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This Dog Has A Wheelchair Made Out Of Children’s Toys


Get ready for a roller coaster ride of emotion. I seriously can’t even handle Turbo, a chihuahua puppy who was born with only two legs. He may actually be the cutest creature in the world.


Because of his genetic defect, the little guy can’t walk on his own. However, thanks to the staff at the Downtown Veterinarian in Indianapolis, Indiana, Turbo has some options.


Using a toy helicopter and a toy welding kit, the vets were able to make a custom wheelchair for the puppy. Obviously, it’s extremely adorable.


After Turbo’s owners visited several other veterinarians who said they couldn’t help, Dr. Kim Cline from the Downtown Veterinarian examined him and determined that he was in outstanding health. The owners left the puppy there, where he’s now in the care of staff member Ashley Looper.


The doctors at the office continued to work with him, and in an attempt to strengthen his mobility, built him several custom carts before finding one that worked.


Because a dog needs to be 6 months old before it can be fitted with a cart, the doctors had to get creative with children’s toys.


Soon Turbo will have another custom cart as the staff enlisted a local towing company, Zore’s Inc., to make a new one that’ll last until Turbo can be fitted for a proper one.


Until then, you can check Turbo’s Instagram and cry from the overwhelming cuteness.

H/t: Elite Daily

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