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2014 National Geographic Photo Contest, Week 5

“Fennec, prisonniers désert”. El fénnec es un animal sorprendentemente fácil de domesticar, que se habitúa fácilmente a vivir con humanos. No obstante, se le considera una especie rara y por ello es ilegal tenerlos como mascota en muchas zonas de su área de distribución. Photo location: Marruecos. (Photo and caption by José Mingorance/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“San Pedro Sula”. Two Children are coming to see the corpse of the Gang killed by suffocation in the prison of San Pedro Sula is taken to the morgue of the Hospital Mario Catarino Rivas. San Pedro Sula, Honduras in August 2014. Photo location: San Pedro Sula, Honduras. (Photo and caption by Javier Arcenillas/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Children in the darkness”. Disabled children living in Syria war. Photo location: Termanin, Syria. (Photo and caption by Abdullah Alghajar/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Observer”. Hamer tribe shepherds observing the area in Omo Valley. Photo location: Ethiopia. (Photo and caption by Goran Jovic/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Waiting for God”. I came into the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth and the nun, sitting in the corner of the church, drew my attention, immediately. …her white clothes shinnig from the darkness, her deep concenration… Determined to wait for God to answer her questions. Photo location:Nazareth, Israel. (Photo and caption by Tatana Vacovska/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Waiting for God”. I came into the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth and the nun, sitting in the corner of the church, drew my attention, immediately. …her white clothes shinnig from the darkness, her deep concenration… Determined to wait for God to answer her questions. Photo location:Nazareth, Israel. (Photo and caption by Tatana Vacovska/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“A Gentle Spirit”. Our friend, Watt, has spent his life tending a small herd of milking cows on the steep mountain slopes of Tirol in western Austria. Farming traditions run deep here, and cows are often beloved almost as family members. On this day Watt was alone, finishing routine chores in the 150-year old stone and wood barn. Soft, even light from an overcast sky gently filtered in from the windows. “Rosie”, an eight-month old Simmental calf reached out for affection, or perhaps another handful of something good to eat. Photo location: St. Johann in Tirol, Austria. (Photo and caption by Wayne Reckard/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Woman of Chukotka”. Reindeer herder standing in front of winter yurt in traditional clothing made of reindeer skin in Chukotka. Photo location: Russia. (Photo and caption by Sasha Leahovcenco/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Playing with Grand Daughter”. My mother Playing with her Grand Daughter. Photo location: Dar es salam, Tanzania. (Photo and caption by Sahasrangshu Choudhury/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Boun Pi Mai (Water Festival)”. Every Year in April, during the “Boun Pi Mai” Lao’s New Year a huge water fight is taking place in some South Asia country. The whole city of Luang Prabang (Laos) is under water guns. This cute kid was water fighting herself as the festival taking place during the hottest days of the year. Photo location: Luang Prabang, Laos. (Photo and caption by William Kerdoncuff/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Misty morning at Mount Bromo”. Misty morning at Mount Bromo, Mount Batok and Semeru when I take this picture. I Had waited 3 hours to get this moment. Photo location: East Java. (Photo and caption by Achmad Sumawijaya/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Suburbia”. Local kids getting treats from an ice cream truck that hails from the time we were that little, a generation ago. Photo location: Downey, California. (Photo and caption by Brian Callaway/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Pick-a-boat”. Madagascans with their boats, trying to trade some goods with the people on a cruiseship. Jeans, sweets, t-shirts are wanted, in exchange for crabs, fresh fruits and fish. They stayed the whole day, shouting and waving up to the people on the cruiseship. That’s endurance! Photo location: Nosy Be, Madagascar. (Photo and caption by Rupert Preißler/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Frozen lake”. Lake had frozen the morning waning moon is visible. Photo location: Lake Towada Aomori, Japan. (Photo and caption by Sho Shibata/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Lunar New Year Parade”. In New York City’s Chinatown, the annual Lunar New Year Parade – with its pretty girls, colorful costumes, confetti, and casings from spent firecrackers visible on the streets – brings the first hopeful signs of Spring. Photo location: Mott Street, Chinatown, New York City. (Photo and caption by Staton Rabin/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“A ride over the reef”. Whilst taking in the amazing scene of Heart Reef in the Great Barrier Reef a helicopter dived in beneath us to take a better view… Photo location: Great Barrier Reef, Australia. (Photo and caption by Wayne Pope/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“The Colours of the Tides”. Watching how the colours and rhythm of life changes with the tides in Zanzibar is a truely mesmerizing sight. I captured this image in the late afternoon, having woken up to the waves of high tide lapping at my feet and witnessed how the water slowly retreated and gave way to a myriad of colours and activites. Photo location: Jambiani Beach, Zanzibar, Tanzania. (Photo and caption by Christian Nilsen/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Kiss”. Kissing horses in the barn. Photo location: Turkey. (Photo and caption by Murat Yılmaz/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“After the Burn”. The morning after the burn of the main central sculpture (the man) at Burning Man. Inside the base there was a small meteor fragment that whoever found could keep this is the scavenger hunt. Photo location: Near Gerlach, Nevada, USA. (Photo and caption by Umar Brewer/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“India Holi Festival Cow”. I traveled to India in March 2014 to partake in their Holi Festival but was discouraged from being in the main gathering area during the height of the energetic