This German Grandma Spends 30 Thousand Euros To Tattoo Her Whole Body

It’s not a joke. German grandma and tattoo model Kerstin Tristan spent 30 thousand Euros ($35,000) for body tattoos. It should not be said that it is impossible, when it comes to tattooing everything happens.

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Kerstin Tristan, who lives in Leipzig, Germany, has been a taxi driver for a long time and has been busy with daily chores. She wanted to add color to her ordinary, so five years ago, grandmother decided to get a bright tattoo on her arm. The result was so successful that Kerstin could not stop and got tattoos constantly. Now the whole body of the woman has become covered with patterns.

Kerstin Tristan who said that she is very happy with her colorful tattoos; stating that she feels very young, her tattoos give her life energy and she is very satisfied with her life.

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