Photo Illustration Of A Yogi In A Spring Mood – Design You Trust

Photo Illustration Of A Yogi In A Spring Mood

“As spring is just around the corner I thought of joining yoga, photography and illustrations in a single project. Enjoy it!” Photography by Cecilia Cristolovean. Illustrations by Evelyn Lynn. Model: Katia Mazharova.

Tadasana Paschima Namaskar – Reverse Prayer Pose – Virasana Yoga – Pose de héroe con oración inversa

Urdhva Dhanurasana Variation

Ushtrásana – Camel Pose – Postura del camello

Balancing Butterfly Pose

Chakrasana – The Wheel Pose – La rueda

Headstand, Forearm Balance – Postura sobre la cabeza

Shishuasana – Child Pose – Postura del niño

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