celebrations. After the colored dust had settled, I was able to finally explore the streets finding this lone cow nestled comfortably in a pile of torn shirts under a clothesline of more evidence of the days happenings that i missed. This creature seemed so peaceful and oblivious to the zipping motorcycles, local vendors and tourists like me as the skies darkened to evening and the shift to night activities began. Photo location: Pushkar, Rajasthan, India. (Photo and caption by Cher Takemoto/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Desert Flash”. A flash of lightning cuts through darkness during the early morning storms which drenched the Black Rock Desert and immobilized the entrance line to Burning Man 2014. Photo location: Black Rock Desert, Nevada. (Photo and caption by Jesse Rather/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“7584 Fish”. On a windy day right after a Cyclone passed the far northern Great Barrier Reef i took some friends out to the reef. Never before i saw that many glass fish on this particular coral “bommie”. Just when i setup my camera, this Napoleon Wrasse swam right through the school of fish building a living frame. Photo location: Cairns, Great Barrier Reef, Flynn Reef, Australia. (Photo and caption by Christian Miller/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“A Canoe ride on Lake Louise”. This disorienting photo was taken from a cliff overlooking Lake Louise in Banff national park. The two people are enjoying a canoe ride on Lake Louise’s turquoise waters. Even boulders the size of large cars seem like pebbles from a high vantage point. Photo location: Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. (Photo and caption by Ben Leshchinsky/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Squid”. Meeting with a squid for a night dive in Ibiza. Photo location: Ibiza, Spain. (Photo and caption by Xavier Mas/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“The great migration”. Jump of the wildebeest at the Mara river. Photo location: North Serengeti, Tanzania. (Photo and caption by Nicole Cambré/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Pondering Weddell”. This Weddell Seal had hauled its self out onto a snowy ice shelf in the Antarctic Peninsula. At first it was fast asleep, but after some patient waiting it began to wake up. Upon waking the seal inquisitively scratched and popped its head up to get a better look at who I was and what i was doing. In this shot it appears to be placing its flipper towards its chin, as if in deep thought. Photo location: Antarctic Peninsula. (Photo and caption by Kristian Parton/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“The Love of Gannets”. I took this picture on the island of Helgoland. There were many photographers as always trying to get the most spectacular pictures of flying Northern Gannets. And they´re truly impressive animals in flight. But much more impressive to me was their behavior after landing. Northern Gannets stay in pairs for long times. Nobody really knows, what holds these pairs together or how they find back to each other. But somehow they do and each time a partner lands at the nest, they carry out a ceremonial ritual of salutation as if they´re truly in love. So I tried to capture this feeling in my photo. Photo location: Helgoland, Germany. (Photo and caption by Nico Fröhberg/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“The spirit of the tree”. November of last year. The lonely tree stared at Mt Fuji floating in the sea of ​​clouds. It seemed that a spirit has dwelled in the tree. I loved this wonderful tree. But! This September, when I visited here, this tree with wonderful branches had been cut with a saw from the roots! And there was a camera platform for tourists to commemorate shooting in front of the tree which had been cut. I don’t know the real reason that the tree should be cut. But there is the fact that this tree of wonderful shape can not be seen anymore. Sorrow that the stunning nature has been lost is Huge. Photo location: Shindo-toge Yamanashi-pref., Japan. (Photo and caption by Takashi/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“An aMAZEing sight”. Just as my kids and I were about to make our way through a corn maze a flock of red winged blackbirds took off over the corn field. What a sight! Photo location: Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, Canada. (Photo and caption by Cindy Rossit/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Snowy old”. Not too far from the daily “rush hour” campaign one can visit one of nature’s most special environments – Jones Beach, New York, the west end. It’s a perfect host for various bird of prey species throughout the four seasons. Each winter hundreds of birders and photographers travel in search of the snowy owl. Photo location: Long Island, NY. (Photo and caption by David Dillhoff/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Indonesia… Land and Ocean of smiles”. Interaction between whale sharks and local fishermen in Papua Indonesia. Smiles above and below the water. I didn’t know what to expect when I travelled to Papua. Even though I live in Singapore this took 3 flights and 24 hours… A number of whale sharks have learnt to feed from the nets that hang from the traditional fishing platform bangka at night. For several months a year they are joined by small groups of divers. The whale sharks also feed naturally in the bay. Photo location: Cenderwashe Bay, Papua, Indonesia. (Photo and caption by Tracey Jennings/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Morning awakening”. Humpback Whale showing off for me in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. Going out on an ultimate watch early in the morning, we were awakened by this young juvenile tail slapping. Photo location: Lahaina, Hawaii. (Photo and caption by Susan Metz/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Fennec, the soul of the desert”. El fénnec es el alma del desierto, un alma salvaje y libre cuya amenaza principal es el tráfico ilegal por parte de desalmados sin escrúpulos que no dudan lo más mínimo en arrebatarle la vida de entre las majestuosas dunas para cambiarla por los fríos barrotes de una jaula cárcel. Si algún día el fénnec desaparece también abra desaparecido la parte más genuina y salvaje de estas extensas dunas rojas, su sello de identidad, el alma en los desiertos. Photo location: Sahara Desert. (Photo and caption by José Mingorance/National Geographic Photo Contest)

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