Camouflaged Insects: Can You Spot These Masters Of Disguise Playing Hide-And-Seek? – Design You Trust

Camouflaged Insects: Can You Spot These Masters Of Disguise Playing Hide-And-Seek?


These tiny insects are so well camouflaged it is nearly impossible to make out their cleverly disguised forms. Canadian photographer and adventurer Paul Bertner attempted to catch the bugs in their natural habitats as part of a hide-and-seek game to show biodiversity in nature. But while Paul, a forester, now finds it easy to pick out the outline of a bug concealed in the undergrowth, he admits that spotting the irregularities in natural patterns that give the insects away is definitely an acquired skill. By using macrophotography techniques, Paul was able to get closeups of the insects and make their shapes visible.

Moss mantis


Stick insects

Satanic leaf-tailed gecko

Liturgusid mantis

Ground chameleon


Juvenile liturgusid bark mantis

Bark mantis

Lichen-mimicking flatid hopper

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