ice: A Victorian Romance exhibition attempts to merge these three icy frontiers into one thematic story. By 1860, the idea that the earth had gone through an Ice Age was finally being accepted, and people attempted to view that Ice Age through the lenses of the Arctic, Antarctica, and the Alps. Knowledge of the Arctic and Antarctic, gained at such cost, provided a framework for reconstructing the ice of the prehistoric past.

All the publications on display are from the collections of the Linda Hall Library.

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