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Human Salt Lick – The Most Hipster Christmas Gift Of All Time


Forget about cereal cafes and bearded men on typewriters, the most hipster item in the world is here.

*Drumroll please*

It’s The Human Salt Lick.

That’s a block of salt for humans to lick, not a block of human salt in case you were worried.


Made from Himalayan pink salt, apparently it ‘releases negative ions, balancing cellular metabolism to increase immune system health.’

But, most importantly, it’s the essential hipster accessory for 2016.


You wear it on a rope like a necklace.


Traditionally, salt licks are given to animals including cattle, horses and goats to lick.


But it turns out they’re suitable for hipsters too.

So if you are still searching for the perfect gift for the hipster that has everything, head over to the Human Salt Lick website for the $22 (£15) necklace that keeps on giving.

joshahirschfeldt. h/t: metro

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