Two Look Books, Two Countries, Two Minds: Akomplice in Brazil Summer Lookbook

Akomplice presents their Summer 2012 lookbook dubbed “Empty and Whole ”. Shot in the remote backdrop of Florianopolis, Brazil. The collection of photos are a visual portrayal of the human mind devoid of the memories that create: control, patterns, and fear. The outcome is freedom to be one with the moment. The ethos behind the collection, which extends to Akomplice as a brand is that one is not to be governed by the past but by the moment, free from the constraints of past triumphs or traumas. To add authenticity to the lookbook and the sentiment it connotes, it was stated that two of the members involved were coming down from an LSD trip.

Furthermore, Akomplice co-founder Mike Smalls had recently returned from 10 days in Abadiania, Brazil where he meditated for 5-10 hours daily. The models, male and female are wearing Akomplice Mens apparel including a range of woven shirts, lightweight jackets, twill patterned shorts, contrast t-shirts and tanks which are juxtaposed against the Brazilian sand dunes. Models were also outfitted in a collection of accessories including premium leather belts, 5 panel hats and card holders. The entire collection is now available at Akomplice retailers worldwide.

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