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International Origami Exhibition: Showcasing a Broad Spectrum of Possibilities

Surface to Structure: Folded Forms is an exhibition of origami artwork that brings together the work of 88 artists spanning five continents to the The Cooper Union in Manhattan. The 134 works in the show encapsulate a broad spectrum of origami’s possibilities, both artistic and scientific, and push the perceptions of this art form beyond its traditional boundaries.

Surface to Structure marks the 55th anniversary of the very first origami exhibition held in the United States, which was also housed within The Cooper Union. The historic works of that seminal exhibition served as a foundation for the contemporary origami of today, which has progressed into a far greater range and complexity of styles, techniques, and genres.

St. Michael – The Archangel Tran Trung Hieu Vietnam (Photo by Christopher Bierlein)

Event Horizon Byriah Loper USA (Photo by Christopher Bierlein)

Enfaltung Jule Waibel UK (Photo by Christopher Bierlein)

“Rabbits in Motion” Designed by Ronald Koh, Folded by Ng Boon Choon, Singapore, Malaysia (Photo by Christopher Bierlein)

“Kiwi” Bernie Peyton, USA (Photo by Christopher Bierlein)

“Freeform Origami Corrugation (Nudibranch)” by Tomohiro Tachi, Japan. (Photo by Christopher Bierlein)

“Vole” by Bernie, Peyton USA (Photo by Christopher Bierlein)

“Gorilla” by Nguyen Hung Cuong, Vietnam (Photo by Christopher Bierlein)

“Lion” by Hoang Tien Quyet, Vietnam (Photo by Christopher Bierlein)

“Relief of a Wave” Jun Mitani, Japan (Photo by Christopher Bierlein)

“Flying Mantis” by Brian Chan, USA (Photo by Christopher Bierlein)

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