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The Art Of Social Approaching By Til Kolare

Édouard Manet, Portrait of Monsieur Pertuiset the Lion-Hunter (1881), São Paulo Art Museum

According to an artist Til Kolare: “In these strange times of social distancing a kind movement has grown of people taking care of each other in the large scale. At the same time there is this seemingly dangerous ambivalence in society. Certain groups resent and hatefully tackle societies integrity implying a world of violence and fear.

Over the last months I questioned what art would look like if conceived in a world of Social Distancing.

My new series focuses on Social Approaching. What would great paintings look like if stripped of their violence depicting elements?”

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Andrea Solari, Salome receives the Head of St John the Baptist (1506/07), Metropolitan Museum of Art

Merisi da Caravaggio, David con la testa di Golia (1606/07), Galleria Borghese, Roma

Francisco de Goya, Saturno devorando a su hijo (1819-1823), Museo Nacional del Prado Madrid

Bartolomeo Manfredi, Cain kills Abel (1600), Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

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