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Here’s How People From The Past Imagined The Future

An Artists Depiction Of The Future, Painted In 1930

Let’s face it – most of us would like to see what the future holds. And while that’s not really possible, it did not stop some people in the past from trying – often with some pretty optimistic results.

When it comes to predictions of the future, it’s a hit-or-miss situation – while some people actually managed to predict it rather accurately, many of them look pretty hilarious today. From rolling bakeries to luxurious flying hotels – check out a collection of future predictions from the past in the gallery below!

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1940s Vision Of Food Delivery Future

Self Driving Cars Of The Future, Circa 1960

We Really Messed Up

The Future Of Phones, 1956

A Fifties Navigation System. Don’t Know Who Imagined This But I Love It!

1970s Futuristic Concept For Jetliner Air Travel


Television Newspaper – Some Day You May Be Able To Receive The Front Page Of Your Morning Newspaper This Way

James Bond Receives A “Text” Via His Smartwatch In The Spy Who Loved Me

‘Ship’s Cat’ By Keith Spangle

1981 Vision Of Suburbia After There’s No More Room Left For Suburbs

How NASA Imagined Life In Space

Artoo Deco

1969 Japanese Vision Of The Future Classroom, The Odd Part Is That Included Small Robots To Rap Students On The Head When Misbehaving

Fashions Of 1950, As Predicted On The Cover Of Life Magazine In 1914

Futuristic Road Trip With The Family (Bruce Mccall)

VR In 1989

Home Shopping In The 1940s

Soviet Vision Of The Future In The 1930s

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