Siberian Farm Cats Are Waiting For Spring To Come In Marvelous Photos By Alla Lebedeva


Alla loves nothing more than taking pictures of her beloved pets – and it seems the world can’t get enough of them either.

Siberian farmer Alla Lebedeva loves seeing pictures of her pet cats, but it seems the world does too. Unbeknown to her, photographs she has taken of her litter have been reproduced on social media websites with some turned into humorous jokes.

“A couple of years ago I noticed that my pictures had gone viral,” said Alla. “At first I spotted my photos on some website about Norwegian cats – they used my pics twice, without any credit – and now they are going around the world as ‘Norwegian cats’.”

Alla lives with her husband Sergey on a farm in the settlement of Prigorodny, on the outskirts of Barnaul in western Siberia.

They have raised cats for more than a decade, with their first pet, Babushka, becoming the ancestress for the rest of the ever-growing litter. She gave birth to five ginger kittens in 2004 and now the couple’s home is overrun with their furry friends.

Even Alla herself jokes that they live in a Koshlandia (land of cats).

She said: “How many do we have now? To such a question I usually answer ‘a million, maybe more’. They live in the henhouse, and sleep on the polati, and they have three ‘little bedrooms’ there where can they sleep according to how they feel. Our cats protect the chickens and rabbits from rats and mice.”

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