Dreamy Animal Illustrations Come to Life through an Energetic Brushstroke Style

Illustrator Amy Hamilton employs both digital and traditional tools to create dreamy designs that take inspiration from nature. In order to create the graceful softness that is displayed in each illustration, Hamilton utilizes conventional instruments such as graphite, gouache (thickened, opaque pigments ground in water), and ink, adding in digital elements simply to emphasize the soothing, subdued textures in her work.

While the illustrations are unique and imaginative, they have a rustic feel to them. This gives the artwork a sense of roughness that reflects the natural world and its unrefined wilderness. Hamilton’s use of both warm and cool colors adds to this effect and creates a sense of tension that makes the animal illustrations stand out. When combined with the artist’s unrestrained brushstroke style, these contrasting colors help to bring the illustrator’s earthy creatures to life.

Via My Modern Met

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