Sensitive and Emotional Portrait Paintings by Nina Milke – Design You Trust

Sensitive and Emotional Portrait Paintings by Nina Milke

According to Nina Milke: “Everything happened when I became a single mom. I was searching for my inspiration and passion. First I started my creativity with making photo collages in photoshop.

I was planning to create my own tarot deck but everything turned out different than I expected. I started to feel passionate about digital painting. I got my first tablet that I found second hand and started my new journey. After over a year of working on growing my Instagram account (I have more than 8k followers) and my artistic skills I lost my passion for it. This happened when my Apple Pencil broke and I couldnt afford to get a new one and I didnt have the possibilty to fix the old one.”

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“I didnt feel inspired at all until I started watching Jonna Jinton on youtube and her lifestyle and everything she did inspired me again! I felt this fresh breeze and new things to feel inspired about.”

“I started my new Instagram account with posting my old photographs but that didnt feel enough. This made me try abstract painting on my iPad with my finger. It turned out to be so amazing and creative! So many possibilities.

Now I am opening this online shop to sell my own prints of my photographs and my paintings.”

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