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Dopludo Collective

Dopludό Collective was found in St. Petersburg in 2006. Word “Dopludό” comes from a phonetic transcription of french words “deux plus deux”, which is “two plus two” in english. At the heart of the name of a creative trio lays the absurd mathematical formula “2+2=5”, which has been proved several times and being a potential key to reconsider all mathematics from the beginning.

Hand drawn on the wall in M* Store / Sydney (Victoria Galleries).

APTEK Bar. St-Petersburg, Russia.

All you need is Universe.
Series of drawings by Eibatova Karina.

Hand drawn mural realized in the art influenced Hotel “Bit”, located in Barcelona.
In carrying out realization of the mural participated all teammates of Dopludό Collective: Karina Eybatova, Lesha Galkin & Egor Kraft.

Modular Shelving System
Materials: plywood, pine wood.

Cosmopolit poster.

Life in the Alphabet by Eibatova Karina.

Nesting doll is a set of dolls of decreasing sizes placed one inside the other.

Public Poster Project.

Talking Pillows series.

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