Artist Spent 50 Hour Process of Folding an Origami Samurai from A Single Square Sheet of Paper – Design You Trust

Artist Spent 50 Hour Process of Folding an Origami Samurai from A Single Square Sheet of Paper

Finnish origami artist Juho Könkkölä has just released images of an origami samurai made from a single piece of paper. Taking over 50 hours to make, the sculpture started off as a 95cm x 95cm sheet of Wenzhou paper.

The end result is a 21cm-tall origami samurai that sees great detail and stands on its own. The artist also shared a video showing the various steps it took in completing the project.

More: Instagram h/t: hypebeast

“It took a long 3 month process to design and fold the character, I decided to put some of the other projects on hold to finish it. There were a lot of challenges to make it work, but I am satisfied with the results.”

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