Catvengers: Cats Reimagined As Marvel And DC Superheroes By Fajareka Setiawan


To all the geeky cat-lovers out there – we bring the purrfect artwork you will not be able to resist. A talented Indonesian illustrator and concept artist Fajareka Setiawan is creating fun mashups of cute kittens and Marvel and DC characters that we didn’t know we needed in our lives.

In his personal ‘Catvengers’ series, Fajareka transforms kittens into our favorite superheroes (or the other way around) with amazing precision, and it’s not only about the detailed costume. If you look closely, you will recognize the character traits in each illustration. From Catpool to AquaCat, these are the fierce supurrheroes we would truly love to see on a big screen.

What if they had your life in their heroic paws? Scroll down the page and choose your favorite, if you can!

More: Instagram, DeviantArt, Artstation h/t: boredpanda


Venom Cat



Black Panther

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