Sony World Photography Award Winners

“Float”. (Photo by Vesa Pihanurmi/Sony World Photography Awards/

“Butterflies”. (Photo by Luiza Elena Boldeanu/Tina Genovia Obreja)/Sony World Photography Awards/

“Goreme”. (Photo by Carloman Cespedes/Sony World Photography Awards/

“Hard for Life”. (Photo by Theo Vu Xuan/Sony World Photography Awards/

“Fake Empire”. (Photo by Marek Jarkovský/Sony World Photography Awards/

“Northern Lights over the Milky Way”. (Photo by Adriano Neves/Sony World Photography Awards/

“Boy in the Tundra”, 2nd place. (Photo by Simon Morris/Sony World Photography Awards/

“Quilotoa Panorama”. (Photo by Ruth Jimnez/Sony World Photography Awards/

“The Horns of Paine”. (Photo by Manuel Fuentes/Sony World Photography Awards/

“Tetris”. (Photo by Mihai Florea/Sony World Photography Awards/

“Evening fire with the Himba”. (Photo by Ben McRae/Sony World Photography Awards/

“Flatline”. (Photo by Boycho Kostadinov/Sony World Photography Awards/

“Simple Beauty”. (Photo by Sandra Fiedler/Sony World Photography Awards/

“The work of men”. (Photo by Huu Tam Nguyen Xuan/Sony World Photography Awards/

“The last concert”. (Photo by Gilles Vanderstraeten/Sony World Photography Awards/

“The Good and Evil”. (Photo by Carlos Monteiro/Sony World Photography Awards/

“Mirror crocodile”. (Photo by David Wirawan/Sony World Photography Awards/

Untitled. (Photo by Lise Simoneau/Sony World Photography Awards/

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